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Full Version: [M] Once wealth is built we should allocate funds
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Ooc: Backdated | BĂȘte Noire
[Image: zuUHm3s.png]Lazy time usually equaled a nap if he was feeling it. The sun coming in through the parting of the leaves was a blessed change from rain, from mud and snow and the shivering, ball-freezing cold. Summer, as fleeting as it was in this barren, shit-hole place, was welcomed and he parked his ass down in an obliging patch of sunlight and leaned back, closing his eyes.

Their stop at BĂȘte Noire allowed them to rest and recuperate for a small time and John was getting in on the napping while the napping was good. If he had to chose when to travel, during the sun worked best for him.

Stretching out his legs and pillowing his arms behind his head, John did his best to ignore everything that'd happened so far and relaxed into his pose with sunlight warming his fur. He didn't stay alone for long either. The dandy bottlebrush of her tail came towards him through the tall grass, followed by the long orange body.

"Tsstt, tstt, tsstt." John rumbled, cracking one eye to watch her approach.

<"Three-man."> The large queen purred, arching her back and butting an eager head against the hand he stretched out. He'd never really been a cat person, until, suddenly, he was. Feu cared little for the wants and desires of others and had imposed herself upon his person until he'd begrudgingly accepted the affection. Now, he looked forwards to it.

Primly she stepped into his lap, looping herself about in a circle before settling down, ears and eyes alert upon the bird-filled greenery about his resting spot.

"Y'ain't so bad." He chuckled, and those orange eyes turned to him,

<"The same to you."> John laughed. It was true, he wasn't so bad either.

Curling his fingers, he scratched beneath her chin and followed the fir backwards to the hard to reach spot behind the ears. An understanding, no doubt about it, built up around enough time to wear down both of their defenses.