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Full Version: The gloomy tapes
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Night fell softly over The Waste as the two Salsolans made their way to their destination. Kamari’s sociability felt akin to Innokentiy’s own: the two of them were not strangers to comfortable silences, but they did exchange words here and there.

When they had been asked to accompany her on this rather low-stakes venture, they still responded with elation though their inexpressiveness perhaps made it hard to see. They thanked the Emissary for giving them a chance as an Associate, and they had a feeling that Egregore likely put in a good word for them beforehand that had led to such a thing happening. Of those Egregore had sponsored, Innokentiy had been getting the most ‘special treatment’ and they would not let it go to waste—Egregore knew that, and that was likely why they earned it in the first place.

Lev had been getting more and more irritable at the exclusion from his own brother, and Innokentiy resolved to ease up on him. Lev would prove himself, too, they knew—he just wasn’t as easy to get along with, therefore his talents were harder for the higher ups to spot. However, they certainly seemed smart, if Kamari was anything to go by, and would sniff out the ways to make him of use for the Kingdom.

Before they had passed out the borders of the Kingdom, Kamari had asked him if he had been made aware of the importance of secrecy, to which Innokentiy had smiled: “It’s been a while since I’ve left London, but I can still manage the accent. I’m liking the name Cornelius, what do you think?”

The change in accent hadn’t been seamless, but as they had kept traveling Innokentiy fell into it with a noticeable ease. By the time La Estrella Roja had become visible in the distance, Innokentiy had changed demeanor entirely, their gait and expressions modified, standing straighter than they had left. “That is it?” They asked quietly. From here, at least, the building was the only one in the area that appeared to have had work done on it.
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Also, in this thread, Innokentiy will begin to switch to their first headmate! For simplicity's sake, they will still be referred to with they/them and by the name Innokentiy in the texts of the posts. But as a OOC note, the 'alter ego' Cornelius is actually a headmate who uses He/him pronouns, though their system as a whole does not realize this yet and they are not aware they are plural at this time. (ovo)b
Optime | The Waste (La Estrella Roja) | Dated: Late July (night)

Thanks for starting <333 Feel free to assume that Kamari mentioned that her alias’ name is “Birch” before they left SL! Also, feel free to assume them snooping around the place! Basically, once Kamari ensures that they’re alone, she’ll talk freely again.

Kamari’s scent is disguised.
The trip across great, open plains of Drifter Bay took longer without a horse. It couldn’t be helped though given the circumstances. Her company made it difficult to justify taking out one of Salsola’s communal horses after hours, and, without one of their own, it was only fair to travel on equal footing. It wasn’t often that the Shadow interacted much with Associates. Often times, for liability reasons, she tried to keep her distance on the off chance that they failed their trial. She’d heard promising rumors about the new Prizmov, however, and trusted Tradesman Egregore’s judgement enough that they would meet the expectations the Kingdom placed on all of its members.

Innokentiy Prizmov—or, Cornelius, as they’d decided to call themselves for their outing. Skilled in crafting jewelry and brewing, and had some experience in merchantry. They were useful talents for the Kingdom, and, something that Kamari could easily test at a familiar establishment in the Waste. So, she’d made arrangements for a long overdue visit, and had taken the Associate in tow after going over a few expectations for ventures beyond the Kingdom’s borders.

The fall of darkness had made them little more than dark silhouettes moving across the vast, neutral territory. It wasn’t long before Kamari started to recognize the familiar landmarks that heralded their proximity to La Estrella Roja. As she stealthily led them through a thick copse of trees, however, she felt her brows furrow slightly at the sight she saw.

It wasn’t lit up like it usually was at such an hour. There was no fire burning, no signs or distant sounds of life. The normally rowdy and lively establishment looked almost as if it were asleep. Immediately, Kamari grew suspicious.

“Yes. Keep quiet and keep your guard up though. It doesn’t normally look like that.” In other words, she had no idea what they were about to walk into. Beneath her cloak, one of her hands slipped over her main knife and pulled it silently from its sheath.

With her warning made, Kamari stalked forward, approaching from the back of the building where there were no windows, and it would be easier to assess the scene unseen. She checked to make sure Innokentiy was able to more or less mimic her stealthy movements before she peaked around the side of the building that had a small corral.

Not seeing any of the usual livestock, she turned back and gestured for Innokentiy to follow her as she crept low along the side of the building, being sure to slip effortlessly beneath each boarded up window as she made her way towards the building’s entrance.

Seeing Kamari’s reaction to the lack of noise and fanfare coming from the building clued Innokentiy in to be on alert. Their ears perked forward, and they nodded to their higher up, following her order. While usually Innokentiy would take this more seriously, under the guise of Cornelius they, although not sloppy with their movements, appeared to still be at relative ease.

Some of this calm did slip away from them as they were made to follow in a stealthier manner.

This, clearly, was not Innokentiy’s strong suit. Being disabled as they were, even if not to a great extent, made copying the Emissary’s movements difficult for them. Their knees and legs ached as they crouched as low as they could—they had to overcompensate for the difference in height between them and her. Nevertheless, whatever noise they did make was not quite loud or clumsy enough to break the cover of the two Salsolans, so they were able to keep at the task without interruption.

Innokentiy couldn’t help the disappointment they felt at the fact that they, apparently, would not get to show off their stronger merchant side. Their back pressed against a wall heavily saturated with ivy, and they chose to put their weight against it for some relief from the pain as they did so. They took a deep, silent breath then looked at Kamari, observing her as she peeked through openings and around the front of the building.

There truly were no signs of life other than the two of them. Once the Salsolans had confirmed this, they were able to stand and speak free again, investigating in more earnest. The simple sign on the door, reading ‘CLOSED’ was an answer for the lack of visitors. “Perhaps the owner is on vacation?” Innokentiy offered, shrugging their shoulders. They still kept their voice relatively hushed.
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