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Liam rode along the back of Lili, his ever faithful horse. He packed lightly in terms of goods this time, for he was uncertain if he would run into anyone that had desire to trade or need for food to survive. He enjoyed trading itself and re-building wealth for New Caledonia, but he hated seeing others struggle, Luperci or not. He had too many stressors occurring in his life to justify stressing himself and others more. His heart could not take another ounce of that. He did his best to remain in good spirits, head held high as Lili's hooves struck the ground.

It was when Liam's ears swiveled that Lili's did as well.

"Someone is nearby," Liam whispered to the mare.

She did not understand his high speech, but she seemed to understand that he had noticed as well. Much to the mare's chagrin, Liam raised his voice to call out to the other in the wood. He did not want to alarm anyone or allow stalking to happen, so he announced both his presence and awareness of the situation. They smelled like a wolf or dog, and a Luperci at that. Their pack's allegiance was either masked with something aromatic or they were not part of any. Either way, it was best to be wary and transparent.

"Hello," he shouted. "Who is there? Is everything alright?"

He remained atop Lili, reigns in his left hand and ready to reach for his spear with the other. He remained faithfully an optimist, but the war had left him paranoid of those he did not know.
Innokentiy’s footsteps were quiet as they walked, but their cane came down with a heavy ‘tack’, ruining any chance at going undetected they might have had. They still had a good amount left of stock for trading in their pack, having thought ahead for how long it might take to find another settlement after leaving port. It wasn’t as though they wouldn’t be able to catch something if they truly had to, but with their chronic pain it would be excruciating to go through the trouble of tracking and running down prey. Not to mention, it would leave their backpack ripe for the taking.

So, when face to face with a man atop a mare who had goods of his own, Innokentiy felt some bundled up worry in their chest fade. “Grrreetings. Everrrything is fine, my good man.” Innokentiy waved a hand politely to the man and walked forward, though did not come too near the mare in the case she spooked easy. “My name is Innokentiy. I am new to zis land. May I interest you in my vares on this day?” A practiced line for them now. “I am looking forrr food and information. I kame to zis land to find someone of my blood.”

They reached into a side pocket of their backpack and pulled out a shining necklace. It wasn’t the most expensive piece in their stock, as it did not seem this man had much to spare at the moment—the gemstone on it was rather small and not all that well cut. But it dazzled in the light in a way that attracted those partial to it, and was of a light green color. “I have jevelrrry you kould use as gift, da? Look how gorrrgeous. Or perhaps you’d be more interested in some medicinal herbs?”
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The newcomer revealed themself, a lightly colored canine dressed in fine clothing and even finer jewelry. There was not much that was grabbable from their neck or dangling elsewhere, which was a good thing. Liam would hate to think that they could have been robbed. However, they did not appear to be a combatant. From what they said, it would appear that they did not hunt much. Was it because they did not like to dirty their hands, or because they did not know how to? It was not for him to know or judge. All he knew was that there was finally someone willing to accept food for such a glittering good. He was unsure if he had information regarding their relative, but he would do his best.

He dropped from the back of his horse now. Lili pawed at the ground anxiously and backed up a pace, but she remained quiet and behaved herself. She had seen and experienced much from worse Luperci. Liam still held her reigns, but he did lean in close enough to examine the necklace's pendant offered to him now. They mentioned it could be a gift, bringing Willow to mind instantly. He wondered if it would be inappropriate to give his friend such a thing or if it would be appreciated at all. He sure hoped so. Who would mind such a glittering object? If Willow did not want it, he could give it to someone else or even trade it himself for something more useful. It appeared valuable enough.

"Yes, I believe we have a deal," Liam said. "My name is Liam del Morte. I can give you these."

He reached into his bag to retrieve some meats, half of which were sun-dried and salted. The rest was fresher and just skinned and cleaned, being an older deer whose carcass Liam had felled an hour ago. It was all presented to Innokentiy for them to peruse and examine.

"Your accent is new, where are you from?" he asked. He had heard such a cadence before from many Luperci, so he could not say he was certain of its origin. He was able to understand what they said, though. He was already used to it. "And I can do my best to provide you information, though I cannot promise I know what you need. I know many in this land, though not everyone." He chuckled to himself.

