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Full Version: But if I needed somebody
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While the memories of the day Marten had accidentally run away weren’t as clear as she’d liked, she knew that whatever had happened, Quincy felt really bad about it. While he’d started coming to camp dinner again, he always stayed on the edge of the small group; it was like he was only showing up to eat and make people worry about him less! Which was okay, Marten guessed, but the second part wasn’t really working.

That was why Marten had decided to visit Quincy with a freshly caught fish, and this time she would go away if he asked her to. His garden had more weeds than usual, but all the plants looked happy even though it had been really hot and really dry the past few days. And the weird squash things were getting huge!

Compared to all the berries Marten was mentally comparing them to, anyway.

The yearling dropped the fish at her feet and barked to announce her arrival, which caused Quincy to yelp and drop something that didn’t sound fragile. Probably that metal cup he liked so much. Her friend peered out from behind the curtains, and after a few seconds’ consideration, he closed them again. ”I’m busy, Marten! Come back tomorrow, or the next day, or uh… Some day after that,” he said, even though that was the same thing he’d said yesterday.

Marten frowned, but didn’t say anything else until she dropped the fish on his doorstep. ”I brought you lunch. You don’t gotta come out, but I just wanted you to know,” she explained, hoping that he’d eat it once she left.

There was no response, but Marten knew he’d heard her. Not sure what else to say, she yelled her goodbyes, ”Love you, miss you, bye!” and trotted back down the path toward camp.

The next day, a similarly-sized fish was waiting for her in the middle of camp; according to Thread, Quincy had dropped it off on his way to the southern beaches. Marten hoped that meant he was feeling a little bit better.