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Full Version: {M} I will always land on you like a sucker punch
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Perses raced forwards into battle, his target the large Secui-formed male. He approached the man, angled towards the left as the closed the distance between them. The halfling's eyes were narrowed, lips peeled back to reveal his ivories. His ears were shoved forwards in dominance and his tail arched behind him. His hackles were raised as his muzzle was wrinkled. The older fighter turned his head to see the younger male charging him.

The mercenary angled his body to the oncoming attacker. The older male's lips were peeled back as his muzzle wrinkled into a snarl. His stance was widened for balance as his head lowered to protect his neck. His ears were flattened since he knew better than to leave them unprotected. His eyes were narrowed in a glare, fixed on the approaching halfling. His claws unsheathed as his muscles readied. His tail flagged behind him as his hackles raised.

Perses hurtled towards the grey wolf. The mercenary slashed out with his left unsheathed paw. A loud snarl echoed through the blue-eyed wolf. The Cavalier took a clawing to his right shoulder, the claws dragging down as he backed away. He snarled in pain as he stood six feet away from the other wolf. His ears were half-flattened as he narrowed his eyes. His right shoulder was throbbing but adrenaline was roaring in his ears. His stance was widened, head lowered to protect his neck. His hackles were raised, tail arched behind him. A growl echoed through the silver and chocolate wolf.

The mercenary shifted his body to be facing the brown and pearl wolf head-on. His stance was widened for balance, pillars placed firmly in the earth. He growled, his ears flattened and his muzzle wrinkled, his eyes narrowed. He decided to attack again. He charged forwards, jaws opened to attempt to bite the other canine's face. The other male was young, perhaps he was prone to rookie mistakes.

The crimson-eyed Cadet's eyes widened as he saw the grey wolf charge at him. He thought quickly, leaping to the right to avoid the male's charge, leaping three feet to the right and wheeling around. He tried to take his opportunity to try to land an attack on the male's left flank, slashing with his left paw. He only just was able to graze the male's side as the male turned around.

The two giants moved, each watchful of each others movements as they found themselves facing each other head on, six feet away from each other. Perses bared his teeth, his eyes narrowed as his ears were flattened. His muzzle was wrinkled and his head was lowered. His hackles remained raised. His stance was widened as his hackles were raised, tail arching behind him for balance. His unsheathed claws dug into the ground.

The grey male snarled, his stance widened as his tail was arched behind him for balance. His eyes were narrowed, ears flattened, and his muzzle wrinkled. His stance was widened, hackles raised, and claws dug into the ground. He snarled, readying himself to leap at the wolfdog male.

Perses kept glancing to the left, seemingly angling his body to go to the left. But he moved to the right; a misdirection attempt. He attempted to grab the male's left shoulder with his teeth.

The grey wolf was not so easily fooled. The man leaped out of the way, moving to his right. Leaping three feet away, he wheeled around to slash the Cavalier's left ribs with his right paw. Perses bit back a whine as he moved out of the way. The giants were soon facing each other head on again from six feet away. The red-eyed wolfdog was panting. His eyes were starting to widen, muzzle wrinkled but teeth gritting as his injuries was throbbing. His stance was widened, hackles raised, and tail arched for balance. His ears were flattened as his head was lowered. It might be dawning him that he was out of his league.

The blue-eyed mercenary's eyes were narrowed, his ears were now shoved forwards. A grin was affixed on his face atop a wrinkled muzzle and bared teeth. His tail was raised in dominance as his hackles were raised. His head was starting to raise as his stance remained widened.

And then a brown blur slammed into the mercenary's left side, a scream echoing from the attacker.

Perses had never been so happy to see the fucking cat in his life.

Parzival had knocked the mercenary over, and was now slashing at his left ribs with sharp claws. By the time the wolf had recovered enough to try to attack the cat, the mountain lion leaped away. Making eye contact with Perses, the wolfdog nodded to the cougar who then went off to help other Cavaliers. And then the Stormfast let out a challenging growl as the wolf scrambled to his feet. The Cadet's eyes narrowed, a rush of adrenaline coming through him.

The blue-eyed wolf was panting, his eyes widened. He had had the breath knocked out of him by the mountain lion. His eyes were widened in pain from his bruised ribs that were also scratched up as well. His stance was widened as he held his tail for balance. His ears were flattened but he put another snarling expression on his face, muzzle wrinkling.

Perses charged again. The grey wolf looked to end the fight. He reared up in attempt to come back down on his charging attacker. Perses dived for the male's left hind leg. He clamped down on the man's hock with his jaws. And then the wolfdog rolled over to his right with the  man's leg in his teeth.

A sickening snap was heard. The mercenary fell heavily on his left and Perses leaped to his feet, letting go of the left leg which looked mangled and it fell limply to the ground. Circling back to the mercenary's front.

The man had made an enemy of Casa di Cavalieri. No mercy would be offered to him.

Perses's eyes were narrowed, his gaze hard. He knew what he had to do. And strangely, he had no qualms against it. No second thoughts had come to him as he neared the grey wolf's neck. His jaws opened and clamped down on the man's neck. The man stopped struggling after what felt like seconds.

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