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OOC: Lorien is in Secui form. Set in the Branta Stretch in early morning.

The young, golden hours of the day were flowing into the sky with golden rays. The clouds were fluffy and warm at current. Soon, they would be stained red. Hokori Tanaka and Lorien Coara were on the hunt for a certain loner. He had evaded his excessive debts for too long and was reportedly threatening to kill anyone that dared to collect again. He should have known better. As a loner on his own, he was too vulnerable to be saying shit like that. He was strong apparently, but next to two stronger pack members, Lorien did not expect too much trouble. Hokori evidently did not either.

The two of them made short work of the distance between New Caledonia and the cabin that the owner called home. For now. His name was Clifton, a wolf dominant hybrid. He was told he was most identifiable by the scar on his neck. He may have survived the last wounding, but he would not this time if he did not realize he should just pay up already. Once Lorien could see his cabin, he realized he did not lack the goods to pay off his debt at least partially enough to buy a little more time. A horse was stabled in the open garage attachment, a sight that made Lorien's lip curl.

"Had he a thought for it, he would have given the horse to satisfy part of the debt," he scowled. "Perhaps we may persuade him into seeing this logic. If he does not give us the horse and then some willingly, we will just have to kill him and take it. What do you think, Hokori?"

He turned his eyes to her now. It should be her decision. This collection was primarily her responsibility, so she may not want to give him the chance to retaliate at all. Lorien lacked the context beyond what little information she had told him about Clifton on the way, so he really could not care less either way. He was sure she knew that by now.
Quote:Reaver Rank II:  Collect your spoils by any means necessary.

She would never understand why people liked fighting in Secui. The form had its uses, of course, the greater weight and longer teeth perfect for pinning game that might have been troublesome for a lil Lupus lady, but it was subpar for an actual fight against an actual person. Optime had the all-powerful advantages of reach and opposable thumbs, the ability to wield weapons that hurt more than claws and at a much greater range.

"Uncle" Ierian liked to pounce on people from a few feet away, but Hoko could hit someone with her sword from nearly ten. Or if she was feeling lazy, she'd nock an arrow and put it between their ribs at fifteen yards. Poison couldn't be applied to teeth without the risk of injury but blades were quite safe to coat, provided one wasn't an idiot.

Hoko was cocksure in her strength but liked to back it with steel. Lorien on the other hand was a violent hippie, plodding about on all fours because it kept him close to the Ground-God. It was strange but ultimately none of her business. As long as the man handled himself he could fight however the hell he wanted.

Hoko's ears pricked at the question, baring her teeth in a hateful sneer. "Part of me wants to just bar the doors and light his stupid cabin on fire...but I suppose we'll be fair. We walk up and give him a chance to pay up nice and gentleman-like. if he gives us trouble we break his spine and go through his things." 

It was not an idle threat. Hoko wore nothing except a belt around her waist from which a brutal mace hung, the weapon the King had forged for her finding using once again as a tool of intimidation. Her ridiculous sword was her preferred weapon but it wouldn't have done much good in a cramped cabin. Short strokes from a short stick, that would be the way.

OOC: Wordcount 338
Hokori had a temper. An attitude. Something. Whatever you wanted to call it. That reared its ugly head once again when she bore her teeth in an unforgiving and threatening smile. She ultimately looked down on the debtor they were coming knocking for. Lorien could not say that he blamed her. The fool had managed to get himself into his situation, and he clearly had the funds to clear it out by now. 

Lorien knew she was serious when she spoke of snapping him like a pencil and looting everything. He wanted to give the bastard a chance first, so he was pleased when she agreed to that idea. It may present more risk, but it would also mean that less things would be burned. He laughed at her initial suggestion however, a cruel light burning in his fiery eyes. 

"I believe that to be more than reasonable," he said, "just open the door while you have thumbs."

He was more than excited and willing to take the lead, but Hokori would need to at least give him entry. The order did not matter as long as they carried out what they came to do. If they failed, he would be surprised - he would not expect that at all. Unless there was more than one Luperci in there, it was an unfair match tilted in their favor.
More than reasonable, he said. The thought made Hokori's sneer widen, the bandit well-aware that nothing she did in this line of work was 'reasonable'. Her father had tried to instill virtues like honor and courage into her, taught her that the drawing of blades was a task not to be undertaken lightly. But she had quickly learned that it was all bullshit, the regal samurai little more than a highly-skilled thug with a chip on his shoulder. 

She had worked to surpass him in both combat prowess and sheer danger to those around her, a giant bully who made the world bend to her will or be snapped into twigs. 

Hoko approached the cabin with sure steps, a heavy foot kicking the door so that it swung open with a slam. She was over the threshold before the occupant could say anything, the massive Reaver stooping under the doorframe as she quickly invaded her debtor's home. 

"Hell's bells, Hokori! You can't-" 

"Ivan, shut the fuck up."

