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Full Version: Alone with everyone I know.
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The Fort was not a place she would normally spend a lot of her time. It was haunted by The Ones Before. The humans who had existed as the apex predator before whatever had happened to them. She didn't much care to think about them or learn about them, except when it came to useful skills. Even those things were generally passed to her via another Luperci, not directly from humans. Perhaps when she could read she'd learn more about how they had lived and what they had done. It wasn't a big interest for her, though. She doubted that would change even now that she was becoming more accustomed to the idea of "civilized" living.

Today she was there because she had followed a scent trail into the Fort's land. A wounded deer had come this way and wasn't being directly trailed by a predator. That meant either it had been wounded on its own or had gotten far away from wherever the predator had wounded it. Either that or it had killed the aggressor and then fled, leaving it as an open opportunity for a hunter to take its life and claim its body. There was no way that she could pass up a golden opportunity such as this to get a deer without too much effort on her own part. Though she was well aware that it could be a trap or, at the very least, that other predator(s) could also be interested in the opportunity. Either because they had wounded the deer or because, like her, they had scented it and wanted it.

Because it was already wounded, she was trailing it in her Secui form. It was her least favorite form to wear. It made her feel awkward and bulky and strange. It reminded her of when her parents taught her shifting was an abomination. Which - no matter how many times she told herself it wasn't true - funneled into her brain and didn't like to let go. It was a stronger, bulkier form, though. It was good for finishing moves like ending a wounded deer's life. It was also good for defending herself if someone attacked her. Though she also liked her Lupus form for that, since her most likely resort would be to run. The Secui form was fast, though. It just wasn't as nimble and small as her Lupus form. She had debated for a while before settling on this form, even if she wasn't as comfortable in it as she was in either of her others. Comfort wasn't what mattered. Finding the wounded deer did.