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[Image: NazLupus.png]The morning rain pelted his back, soaking in through the tattered fibers of his torn clothing and wetting him down to his skin. Rain rolled from his shoulders, ran down him in rivulets, leaving his edges decorated in the crystalline beads that refracted the sparse sun that peeked through the trees and fell like tears into the mud.

Heavy panting shook his chest, greasy strands of hair draping over his features. Blue sights were completely consumed with the work of his hands, the jingling of metal resounding from within them. A branch of hardwood, dotted in red, was put between the links of chain that attached to his leg in a shackle.

Nazar's wrestling halted sharply when movement came from the man that laid beside him. For a long drawn moment, he was frozen, curled over himself with a hand gripping the chains to silence them. He didn't dare to draw a breath until the other stilled, and after a moment passed, he furiously got back to work trying to pry the metal from his ankle.

The sharp crack of wood erupted from his hands, and the branch he'd been using as a pry bar had shattered into pieces. Splinters buried themselves into the skin of his calf, and he looked at the separate pieces, one in each hand. From one to the other his blue gaze danced, until his brows furrowed, his lips rose, and with a growl, he threw the branch away.

Relenting, he put his back to the bark of the tree behind him. Lifting his head, he closed his eyes and drew a long, bedraggled sigh, before his head dropped into his hands. There he say, quietly awaiting his fate, shackled to a post, by a man who may or may not be close to death thanks to the fresh red that dribbled from his head. A grumble rattled in his chest as he perched his elbows on his knees and drew his hands away from his face, knitting them in front of himself. His crown then fell, his muzzle facing downward to the earth below him.

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What Lorien thought was true was false. He did not hold his breath waiting for an incredibly warm reception from a man that did not know him, but he had expected at least a neutral meeting. Lorien felt he deserved that much from his father. Now, however, he understood it was incredibly likely that Rand had abandoned his mother in the war. He had left Manitoba for the new territory without even bothering to notify Medlihel so that she may follow and bring Lorien and his littermates with her. He could see in the curl of his father's lip now that he did not care for him. 

Fine. He would still fulfill Medlihel's dying wish. He would make a better reputation for his family than his father could ever hope to achieve. He would be wiped from the etches of history, forgotten on a whimpering, dying breath. He smiled grimly to himself. Maybe he would be the one to bring about this end. Nanin would call if the opportunity ever arose, he knew it. He would kill him if that was what fate allowed. If not, he could be patient and wait for nature to claim him. 

These thoughts rolled over his mind, impossibly dark and crushing waves that sucked all beneath them. An event horizon would loom once things were comprised enough. It would all be done. He would tell his story and continue to live his life out of spite and out of pure will alone. As he willed it, so he moved forth. His two legs were beneath him today, Optime being the form that his slumber reverted him to this morning. He was too deeply embroiled in the fog of hangover from the previous night's 'fun' to focus on shifting to anything else. There was no reason to regardless, he just wanted to explore the neutral territories more somewhat. 

It was during this excursion that he heard someone - or rather, two someones. He was immediately curious, especially at the sound of creaking and eventually splintering wood. He trotted closer in relative silence, though he did not make an overt attempt to conceal himself. As the scene arose from the horizon, he saw a bleeding and unconscious man and a chained man. The latter of which was dark in pelt, lighter brown hues dappling as sunlight on the saddle of his body. In his hands were the shards of wood. Lorien tilted his head at him.

"Why are you chained?" he whispered, figuring it best not to alarm the other just in case. 

Lorien was nosy as ever. He raised his brows at Nazar, as if to communicate: I can free you if you are of no threat to me. He really could not give a shit if this man was a criminal, for Lorien was one himself. Just so long as there was no personal harm to himself, he did not mind. He believed their paths had intersected for a reason anyway.
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[Image: Nazman.png]It was a defeat, a relenting, to his destiny and what it beheld. Cage would wake up at some point if Nazar was unlucky, and for all that luck was worth, he'd only had the worst of it. Thoughts cycled in his mind about his potential karmic payments, but the sound of a voice pulled him from his busy mind. Blue sights came down from the sky and fell on a slender man, his form reminiscent of a certain Cavalier that Nazar had come to know better than he would have liked.

The question spoke was a simple one, but far more complicated to answer. Nazar couldn't decide whether he wanted to tell the truth, or if he wanted to lie in order to adhere to the better judgment of a stranger. Getting involved with a slaver group wasn't something that a lot of souls really wanted to find themselves in the middle of. Then again, if this man was of better morals, to which was a low bar, then he might be inclined to help him out.

