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The idea had begun to solidify as the weather grew warmer and summer neared. Though this meant more temperate days and nights, it also meant that prey would be able to hide in the thick foliage and be far more fit than the sort they encountered during winter. As a group, they could better bring down these larger animals. If Oberyn was willing to compromise his principles he could have made use of tools and weapons to do this, but he had not touched these in years and did not think himself capable of relearning so quickly. Surviving was doable: he and Makwaikwe had managed on their own, and now that Harley and the twins were in a place with plentiful bounty, they had rebounded. Even Fallow, who he saw every-so-often during his long walks, looked healthier.

Oberyn did not simply want to survive, though. He had come here to rebuild his family. To ensure a place where children could thrive, he needed more than just a den and food – he needed a community.

It had rained the day before this one, and the air was crisp and cool in the early hours. The tall grass was damp and would remain so until the afternoon, when the sun climbed to its apex. It lingered high and long now, which told Oberyn summer was close. Even so, the ocean was still cold to the touch and he had yet to do more than splash around the shallows, but this too would change. His father had never liked the sea, and often warned Oberyn and his sister to stay away from the shore, but it reminded the wolfdog of all the things he had left behind and lost. For this reason, he took comfort in the place.

That morning he had run down the pebbly coast and saw a sign – or at least, something he interpreted as the final push he needed. It wasn't anything he could touch or bring back as proof, but the feeling had struck him all the same. There, off in the depths, a whale breached the surface. Before Oberyn had time to fully comprehend the animal it was gone again, but he had seen it all the same. There was nothing outwardly significant about the whale, only its timing. Even so, this was enough to compel Oberyn into action. He had talked enough.

A large stone left from the last ice age had become an unofficial gathering point for the loners who still functioned very much as independent folk. It was something of a scent-post too, and reflected the coming-and-goings of the six wolves and wolfdogs who frequented the area.

Oberyn stood next to this marker and howled. He heard Makwaikwe's voice respond from deeper in the forest. Encouraged, he howled again and hoped that the others would come.

Foundation time, Court of Fangs!
Location: Shattered Coast || NPCs: -- || Form: Lupus

He lay on his belly, knees peaked and toes tucked, with a branch trapped between his front paws. As he gnawed it, his molars sinking into the soft pulp that tasted of summer and reminded of when he was a whelp, Elkin felt wholly and perfectly content. Chewing bone and antler was all well and good, especially when there was marrow yet to be had, but there was something uniquely gratifying about the give of dense wood between the pressure of his jaws. He liked the fresher branches best — the ones that still had life enough left in them that sap coated the inside of his mouth when he worried them and they didn't break into splinters too quickly — but Elkin was hardly one to complain.

Not about good chewing branches, anyway.

Removing his mouth from the branch, the big wolfdog assessed the damage that he had inflicted on the wooden limb. The wood glistened dimly in what summer light managed to spill through the near-full canopy to dance endlessly with the shifting leaves. There was still plenty left for him to gnaw, but he had made good progress with this end.

Rising to his feet, Elkin shook out his summer coat before pawing at the branch until he had flipped it around so he could begin worrying the other end. But the calls — first one until another joined it — sliced through the thick wood like a strong and commanding wind before he even had the branch between his teeth again. He lifted is head, ears alert and swiveling, in the direction of the howls. Something more powerful than he was rose up within him and the whine that he was forming in his chest crawled up from his throat and erupted into a mighty yawn.

His tail, curled along his back, wagged vibrantly when he glanced at his companions.

Without a word, Elkin tipped back his head and answered Oberyn's howl with a deep, clear call of his own.

"We are going, right?" he asked belatedly, looking at Vannin and Harley with a sheepish grin. "'Cause... I kiiinda already said so."

