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Full Version: The offspring of a strange new surf
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OOC - Takes place after this thread - Broken Occident on a small island just beyond the Fundy Crossing - Introducing Clyde as cNPC

"An' 'en! Th' waters swept me up. Up and doon... Up and doon... ah went for a while." The voice came in slowly. Muffled then clear, crystal clear. So loud and sudden that the pup felt his eyelids flinch, his body shudder. All at once things returned, like tumbling rocks cascading from a cliff's edge. The sound of the strange voice, the smell of salt and something thicker, the feeling of cold and the desire to shiver.

"Oh! Och! Aye lad, keep 'at wee body movin'." Came the voice again, then a touch to his back, oh so gentle and almost unbareable warm compared to the child's frozen skin. The weight didn't push hard, but rubbed slowly back and forth, prompting the pup to continue his shivering. He shook and shook, unable to stop, and whimpered as his body crashed back into focus with a multitude of sudden pains all across his self. Sharp pains in his chest, a cold agony to his leg and head, bombardments of hurt that made the child cry in shaking tones as his body refused to settle.

"Shh... shh... ah know, ah know. Hurts a lot ah know. But yer get 'ose lungs a movin', keep on breathin', an' you'll feel a whole lot better soon. Ah ken." The hand moved, leaving a cold emptiness, before the pup heard material moving, and a new weight added all across his body. Something soft, not quite as warm but comforting still. His feet kicked and jerked a little under the blanket before settling, unable to hold a yelp as he moved his front right and it stabbed him with a sudden agony.

"Och! Not 'at one ay? Really hurt. Got ta stay still okay?" The voice went quiet, then sighed, that warm hand returning to the boy's back, muffled a bit by the blanket. "Yer poor wee lad. Yoo'll make it. Ah promise. Pain willnae be forever. Jus... listen tae me. Listen tae the Sea... go back tae sleepin'."

The boy could hardly understand the request. But the calmness to the voice compelled him, along with his exhausted body. The hushing sounds of ocean waves was just within his range of hearing, and as if using it like a beat, the man began to sing a quiet song. What about, the pup didn't know, the pup didn't know anything right now. But he knew the voice was kind, he knew their hand was gentle and warm, so his clung to those things as he drifted back to sleep.