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Full Version: A free dive from this miserable sky
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OOC - Set a few days after this thread - cNPC: Clyde

The boy's stomach rumbled, a cacophanous thing, which woke him up. It stirred him, and then the bobbing movement he could feel under his belly prompted him to grow more alert, muscles twitching as his body seemed to go through the checklist of things that could move. Unlike last time, the first thing to work were the boy's eyes, though he was disappointed to find his surroundings to be both small and dark. That hush of water remained within earshot, though it seemed muffled and distant, blocked out by this small room the boy found himself in. He wriggled his feet and his legs, sucking in a yelp as he moved his bad leg. It was wrapped tightly in something so it didn't move much, but even that small movement hurt so much. However a lot of the other pains were a bit more faded now, though still very much a bother. 

The man wasn't there, the one who talked a lot, but his smell was still all over the place. The blanket was still over him, still warm and comforting, but the boy almost missed that extra weight of a hand. He whimpered, so quiet and tired, then his stomach decided to join in with another loud rumble. 

Something creaked, the child almost jumped, then a few heavy footsteps later and the man was back. "Aye aye! Could 'ear 'at rumblin' tum from up top!" Came his voice, now with a face to place it to. The boy's tail twitched, wanting to wag a little, as his dark purple eyes observed the man walk around the small space and sit down on what looked like another bed opposite the one the pup was lying on. The man had a kind look to him, soft blue eyes, a silky white coat with colourful spots of various browns. His skin sat a bit wrinkly on his body, which itself was lanky and not too tall, and atop his head was a old green hat with a large feather hooked into it. He was visually interesting, so the boy was happy to stare at him. He'd not even noticed the man had a wooden bowl in his hand until that salty smell of fish hit his nostrils. It felt familiar, it brought a joyous emotion to the boy that he could hardly contain as he let out a happy yip. 

The man chuckled. "Maur lively today aye?" He proposed, then gesturing to the bowl, "S'not much, but ah got th' fish nice an' mushy fur ye." The bowl was moved near the boy, though lying on his side made it impossible to eat, much as he wriggled around, so the man shuffled around a bit until the boy was awkwardly resting on his lap and the bowl was held out in front of him. The sloppy mush of fish would probably turn the nose up of some, but to the boy it was amazing, like a visual spark of hope. He lapped away at it quickly, hearing only his own gobbling noises and the quiet chuckles of the man carefully holding him. 

Once the bowl was clean, the man set it down, wriggling around even more so that he was sat against the wall near the bed, leaning a little so the boy could rest better on his stomach. 

"Good food aye? Yer far less o' a fussy one 'en me old friends. Wouldn't touch me food 'em lot." The man spoke. "Say... yer a big laddie... now ye got a belly full, can ye tell me who yer are?"

And that was a wall. An icy cold wall that brought a spike of fear to the boy's mind. He shivered where he was lying, head folding into a painful frown and shook his head slowly. He couldn't remember anything. Not a name, not a face, not a home. He could use his mind to remember words and understand, yet not yet move his lips to form them himself. He could shift his body and feel the pain of wounds, yet not remember how he got them. The boy's world was one big black dot, right now the only light was in this kind old man. 

The man smiled sadly, moving a hand to gently brush behind the boy's ears. "Och aye, 'at's alright." His lips clicked a little as he opened and closed his mouth in thought. "Well, I'm Clyde Munroe, so now yer ken me name." A small offer, a little gift, and it eased the boy's troubled mind just a little. Still, he whimpered, trying to lie comfortably on the man's bony chest. The rub around his ear was nice. After a while, Clyde moved his hand to brush across the boy's body, gently checking his legs, then down to his paws to massage them. 

"Big ol' paws yer got 'ere." He commented with a chuckle. "Ay reckon yer goin' ta be a big'un when yer older. Big an' mighty. Like the great orca." The old man chuckled, then his blue eyes focused more on the boy, checking him up and down. 

"Yer... don't half look like an' orca too. S'like me old friend would say... blessin' of the orca, 'em giant ones. Means yer a child o' th' sea. Got 'er blessin'." 

The boy's chest rumbled, his throat rasped out a noise. "O-Orca?" He mumbled. Clyde nodded slowly, patting his head softly. 

"Aye, an' Orca."