Liam did want to help them find their blood. He knew what it was like to endeavor in such a search and he wished them the best. Still, he could not be entirely sure that he would trust them. He had met another that was on the hunt for a relative, but that interaction had ended poorly in a physical altercation. Liam's head hurt for days after that. Damn bastard. At least this one was not so disingenuous or desperate looking. They appeared harmless enough, but so had Llewelyn. Following this, Liam took the displayed jewelry now. Innokentiy was holding it out to him, and he did not grab it rudely nor did he run. The meat was there, and Liam would tell Innokentiy anything that was not too damning or outright stated to be a priceless secret. This was especially fine if it did not concern him or his own in New Caledonia. The laws of other packs could protect other pack members.
“Zank you, my friend. I apprrreciate zis.” Innokentiy had no problem exchanging the goods like so, and put away the meats they obtained to eat soon after their conversation had concluded. As they were putting them away, they listened to Liam’s question. “I am frrrom Russia, zough I spent some time in London recently. Both are places across the ocean.” They explained.

“As for information. I am looking forrr kousin of mine, to be specific. I am not sure of the name he may be going by, his last vas Zero but I believe he may be going under different alias now. He has accent similarrr to mine and looks like me, except he has some darrrker marrrkings on his feet and face, and his eyes arrre blue and red, instead of blue and silver like mine.” After finishing their description of their relative, they went on to ask a specific question: “Do you know if zere are settlements nearby to wherrre ve are, ones zat might suit a lifestyle similarrr to my own? If I know my kousin, he vould like to vork for a powerful cause. In London, he worked as a doctor.”

Even if Liam did not know of where he was, certainly Liam himself seemed to be well traveled enough and sociable to a point where Innokentiy would have much better luck with him than the other strangers they had met.
Friend? Apparently they were friends now. Liam did not entirely mind this. Typically loners were not wont to be friendly. Perhaps they were putting on a front, but Liam did not think so. Innokentiy was asking for information regarding a relative, one unaffiliated with Liam. And as Innokentiy took the food and went on to describe him, he realized he actually knew him.

The wolfdog before him verbally painted a picture with caring and precise strokes. Russian. Same accent. Zero. Light pelt. Red and blue eyes. Doctor. Power hungry? Liam scratched his chin, the fur shedding somewhat as he did. Damn. It was on the tip of his tongue. Someone that strange stood out to him, but he was definitely not Caledonian. There were many cultures converging in his pack, but none from Russia. He had only heard such a manner of speaking and seen such strange people in...


He stopped scritching thoughtfully at his chin. He had taken a merchant trip to the Thistle Queendom many moons ago, soon but not right after the war had occurred. He had done business with only a handful of people amidst the floods, and one of them was someone that matched their description exactly save for a few differences.

"Well..." Liam was uncertain, but he wanted to help. Besides, Innokentiy would be unlikely to cause trouble for his cousin. "I know of several Russians in Salsola, a powerful pack East of here. I couldn't tell you exactly where, but I could take you around or through New Caledonia to reach it."

Caledonia would not be the problem, Salsola would be.

"They do not always appreciate loners lingering too close to the border for too long. If you have met or do meet any, it's unlikely they'll identify themselves - even by scent. They are secretive, so you did not hear this from me. However..."

He had stalled somewhat, but Innokentiy deserved the truth now. Liam worried at the roughly cut opal with a pad of his finger. He needed a place to stay as well, as misfortune would have it.

"I don't know if this is a fake name or a real name, but he told me his name was Chimera? And then someone – I think a servant – called him Egregore. It might just be a title." He shrugged. "Anyway, he looks exactly like you described, except he has a beard. I think. I know of him because I visited my older brother there, and who may be your cousin traded poppy seeds to me for poisonous herbs. I'm not sure if that means he's a doctor, but that can be involved, can it not?"

Liam had no clue if he was on to something. Neither of the names he had heard sounded like or meant 'Zero'. At least it was a lead for them.
Innokentiy closed their eyes as they thought on the information Liam had given them. “Sekretive, you say.” Instantly, they thought of the strangely skittish woman they had run into previously. Though she had been helpful and kind in her own ways, she had indeed never elaborated on her nearby home or family. “Da, I believe I know of what you speak.” There was no way to prove it, but they had a suspicion there.

Then there was the matter of the match they had found to their description.

They huffed a light chuckle at not one, but two names being provided, both of which held a sort of pretentiousness about them. “That sounds like my kousin, alright. Though I have no idea who this servant could be, perhaps someone new he has met…” Innokentiy shrugged their shoulders. “Either way, zank you for your time. Zis is most helpful. I vould indeed like to see New Caledonia, perrrhaps I vill be able to garner morrre information about Salsola zere as vell.”

