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Full Version: [M] Our joyful wanderings
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Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: lmao it's John.
[Image: zuUHm3s.png]The berries left purple juice to stain his fingers as he picked, for every two or three that made its way into his basket, a further handful found themselves traveling down his gullet. Smacking his lips, he stripped bare the branches of blueberry and raspberry in quick succession, leaving little behind for the birds to squabble over.

Without a permanent place, there was nothing to do to set up his still but that weren't nothing to gripe about just yet. He'd hate to get settled only to have to empty it and move on again, Lord knew he hated waste where it could be spared. These berries were never destined for the still, but he could make a gift of them to Zsorthia, and Wayne too he guessed, grinning as he knew the greaser would find some way to shove his hand in and get a bite, even more so if it wasn't offered.

Snickering to himself, he emptied yet more bushes of their fall crop and made off like a bandit with a basket heavy with his conquest. Screw you, birds.

Licking the juices from his fingers, he admired the natural stillness, bereft of the sounds of uncounted people coming and going. It was nice, to be so isolated, not bound to interact with those he had no calling to. Shaking his head as he entered their little quick and dirty campsite, he shook the basket, making a schlorping sound of the wet berries,

"Th' gracious provider s'home! It were a mighty hard hunt but Ah'm victorious!" Basket of berries aside, he should check the traps he'd set last night to hopefully add to their provisions.