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Full Version: [M] Staring at the dead moon
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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: spookiness.

OOC: Set in Amherst's Rainbow Towers at night. Set on the 3rd of August.

The moon was empty, save for the smallest of waxing crescent slivers. This afforded two little runaway pups virtually no moonlight to see by. This benefitted them well when slipping through the tricky borders of Salsola, but Indigo had set off a trap and avoided being caught in it by the narrowest of odds. He had heard of the traps dotting the borders, but somehow did not think he could be harmed by his own home's defenses. As he snuck out with Syrus, he felt increasingly closer to facing his own mortality.

He was full of reservations, but the city of Amherst was a view that was not available in the queendom. They faced two colorful towers of twisted metal now. The rust formed intriguing patterns that drew Indigo's eye, and a network of ropes criss-crossed to and fro on one of them. It was a tall, sky blue thing, topped with triangular covers. The ropes looked to be made of a strange texture, something harder and different from the ropes made of plant material that he had seen. Curious, he padded over to the web of rope and sniffed them.

"This place is really cool Syrus," Indigo said. He began to make his way up the rope, finding footholds relatively easily. It was almost like this was made for youth like him to climb. "Come up and have a look!"

It was then that he smelled someone new. The wind changed, making them downwind of a stranger. His tall ears perked. Foolishly, he had not considered the possibility that they might run into Outsiders. His heart leapt into his throat and he could hear the blood rushing, hot and fast, in his head.

"Someone's... here," he whispered to Syrus. "Do you see them?"

He strained to look, trying to spot the newcomer.

Syrus could barely hold back his smile. As they finally broke free of the borders and the reality of their situation fell to him, the aura of excitement from the adventurous Bambino was almost palpable. 

"Dude, that was so close!" He tried to whisper and failed. 

He was still feeling the effect of adrenaline after seeing Indigo almost taken out by the trap at the border. It felt like a buzzing sensation in his mind, and his heart felt more sensitive—as if it were filled with something lighter than air.

Syrus sniffed the air, taking in the scent of this strange new land. Though there was little light, Syrus could still make out odd silhouettes against the horizon—the two towers being the most prominent. But around them were jagged shapes at looming angles, the remnants of buildings that seemed different to those back in Salsola. He stepped on something smooth, dry, and cold. He sniffed at it. It smelled like an old sword or one of those long things with all the hard loops linked together.

"A chain." He uttered to himself, then sniffed again. The thing laying on the ground was a much bigger, smoother piece of metal that Syrus may never learn was a piece of train track.

While assessing this, he was hailed by his friend. Syrus widened his eyes as he saw Indigo already part way up one of those towers. He laughed.

"Hey, how'd ya get up there, Indi?!" He yelled, still laughing.

He sprinted towards the opposite tower as if to race Indigo to the top, but before he could even place one paw in the foothole, he caught a glimpse of his friend sniffing the air.

Suddenly his heart compressed, no longer so light, and his chest tightened. Syrus swallowed, and in the silence, he was suddenly aware of how much noise he'd been making. He cast a furtive glance at Indigo, suddenly worried for his friend's safety. It had been Syrus' idea to do this, and it'd be his fault if his friend got hurt.

He growled weakly into the darkness. "Who's there? Come out or else!" He had no answer to the obvious question that would be prompted by that threat.


OOC: Sorry this is so late, missed it last week!