As Innokentiy followed Liam from then on, they, as they were wont to do, became once again deep in thought about their cousin and their mission in this land. It wouldn’t be the first time they began to think about what they would do once they finally found him. Long they had since decided they would remain by his side, and hopefully be able to continue their work wherever they ended up. It would be a comfort, to finally be at someone’s side again—someone that they could trust, no less. They had little care for most life, and the kindness they offered both to Liam and that woman was a false, practiced one.

Yet they believed that even with its falseness, it still carried meaning. It got them to where they were now, able to barter with many for important conveniences, even those as basic as the food Liam provided were important. Not only that, but Innokentiy believed that their open-mindedness in regards to good and evil, kind and mean, allowed them to feel a deeper love for those they did trust in their family. They benefited, but so too would those beings they kept living for.

As this topic swirled in their head, they felt compelled to ask Liam: “Tell me, Liam, vill you keep zat necklace for yourself, orrr is zerre a special someone you vill gift it to?”
Liam was overjoyed that he had managed to help Innokentiy understand better where their cousin may be. He could wonder why they were looking for him and whether he would be in any hot water for mentioning this, but he thought he gave a clear enough warning. Liam liked to think that searching for family was typically motivated by nothing but good intentions. There were debt seekers and liars, but Liam knew that by and large, canines were good by default.

"Wonderful," he said, clapping his large hands loudly. "Very well, I will take you to New Caledonia."

As the agreement was made, he turned a few degrees and set off. Innokentiy would follow, surely. They were a smart individual it would seem. If they did not want to visit, they surely would have said so. In a graceful way as well, most possibly. He resumed his mount on Lili's back and outstretched a hand.

"Do you want to climb on, or would you rather hoof it?" Liam asked, amused by his own word play.

When they accepted, Liam helped them aboard with a lift and gentle sit-down. It was an awkwardly hilarious ordeal, but it was comfortable and safe enough. This way Innokentiy could relax and rest. They had seemed to be traveling for some time.

"There is someone special," Liam said without hesitance. Finally, a chance to talk to someone about him again. "His name is Willow. I am unsure if he feels the same way, but I love him. It's unfortunate because his pack, Del Cenere Gang, are not incredibly tolerant of wolves like me. Still, he seems to tolerate me well enough. We have visited each other about five times." He shifted the reigns to scratch the back of his head. "I will be giving the necklace to him next time I see him. It will match his eyes!"

He was proud of Willow and of himself. They had taught each other much, he thought. He could scarcely remember every word during their inebriated conversation, but he remembered the rest beat by beat. His heart pounded, aflutter. He could die happy if he could just have one good, honest kiss with him. That would be just fine, even if no one else could ever love him like that again. He closed his eyes to savor the thought, its sweetness pooling on his tongue. Maybe. Just maybe. It was naïve, but he would continue to wish on every first star and rotated pendant to share at least that.

He felt a weight against his back, at which he craned his neck somewhat to look at Innokentiy. He had gone on long enough, it would seem. His friend did not seem to mind all too much, so at least he could forget the sting of rejection with that aspect of it in mind. He shook his head with a gentle tsk.

"Are you falling asleep?" he asked. "It's alright if you are Innokentiy, Lili's gait can feel like you're being cradled at times," he mused.
They found Liam’s sunny disposition interesting, at the least. Not many people would so openly proclaim their love, especially not for another man. Innokentiy had definitely seen a good amount of hatred towards these pairings between those of the same gender, but as someone that felt they were exempt from both genders, they had little care for what others did with their heart (or other body parts). They would’ve responded quicker if it had not been for them riding the horse. Even with the horse’s smooth gait, they felt their stomach turn a little bit. They had never been a fan of riding directly on horseback, preferring carriages and wagons instead.

“A gang zat is not tolerant of volves? You trrruly have some interrresting settlements here.” They had to grab a hold of Liam’s upper back for a moment to hang on, having been shaken in their seat. “Errr, cradled, da.” They did not feel as such, but did not want to be rude. “Anyvay, I am sure zat pendant vill brrring you good fortune.” Innokentiy nodded their head. “Oftentimes I rrregret not giving more keepsakes to zose in my family, even if at times you drift avay from someone, the experience is vorth rrremembering.”

They looked out into their surroundings in an attempt to settle their stomach, which worked somewhat. “I am sure you vill understand what I mean when you give the necklace to Villow. It is komfort to know he vill have a piece of your love vherever he goes.” It was one of the ways Innokentiy found meaning in their jeweler occupation.