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The most annoying part of being a bandit was the aimless wandering. Hoko did her best to operate off of tips and rumors, seeking out tales of rich traders and gamblers on a hot streak when she stopped in at roadside rest-stops, but those could only get her so far. Sooner or later she'd run down the list of targets and then there was nothing to do but stumble blindly. Sometimes she'd get lucky and stumble onto a lone traveler but usually she would have to call it quits and head home with an empty bag and a foul temper.

Today fortune smiled on her, the giant's ears pricking up as she caught the scent of a stranger. It was relatively close too, a bitch by herself and within easy reach. Hokori had to stop herself from sprinting off, moving at a steady loping pace while her mace rattled against her hip. The Reaver was remarkably quiet for such a large creature, the hours of practice allowing her to creep closer and closer in near silence.

The smell got stronger, obviously canine and not associated with any of the packs Hoko knew. That meant she was free to do with the victim as she pleased.

Hokori didn't walk but burst through the bush, finding herself only a foot away from a little brown-furred creature who didn't have a chance in Hell. The loner had a bow but was too close to use it while Hoko was at the perfect distance to clobber a motherfucker.

God, she wanted to hit someone.

"Hey stranger! You willing to share some of your shit?"

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Freedom, she breathed in the fresh air that felt like a new life beginning. Her spirits felt uplifted and her soul set flight. Ah, to do as she pleased and only for herself. It was a novel, new, amazing concept. Was this what it felt like for most wolves when they set out from their homes? Tali would never call the trading troupe her home, but it had certainly housed her for a long time. So it was the closest she was going to get from a "leaving home to set out on your own" story. She was certainly not counting her forced exit from Silver Falls as her setting off on her own moment.

It was a good feeling, she thought, with her bag at her side currently carrying what little she had felt she was owed. It wasn't much - the traders would come after her if she took goods they felt were theirs - but it was something to start, anyway. A few trinkets she might be able to trade, food to keep her until she could hunt... Battalion was foolishly caught up in her own thoughts and dreams of the future that she didn't notice the very thing that threatened it.

A dark form lumbered through the bushes and she startled backward a bit, her ears fluttering back against her head as the stranger shouted at her. Her heart thundered a heavy beat in her chest, feeling like it had leapt up into her throat and was trying to escape. Did... she want to share her shit? She tucked her satchel closer to her side and backed up more. Bat was well aware that she couldn't outrun the swing of that mace, though. If she tried to flee she'd probably just end up with it hitting her harder. She didn't want to lose sight of this burly stranger who looked ready to hurt her at the slightest provocation.

Her ears remained flat against her skull, her shoulders low, her body language all defensive and submissive at the same time. Though instinct told her that wolves who came out of the bushes with rage in their voice didn't generally accept the conventional "I submit, you don't hurt me" way of things. "I... um... what is it that you want? I don't have much..." she stuttered. It was true, though she didn't doubt that the dark stranger would take whatever she did have anyway.

Ah, yes, being out on her own adventure was going swimmingly.
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Hokori ◈ Tanaka

▫I̴ ̶a̵m̶ t̸h̴e̸ ̵Pa̶i̷n̷,
▫The Rea̶̡̚p̸̦̈er̵̗̓, 
▫T̶̙͝h̶̢̄ḛ̶͛ Struc̷̙̿t̴̥͆ǘ̷̩re o̴͕̿f̵͉͝ ̶̧̛Lie̷͍̚s̷͛.̴̦̑.

The fun part about the old "burst from the bushes threatening physical violence" gambit was that there was no telling how people would react to it. Sometimes they just turned tail and sprinted away, others would freeze in place. A rare few would react to force with force, baring their fangs and drawing their knives to take on a supernaturally strong bandit. But Hoko's favorites were the ones who lost control of their bladders, literally pissing themselves as she leered down at them.

The victim seemed to pick up on the fact that Hokori's idea of sharing was more taking forcible donations, tucking her ears and keeping herself low in stature. Good for her, if she kept playing it smart there was a chance she'd be allowed to leave with all her bones unbroken. "I dunno." Hoko answered honestly. "I just figured you might have something to keep me from splitting your skull. Here, empty your bag. Slowly mind, move too quick and I'll move your teeth outside your head." 

In the meantime she would take what she could see. The loner had a fairly basic ashwood bow, serviceable but inferior to the proper longbow that Hoko had at home. Arrows, however, she could always use more of. "We'll start with these." 

A simple tug of her oversized hand pulled the stranger's quiver away, Hokori claiming what was hers by right of "Fuck you, I'll rip you apart if you complain."

"Now the bag. You gotta have something in there! Food, books, jewelry..."

The hand not holding her new quiver slid down to rest on her mace, nails tapping against the steel head. 

"If not I'm going to have to take you hostage, put you up for ransom or sell you into slavery. Whichever is faster." 

The Reaver smiled, baring her teeth at the idea of such a potential payday.


The blue-eyed loner was frustrated by the whole situation and felt like a fool for not paying enough attention to her surroundings. Apparently being used to having others around meant she hadn't honed her danger sense when alone. That was being very finely tuned right now, though. She'd be jittery as all hell for the rest of her time as a wolf on her own. Hoko would haunt her until the day she joined New Caledonia. (Joke's on Battalion, Hoko lives there!)

The incredibly burly female demanded she dump her bag slowlike, as if the much smaller wolf had any chance of pulling one over on the big one. Even if she had been a skilled fighter, that mace just required brute force to take her out. One hit with that and it'd be lights out. Possibly forever.

Bat didn't say anything, keeping her mouth shut seemed the best option and frankly what did you say to a bully taking as much of your stuff as they could? She did briefly hang onto her quiver, but it was more an automatic reaction than anything. Her ears flattened even more to her head in distress that she had resisted even slightly. It hadn't been intentional but the last thing she wanted to piss off this already pissed off wolf more. Gods above, she was pathetic.

As instructed, she slowly dumped the things out of her bag. The small bits and bobs she had taken for potential trade: some tobacco, a bundle of rolled bandages, and a handful of extra arrowheads. Luckily those bounced around a bit and she thought a couple had fallen behind her. Maybe she could retrieve those later when the thief was gone. The quiver and her already made arrows were a lost cause, but making arrowheads was such a pain. If she could retain even one of them, she'd be in better shape than having zero. It was worth the risk of the glaring wolf's wrath. The other things were probably worth more, anyway.

She wouldn't go easily if the other female tried to take her though. She'd die before she'd become a slave. What she had experienced before was miserable enough, she didn't want to find out how much more miserable it was to be owned by someone. Tali gritted her teeth and waited for the opportune moment to bolt. Maybe when the other wolf was distracted taking the stuff she had shaken out of her bag.