[WC -- 354]
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It was in the midst of the morning light, curled around with her Fisher, and the boisterous yearlings off doing their own thing, a summons rousing her. A nap... I was ALL she wanted. And seemingly nothing she was about able achieve, ever. One time she tried to nap in the shade, just last week actually, and Priscilla found it appropriate to pounce on Elkin causing him to howl and growl, and Priscilla to come bouncing up and on Harley's stomach. That day, Pricilla almost became food. Almost.

Eyelids poked open, staring into the face of the grinning Elkin, who-- even though it was unprompted and unexpected-- answered the call for them. The beginning of something more powerful than she could even begin to start figuring out, it would seem. Harley looked to her left watching the boys, then Priscilla who wrapped herself around Elkin's front legs, letting out a toot from her rear end, and swiftly darting at Harley. Harkey curled her lips up even more, but allowed the small beast to claw her way up her shoulders and nestle upon her scruff.

A lip lifted on her left side, as she stretched her long, Lupus legs, and wagged her bobbed little tail. Reaching out with her muzzle she bared teeth and offered him a small lick to his cheek.

"Well, you already said so. C'mon then boys." Voice was placid, and she gave a toothy grin before walking through the thick brush towards the sound of the calls from Oberyn and Makwaikwe. It was apparent in their full, shiny coats, and the way their ribs no longer showed, that the trio-- along with Fallow-- were healthier and stronger. Numbers truly helped out. And Pricilla, that sneaky little Fisher, was as round as a watermelon.

Though, I was all fat and fluff rather than anything such as pregnancy. Or at least, thats what Harley liked to tell herself.

Upon their descent into the trees and towards the patriarch and matriarch of their quaint little society, Harley couldn't help but wonder if things were falling into place, or out of it. Once their bodies became visible the female's tail wagged back and forth upon her spine. He stood nearest their marking spots, which was slightly off putting and disgusting, but and said nothing, wondering whos pee he may have stepped upon. Instead she lowered her head to both Oberyn and Mak.

The boys, sure to fall right in line behind her, were given a glance.
It was a small group, to be sure: six in total. Oberyn could see the potential of each of the wolves around him – the twins, young and strong but quickly applying their early teachings into true wisom. Harley, who despite her peculiar looks and even more peculiar choice of companion had assumed responsibility for those in need simply because it was the right thing to do. Even Fallow, who looked nervous and made a point to linger further away from the others, had brought with her a perspective that had been lacking. With his knowledge of the territory and Makwaikwe's skills, they could ensure that there was prosperity to go around.

Oberyn wagged his tail and lifted his head.

“I have a proposal for all of you,” he announced in a clear, strong voice. “We've been getting along all right on our own, and helping each other out like we have. Well, I'd like to make that more permanent. I'm not here to lead you,” Oberyn clarified quickly. “We don't need to be told what to do with our lives – that's a decision each of you needs to make for yourselves. Even so,” he paused, and glanced towards his mate. Though she said nothing, and though her expression remained ever-frosty, Oberyn took comfort and courage in her presence.

“Together, we're stronger. We aren't living on two legs, and we don't have the weapons and the things that others might carry. Alone, it would be hard for any of us to fend off that kind of threat. I don't think we're in danger here,” the wolfdog added. “But there's always a risk. Even if that day never comes, I want you all to know that I am willing to fight for you.”

They weren't family, and perhaps not even really friends, but he had spent enough time with the group to consider them worthy of his time and attention. He liked them all, even with all the quirks and whimsy they had brought into his life.

“So, I guess what I'm getting at is that I'd like us all to stick together.”
Location: Shattered Coast || NPCs: -- || Form: Lupus

To his relief — obvious in the youthful way all he but wriggled with it, his tail wagging with such force that its sharp curve began to unravel — Harley didn't seem especially upset. Annoyed maybe (he had disturbed her nap... again), and probably more than a little uncertain (or maybe he was projecting; what were they answering to, anyway?), but the small lick to his cheek, followed by the command to action, assuaged any lingering misgivings.

