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Full Version: [M] You've only just begun
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Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: brief mention of substance use and maybe language and other topics.

OOC: Lorien is in Secui form. Liam is in Optime. Set in the Serpentine Mountains in the late morning.

It was a new day, and Lorien's sunny friend had dragged him all the way from New Caledonia. He did not entirely understand why, but Liam wanted to have something of an outing. Lorien saw it as an overglorified picnic. He loved to explore, especially since the borders could feel claustrophobic at times - at least to him. Life was complicated for him, and it was not just recent. Hokori had saved Lorien in the nick of time, killing his ex boyfriend Estelar in the process. He was entirely grateful for this as he could be, but it was still difficult for him to digest the very fact that it had happened. What did it mean for him? He did not know. He had condemned him so hastily at the time, but now he was feeling off. Liam had dragged him out before he could light up a joint to cope.

"Liam, for what reason are we doing this?" he grumbled.

His ears folded back, making it evident how grumpy he felt. He peered up at Liam, who was much taller than Lorien was right now. Still, Lorien knew this form had better advantages for himself. It suited him best at the moment. When he turned his head away from Liam, he saw something. Or rather, someone.

"And who is that I see?" He narrowed his eyes.
Liam was feeling rather odd lately. Sphinx, his puppy, was born only about a few weeks ago. Kule, his ex-mate, left only about a few weeks ago. He was doing his best to engage with Sphinx and keep a calm mind at the same time. He was glad for Woodsmoke and Jonk's help with his pup. He knew not where he would be now if it were not for his friends. He looked back at Lorien now, who was asking him just why he had brought him here. Liam tried his best to keep the hurt off his face with a chuckle and a shake of his head. To tell the truth, he knew he needed the support of his friends like Lorien now. They were in a time of peace, the war having long ended, but Liam still felt he was at war with himself.

"Is it so wrong to have wanted some quality time with my friend?" he answered.

Lorien had noticed someone. There was a silhouette in the distance, one he could not see too well. Liam sniffed the air, catching a whiff of a very mud-covered coyote Luperci. Raising his eyebrows, he approached at once.

"Maybe we should not -" Lorien started, but Liam was already on the way to greet this stranger. "Augh."

With a groan, Lorien came padding after Liam. As the two of them drew closer, Liam could see two brilliantly teal eyes among the faux alpine tundra. They nearly popped open from the mud, or at least seemed that way to Liam. The rocky and flat top of the mountain was a strange place to meet someone new, but he had met people in ever stranger locales. Upon closer inspection (yet still from a respectful distance), he realized this newcomer was rather small in stature. Were they dealing with a barely shifted puppy? Lorien looked at him, a similar thought doubtlessly on his mind.

"Hello, why are you covered in mud?" Liam asked.
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Rex had made it pretty far on his own. He wasn't running away or trying to hide, the kid was just pushing his limits to how long he could go off and explore before feeling the need to return to somewhere safe. For someone so young, Rex had little fear of the unknown, in a way it was almost the opposite. He dove headfirst into new challenges, daring something new to happen each day just so he could experience it and survive it. There was little Rex had to prove but to himself, that he could live longer than his dad, that he could craft stories from his success and promote himself as someone amazing and super cool. Along the way, the boy would lean on his luck, the thing that had kept him alive so long. Never thinking it might one day run out.

The heat today was pretty strong, almost making Rex wish he'd stopped at that bog for longer; drenched himself in cool mud and dirty water to fight the sun. Especially since the mountains he was exploring today had little to no shade at all. Just naked hills, tonnes of rocks and no spiky trees to hide under. At least the kid had found some cool rocks though, various shapes but his favourite being the ones that looked like wonky eggs, looking forward to bringing them back down south to show off.

With barely a breeze to flap about his cloak, Rex found his saving grace in the form of an almost dried out puddle, giggling to himself as he jogged down to it and pulled off his tatty cloak. His collection of rocks clinked together as he folded them into his cloak, setting it by the side of the mud patch before stepping into it. It wasn't deep, barely covered Rex's toes, so the kid decided to flop forwards and collapse head first into the goop. What little water remained soaked into the boy's fur, painting it a delightfully dark brown along with the mud now clinging to his coat. The smell would only add to Rex's already gross scent, but the boy cared not given he felt instantly cooler.