The boom of her voice did not match the pleasantness of her smile, the sharp command temporarily stunning the much smaller coyote into compliance. Hoko cast her gaze around the room, taking in the various bags and boxes scattered about. It was a nice place, a little barren in terms of furniture but well-constructed and insulated from the elements. Maybe he'd be able to sell the cabin to make a dent in his loans.

"Hey buddy, go find something interesting for us, yeah?" 

It was good practice to avoid using names in the field. The less of a chance there was for them to be tracked down later the better. Hoko was a known entity in the neutral lands but Lorien still had the benefit of mystery. 

"You're not taking my things you overgrown rodent!" 

My but Ivan was a mouthy one. Hoko looked down at the man in all his scruffy-furred and rangy-limbed glory, amused by his stubbornness. It was that same bullheadedness that had got him into this mess, the refusal to accept the fact he was a poor gambler leading to indebtedness to Hoko and a whole host of other loan sharks.

Sadly for them, she had gotten there first. 

"Buddy, I gave Ivan here a bunch of beads and some pretty blue cloth. If those are around we'll be reclaiming those along with a service charge. If they ain't, just make a note of anything valuable." 

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The 'greeting' that their debtor gave them was certainly encouraging. Ivan was a hissing and spitting ball of annoyance. Lorien supposed he would be similarly upset if his home were raided in this way, but then again, if it were really him, he would not be in this situation in the first place. It was foolish to allow his debts to pile up this high. He sneered at the coyote man, teeth and eyes bright and hot. Hokori cleverly avoided mentioning his name, something that reminded him that he needed to make use of an alias sometime. 

"Go find something interesting for us, yeah?"

Something truly gruesome may happen here tonight if Ivan did not pay up. Lorien gave a curt nod to Hokori and turned his intense gaze on Ivan.

"Consider it a favor. If I do not help you find something to pay us back with, you may just have to pay with your head."

He absorbed more of what Hokori said. Beads and blue cloth. This was permission to fully rifle through his belongings. He began by tipping over an old wooden dresser and forcing its drawers open. Much came tumbling out, but among them were a bundle of blue cloth. It was wrapped around a very neat looking knife, something with a curved blade as a tooth.

"I found the cloth," he said, "but no beads yet. Where are they, Ivan?"

Lorien stalked back to the coyote now. He still stood on two legs above him, so he knocked his legs out at the knee with a headbutt and brought the man falling mightily. He forced a heavy paw to his neck, his claws unsheathed and glinting. He dug them somewhat into his thin fur, a threat falling from his lips.

"Now, is this worth the beads? Hmm?"
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Hokori ◈ Tanaka

▫I̴ ̶a̵m̶ t̸h̴e̸ ̵Pa̶i̷n̷,
▫The Rea̶̡̚p̸̦̈er̵̗̓, 
▫T̶̙͝h̶̢̄ḛ̶͛ Struc̷̙̿t̴̥͆ǘ̷̩re o̴͕̿f̵͉͝ ̶̧̛Lie̷͍̚s̷͛.̴̦̑.

Hoko liked Lorien, but she didn't know him as much of a fighter. They had shared a kill before of course but that was hardly a fair test of skill, an ambush stacked upon on an ambush so that there was no escape for the poor bastards. The only other engagement they had fought together was the incident with the cultist-boyfriend, and he had hardly impressed her then. Lorien couldn't be blamed for hesitating under those circumstances, but he had come off as just another person in need of protection. 

But now he was in his element, snarling and snapping and sneering at Ivan while bouncing around the little cabin, playing second fiddle in Hokori's orchestra of cruelty. The megalomania that seemed to infest all priestly types suited loan sharking well and there was a pretty clear pipeline from Druid to Bandit.

"He's not joking. I've lost patience with you Ivan, you're lucky we didn't just torch your house with you inside of it."

Ivan just grunted, unable to resist and unwilling to even try. The slam of the dresser against the floor made him start, hateful eyes fixing on the four-legged fiend rifling through his belongings. "The knife looks like it's decent make, we're off to a good start." 

She was just about to say that they didn't need a whole lot more to make up for the missing beads but Lorien was already on the prowl, Hoko watching as the coyote was to sent the floor with an angry water-god worshipper's paw pinning him in place.

"Hey hey hey hey! Easy man, easy!"

The gambler scrambled to save his skin, any defiance flushed right out of him by the unfortunate position he was now in. 

"The beads are gone but there's a loose brick in the chimney, I got some weed in there! It's good stuff, that counts for something right?"

With Ivan occupied by Lorien Hoko went to check out his story. It was easy enough to find the wobbly brick, Hokori reaching in to retrieve a little bundle of dried herb. Wordlessly she held it up for Lorien to see. It would satisfy her requirements but this was Lori's money on the line too, he only got a caught of what they could retrieve.