Snorting derisively at Priscilla, whose manners mostly certainly did not match her frilly name, Elkin leapt at his brother and nipped at his ruff and forelegs in an attempt to engage him in a playful chase as they all three (four, Elkin amended to himself silently) of them ran to answer the beckoning call.

By the time they found Oberyn and Makwaikwe (two mysterious figures he had only ever heard of until now), Elkin's pink tongue was hanging out one side of his grinning maw in a picture of pure, mirthful contentment. He regarded the others who gathered with cheerful abandon, his curled tail continuously wagging, until Oberyn's voice stilled his panting. Elkin closed his mouth, forgetting all about his tongue in his acute alertness, and listened to enigmatic wolfdog with earnest consideration.

"Wait, so..." Elkin began before he could stop himself. He glanced at Harley apologetically, his ears flattened, then looked at Oberyn again. "So... if you won't be our leader, then who will?" But even as the words were being falling out of him, another thought was worming its way in. "Unless there... won't... be one?" he asked slowly as the idea solidified. "Do you mean that we'll just... vow help each other out, but not live together? Not like a true pack?"

Although he tried to conceal it, a shade of disappointment still tinged his tone.

[WC -- 310]
Elkin had wriggled his butt much like the child he was, and secretly a smile passed her thick pale lips, and she shook her head out. They were about to meet with Obyern and his mate, a somewhat interesting meeting, if she did say so herself. Or, perhaps she was projecting the nervousness outwards, just a smidgen.

The large wolf, wagged a tail and lifted his head high. Harley, being the mother she always was, stood directly near Elkin's side, eyes never leaving that of Obyern. A proposal?

Eyes shot towards her boy, and a moment went by before she answered Elkin. "We live together like a group, but we have no leader. Most groups do not even stick close to one another, boy." A paw went to his head and made the best attempt to furrow his hair in the middle of his head.

Directing her attentions to Obe, the female sat on her haunches and gave a lazy scratch to her right ear with a back paw. "I don't see why not, we can hunt together, forage, help out, more than we already do," Harley glanced at the child in front of her, and gave a tender smile at his plumpness in the last month. "I'm all in, Obeyrn, it seems better to band together in a force than try to stick it out--" A pause as she was collided with from the right by a eight pound weasel, eagerly clambering her spine, "--alone." Finsihed the wolfdog through clinched teeth.

"I am willing to fight for you, as well." Came a heartbeat later, weasel hanging off her shoulder like a wombat, staring at young Elkin. Would this group of misfits be reliable even, when and if the time came? Or was it another day, another lie? Even her past had her suspicious, but so far, those suspicions were tossed aside, every once in a while they reared their ugly heads.

Clicking her teeth, she turned those aquamarine orbs towards her Fisher companion.
A worried line formed between Oberyn's brows as he listened to Elkin. There was a risk in not being a formal pack, he thought – they would be without borders to protect their claim, and undoubtedly smaller than the Court or even the Tesák Clan had been. He had considered all of this before, when he first brought up the idea to his mate. Makwaikwe had echoed his concerns but agreed with the broader picture: they needed to have allies first.

He was glad that Harley, who had become a quasi-mother figure to the younger men, had her own opinion on the matter. She was a curious perspective on the world, he thought. Keeping a not-quite-pet as a companion was certainly peculiar, he supposed, but his father had once kept a horse and he had grown up seeing dozens of cats roaming the grounds. Peculiarity or not, they needed numbers.

“No, no leader,” Oberyn repeated. “We can come together and talk about plans for things, but instead of one person deciding we all have a voice.”

“Things will fall together,” Makwaikwe agreed. “It is better that all can speak, so that none are silenced.”

“Exactly. Once winter comes we'll have more chances for food, but traveling will be harder. We should decide before then if we want to stay together somewhere. That way we can keep an eye on each other. I'm going to spend some time looking for something, but if anyone comes across a good spot let us all know. This is a good meeting place,” he added. “So we can come back here again whenever.”

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