“I've been taken capture,” Nazar started initially, not particularly wanting to get into the nitty-gritty of how he got into this position. That wound was still terribly tender, “This man chained me. I was able to put him down, but I cannot remove this shackle, or lift the post,” A nice, vague story that gave just enough information for this stranger to formulate his own assumptions.

The post itself had been hammered well into place and Nazars arms, tired from training, carrying, and battling Cage had wore on him. Muscles trembled, and he didn't have the might to pull the post from the earth.

“I can give you nothing now, but if you free me, then I will owe you greatly. I will repay that debt when I am able, “ If he could just return back to Casa, then he could rest up, get back to his strength, and any favor that this man might ask could be fulfilled, “Do we have a deal?” The bound man questioned, not quite wanting to leave enough time for too much consideration. He wouldn't want this stranger to talk himself out of pulling up that post if he could help it.

Lorien took in the response. It was a very vague one. He had hoped for more information, but did not mind receiving much more than what was in plain sight at the moment. There was an urgency to the situation. If the other awoke, things would surely become complicated. There was a conflict brewing. If Lorien did not choose what to do soon, he would be exhausted by what would be chosen for him. And he hated being needlessly exhausted and having choices taken from him. He also hated to see this man trapped. He had never been chained quite so literally, but he had felt a similar feeling. The most recent of which being the part of himself he interpreted to be Nanin 'taking control'. He was helpless to watch. He trusted Nanin more than anything, but it was a terrifying callback to how trapped he felt under the thumb of Estelar...

It did not matter what this man had done or would do. He would be free to make his own choices if Lorien had anything to say about it. Besides, him acknowledging the debt that would soon be created sweetened the deal. With a sharp smile, Lorien fixed his hands firmly to the post and wrenched it out of the earth. He wanted to cackle at the sight, but did not want to wake the unconscious other.

"There. Now, tell me your name and where I may find you. Then we can go our separate ways... for now, if that is what you desire." He continued in a low whisper, though he did back up a pace. Not out of fear of the now freed captor, but to allow for escape for the both of them should his captor rouse. "Do not forget how I freed you."

It did not sound entirely like a threat on its own. Yet there was his smile. He liked knowing that someone new was going to be involved with him, owing him, needing to pay him back someday. Would it be enough when the payment came? Would the payment come at all? The answer to the former was unknown, but the answer to the latter was 'yes'. Whether Nazar liked it or not, Lorien intended to collect. He held on to the post in his hands, should he need it to make any attack.
The pole was ripped from the earth, the chain around it's tapered end released, and Nazar quickly got his hands around the iron links. A strip was torn from his shirt as the other spoke, Nazar's eyes not once leaving his hands as he worked to tie up the chain above his calf so he could make a quick escape, "I cannot do that," He spoke, the chilled blue in his eye finally slipping up to Lorien as he stood up, just slightly taller than the pale man, "I could ask you the same, but would you be willing to risk that information in the wrong hands?" He, instead crossed his arms over his chest and breathed for a moment.

"Instead, a proposition," He said while sights slipped over to the unconscious man on the ground, then back to Lorien, "Casa di Cavalieri. The Cavaliers are a pack to the South. Each year they hold events and their invitation stretches to the other packs within Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Heed their call and you will find me there. Until then, I will be nothing more than a shadow until I'm free of these men for good," A hand gestured back to Cage for just a moment, "That is all that I have to give."

Nazar was a big man, and there wasn't any particular way that he could hide anywhere for long, but he wanted to be in the safe embrace of his home before he ventured out again for the sake of an owed favor. Least to say, he needed to be healthy and strong before he would dare leave those boundaries again. With his face plastered in the minds of slavers, it was the least that he could do to ensure his own safety.
[Image: zX3NcnN.png] The other man yielded him another piece of information, but withheld his name. Lorien's eyes narrowed as he considered this. He supposed the name was not as important. The stranger could have given him any old name, and made up or not, it would not matter. What mattered most was that he knew how to find him. He relaxed his brow, accepting these terms. Fine, he could have it his way.

"Very well. Casa di Cavalieri is all I needed to know. I may be looking for you during such an event, should I desire that."

Lorien had heard only once of Casa di Cavalieri. He never would have guessed the man that stood before him now was from there. Maybe he should learn a little bit more about the surrounding packs if he was going to be attending an event with the cavaliers. He would have to find more information about this little event.

"Disappear, shadow. Let them never find you again."

With this farewell bid, Lorien dipped his head and turned. He had something interesting to write into record once more. He needed to keep track of what he was owed. He cast a glance over his shoulder once more at the dark man. He found himself briefly wondering about his story and what the hell he did to have wound up in such a hellish situation.