He was sat in the mud when the adults came over, Rex had noticed them approach the moment they spoke but decided to keep himself busy, almost used to being ignored and adopting that as his best shot at keeping out of trouble.

But when someone did talk to him? Well, it was a chance for Rex to practice some of that manipulation his dad had attempted to teach him when he was young. The pair of wolves looked pretty well off, one more interested in talking to Rex than the other, so the boy focused on that one. Frowning for a moment, Rex then lifted an hand to rub slowly up and down his arm, pulling his ears back and lowering his snout to look sheepish and worried.

"I got... pushed." He mumbled, sniffing loudly. "Was just... lookin' for water, s'really hot you see... but then this big mean guy just knocked me over!" Rex slapped his hand into the mud for empathsis, looking now a little annoyed, but also able to draw some wetness to his eyes to make him seem frustrated to the point of tears.

He glanced to his cloak and rocks, then whimpering, "Took my stuff too... had food an' things, now it's just rocks."

The youth clearly knew which of them was the bleeding heart of the two, and it was not Lorien. His lip twitched, barely disguising a scowl at the little thing. He really did not like children, at least not usually. His eyes were narrowed with a coldness to them, which contrasted with the warm golden hue that burned in his irises. He wanted to turn and leave, maybe throw the coyote off the nearest edge of the flat topped mountain. Alas, Liam would not come with him nor would he allow any harm to come to the youth. Lorien did not know if this was a façade or not, and either option was equally pathetic. He startled with a flinch when the boy emphatically slapped the mud. Ugh.

"Liam..." Lorien warned with a growl. "Why not let his parents care for him? You have your own child."

It was a minor complaint that hid why he was truly hesitant. Kids could be defenseless, but they could also be just as desperate and ruthless as any other half-dead drifter. He harrumphed as Liam ignored his warning with a shake of his head. Liam was too nice despite how far he vastly outranked Lorien.
"We don't know if he has parents or if he was abandoned," Liam pointed out. "Look at him. The boy is so sad."

The loud sniffle from Rex served to enhance this argument. Lorien, ultimately frustrated, shifted nervously on his four legs and made a strained expression. He did not like this one bit, and this was clear to Liam. Unfortunately, Lorien would simply have to grow used to this. He turned his attentions back to the coyote boy.

"That is terrible, little guy." Liam pouted sympathetically. He was even tempted to lift him up. "Let's help you go somewhere you can wash off all that mud and see what we can do about filling your belly."

Behind him, Liam could hear a scandalized and nasty scoff. He ignored Lorien to continue facing the individual in front of him. He looked so incredibly forlorn and lonely. At this age and possibly on his own, he must have been wholly disheartened by such a cruel act. A mugging was bound to ruin anyone's day. Liam had experienced similar before, most certainly. 

"What is your name, son? I am Liam del Morte, and this is Lorien Coara. Are you travelling with anyone else?"
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The poor, unfortunate pup trick was a classic for Rex. His dad has taught him to make the most of his young appearance whilst he still could, because even those who saw through the trick might still feel somewhat guilty about it. And those who did fall for it would go to the extreme to help him, thinking of him as the definition of innocence and feel the need to protect him. His memory was a bit more hazy on it, but he was sure he'd done something like this with his dad a lot when they were travelling, using his tiny puppy form to trick others into giving up food... or distract them so dad could rob them blind. 

Rex was working solo now however, so until he got good with stealing stuff on his own, he'd have to rely pretty heavily on charming others. 

Now the grumpy guy wasn't going to be an easy sell, but the other guy, Liam, seemed well and truly hooked by the sob story. Rex chose to focus on him, looking nervous and a bit shy as Liam approached him, but offering a little bit of a smile. "Haven't eaten in ages... found some stuff to eat but... gone now." Rex mumbled, fumbling his hand in the mud as he debated getting up. 

As he did begin to shuffle to his feet, grunting a little as he bent his legs to demonstrate how 'hurt' he'd been, the boy looked to the ground sheepishly and nodded. "Rex." He replied, and then shook his head. "All alone. Had papa but he... got lost durin' the storms."