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It was too hot to exist. Ness had taken off all of her clothes and discarded them lazily in the branches of a leaning willow tree. Its leaves tickled the surface of the water and cast ripples that almost made it back to shore. She sat in the mixture of sand and rocks that made up the waters shoreline, wriggling her toes into the silt so that it rose in great clouds to make her feet all but disappear. Sunlight dappled her dark bob of hair, the gold in her hazel eyes gleaming each time the right angle caught her face.

She loathed the way that the heat made her feel sticky all over. It left her on edge, easy to rile up – she had spent the morning snapping at Herschel for coming to close to her in their tent.

Out here it was quiet. Out here it was moderately cool.

She extended a hand to press it into the silt and mud, sighing softly to herself as a dragonfly came to buzz in front of her. It had wings like stained glass, large orb-like eyes that seemed to make it front heavy – but somehow it zipped and flew with ease before hovering in place. It seemed curious, or tired maybe, and when she held out a damp hand it landed smoothly, long wings outstretched to either side. It almost glimmered, with stripes of green and blue down its length that made her finally catch a smile.

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later afternoon, somewhere in the Miramichi!
A Million Choices - Though Little On Their Own - Become The Heirloom Of The Heaviness You've Known

OOC: Rex be like 'greetings'

The blasts of heat from the sun didn't really stop Rex from exploring. He had a decent coat for dealing with the heat, to an extent, but the boy also wasn't against getting himself absolutely covered in muck to cool down. He'd left his green cloak back with DeeDee, a wise choice to then get to run further in his natural form, and also to ensure he didn't get it dirty and make Momma judge him even more for his filthy habits. Mud was just too good though. Water was fine, Rex enjoyed a good splash, but mud was like water that stuck around. Clinging to his fur and then drying into fun clumps of dirt and dust, falling off the boy as he ran. 

He didn't have a care for who judged him really, even DeeDee was fine, so naturally Rex took his chances to cool down the moment he found them. Today, it was a river. But also the mud around the river. Rex had tilted his head down to shovel his way into the muddy bank, sloshing about as he then pushed himself through it and completely over onto his back. From there, the boy rolled and rubbed, covering himself in the nice cool muck. He was smart enough to keep his eyes closed, snorting out any bits of muck going near his nose, finally flopping onto his stomach to then stand out. A nice layer of mud covered him, and the boy smirked as he continued trotting along the edge of the water. 

It took him to a more sandy part of the river, one with a bit less muck, but something else interesting instead. A person! Dipping into the river, though clearly not aware of the lovely mud they could be using instead. 

What interested Rex was what they were holding, something shimmery... something small... was that a bug?

"Woah." He said out loud, stopping a little distance away, looking like a pile of talking mud with green eyes and a bright grin. "You got a pet bug? That's so cool."