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Full Version: Anywhere the wind blows
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Having a chance to rest and acquire a few more rations from New Caledonia was something that Innokentiy much appreciated. Now, the next day after meeting Liam del Morte, they traveled with him through lands unfamiliar until finally Innokentiy found themself at the shore. The waves today were quiet, and so were the two canines throughout most of the journey. They found Liam to be more talkative than themself, though he didn’t seem to mind a comfortable silence here and there.

He broke it once more, to inform Innokentiy: “This is about as far as I’ll take you.”

The wolfdog bowed their head at the man. “Zank you again, High Lorrrd. And my zanks to your Kingdom, as vell. It is a kolorful place.” It had been full of many different personalities, which made Innokentiy feel more at home than they had at any other point in their travels. Of course, the population still was nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of some of Europe’s cities, but they could learn to appreciate it. It had its own charm. 

“You are welcome. I hope you find your cousin.” He gave a friendly wave before departing, leaving Innokentiy there.

They watched the man leave, waving farewell to him before turning their eyes to the waves. They sighed. Soon, very soon, they might end up face to face with the whole reason for this trip to begin with. They were under no illusion that Egregore (or Chimera, whatever the right alias was) would be returning across the ocean with them. If he had made a claim to somewhere here, this ‘Thistle Kingdom’, then he would loathe to leave it behind unless a truly necessary circumstance for escape presented itself–such had happened in London. Hopefully, he would be more careful to not get caught for any crimes he committed here.

Innokentiy stood there and closed their eyes, lost in thought as they often were. Just then they were interrupted by the sound of paws crunching on sand. Their first impression was that perhaps Liam had returned for something, but quickly discarded the idea. They opened their eyes and looked around.

A familiar face had chosen to show himself from the underbrush. Multicolored eyes of ice and fire alighted on Innokentiy with a strangely distant ardence and directed indifference. Innokentiy knew of him and had expected his appearance. Lev. He stood on the two tall legs that his Optime form afforded him, the silvery pelt of their shared ancestry baked in the morning sun.

“Innokentiy,” Lev said. “<Have you found my brother for me yet?>” He spoke in their mother tongue, the cyrillic syllables cascading from his lips and sharp teeth.

The usual arrogance that Lev displayed was more comforting to Innokentiy than anything. It reminded them of home even more so than New Caledonia had. The smile that came onto their face was genuine. “<I do have a good idea of where he is.>” They turned their body to face Lev entirely. “<I wasn’t expecting you to show yourself until the dramatic moment.>”

Lev’s lip curled. He seemed to have poor timing. Innokentiy knew how he worked.

“<Hah. You think you are so funny and clever. Well, I will have you know, I have revealed myself in order to protect you. My brother is of insane mind. You could very well die if you enter this ‘Sale-sole’ on your own.”> He narrowed his eyes at Innokentiy, clumsily mispronouncing the foreign name.

The smile did fade from their face, but they remained calm. Simply, they did not want to offend Lev any further by not taking this as seriously as he himself did. Though they did not think the dangers at hand were as great as their blood claimed. “<He has never attacked without reason.>” Innokentiy did not know much about the circumstances at London that led to the murders, but they did not believe Egregore had lost all ability to reason. “<And he has always tried to take care of us. Your sister agrees he should be found.>” Innokentiy extended a hand, a small smile returning despite their best efforts to keep it off their face. “<You could join us. It might be safer here than it ever was in our homeland.>”

Lev scoffed. Innokentiy spoke too much, though Lev knew it was still an act of omission. His eyes darted in calculation, taking in what could very well be an entire batch of lies. Innokentiy was mostly honest, but his cousin could not be certain of this. There was no evidence to prove this. On the contrary, Innokentiy lied to Lev more than he breathed when they were pups: sent him on wild goose chases for mythical creatures, told him his teeth would fall out if he ate squirrel, or other such childish things now behind them. Though, they had the feeling Lev still held a bit of a grudge.

Lev just wanted his repayment. He considered the offer. If the Salsolans accepted Innokentiy and Lev, then he could find his brother himself and knock the debt out of him. Additionally, Lev did not need to return to the godforsaken lands of Russia ever again. Nova Scotia was an untamed wilderness, and with the right timing, planning and resources, he could sow and reap.

“<Safer than our homeland? That is a very low bar. Our sister is a snake as well as you are, Innokentiy.>” He paused to spit at his own feet. “<Though none were as treacherous as our mother and your mother.>”

Like it or not, they were stuck with each other.

“<Very well. I will come with you. Just know that you should not trust my brother. I loathe our blood, but I would kill him if he were to harm you,”> Lev said.

Lev was clearly not all too attached to Innokentiy, though it was there. They had fond memories with one another. Additionally, Innokentiy guessed that Lev would take any excuse to exact his revenge. Innokentiy did not want this to happen.

“<Perfect!>” Innokentiy brightened considerably, though the display was an exaggeration of their true emotions. Though they were pleased, they did not feel emotions with the intensity others did. “<I’m glad we could work out an agreement, cousin. Now, here, let us walk.>”

And so, the two set off together to meet Egregore in the Thistle Kingdom.
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Set late morning a day after this thread, tl;dr Innokentiy meets up with Lev and the two head forward to Salsola, following the information from Liam del Morte.

PP/Assumption of Liam approved by Viktory System!