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Full Version: Close is the port where you await uncoffin'd
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On go rivers - On goes the silent flow - Come, my love - Now it's calm enough to go

OOC: Backdated to Mid-June - Oglethorpe Settlement - Scenario Approved
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Orca did not improve much as the days went on. Clyde kept on a brave face, smiling as bright as the first morning of spring whenever the boy did something more than sleep or lie down, but he knew something was brewing under the surface. It was luck, and perhaps a blessing of the Sea herself, that kept little Orca alive. But Clyde knew that the Sea was a harsh mistress, as kind as a mother but as cruel as the most stern of teachers. She would only let the strong or the wise survive her encounters, so Orca had yet to fully pass her test. His leg worried Clyde; the man had done what he could to bind the limp so it didn't get even more damage, but he didn't confidently know if under that puppy fat was a broken bone that was healing wrong. It felt hot as well, too warm to be normal even for the large and fluffy child it was attached to.

And then there was the cough. Clyde almost cried the night that Orca kept him up, coughing so loud he sounded like he was choking on water, it immediately reminded the old sailor of the 'Drownin' Fate'. What the Maraiche called it, whenever someone who'd almost drowned recovered, but then days later experienced a dreadful sickness. It was a gamble on whether or not one could survive it, depended on the treatment, or the stubbornness of the one fighting.

Clyde would do his best to give Orca as good a chance of surviving as he could. The old man just wished he knew better this area to try and find a place to go to get help.

At least the sun remained shining, the weather blessing them with some easy days so Clyde could occupy his mind with worries rather than focus too much on sailing. They'd made frequent stops, more than the old sailor would do on his own, simply because he couldn't stand the idea of leaving Orca on his own down in the cabin for hours each day. Sometimes he'd even bring the boy up top, settle him down near to the tiller so he could watch Clyde gently steer them on, depending on how well Orca was feeling.

They're reached what Clyde could only assume was the edge of the landmass; the coast was beginning to curl backwards and might even start sending them back up north should Clyde follow it round. He did wish he could enjoy the excitement of exploring this new coastline, but the need to look after his new ward overtook all of that, instead the old man just thought of how nice it would be to return this way when Orca was feeling better.

When they reached the cove and Clyde's trained eyes caught a suitable dock, the man was eager to approach and stop for a while. Though closer still, he also noticed someone near the docks, watching over them as if to check on anyone's approach. With the sea masking the scents of the land ahead, Clyde couldn't really tell if they were treading into claimed territory, but it wouldn't hurt to check. There was always a risk of accidental invasion onto someone's land, the danger of upsetting someone or causing violence. It made Clyde long to have Archibald back, the man might be mad but he was certainly capable of keeping a ship safe, especially right now when there was a child to protect.

But the man at the docks didn't seem concerned by the Wee Lass approaching, in fact he approached the long stretch of docks to help Clyde moor the ship. He was a stern looking fellow, dark brown fur but certainly enough dog in his genes to bring Clyde some feeling of familiarity.

"Thenk yee laddie." Clyde began as he got off the ship, taking of his hat to press it to his chest. "Is thes 'ere a pack or... a place tae bide for a wee bit?"

The man seemed to give Clyde a once over, quickly coming to the conclusion that the old man meant no harm. "No pack, but there's a small settlement just up the road. Only a few of us there now, are you looking to stay?"

Clyde considered that, resting in a proper bed would do Orca some good, but the old man also didn't want to take too much from a stranger. "Nae... well... actually hae ye got a healer amang ye?" The sudden question caused a small frown from the brown-coated man, but he gave a swift nod a moment later. Clyde let out a quick sigh, then hurriedly backing up towards his ship. "Aye, blessin' be. Ah've got a wee laddie wi' me oo's very poorly." He went down quietly to the bunk below deck, watching little Orca bundled under the blanket Clyde had given him made of his old Maraiche-made cloak, checking for a moment that the pup's chest was still rising and falling. That confirmed, he shuffled over to scoop the boy up, huffing as he worked to get the large puppy into a comfortable position in his arms.

Back up on deck, the man on the docks seemed curious, though his dark eyes did flash with some concern to them as Clyde revealed the weak child.

"He almost drowned but ah got 'im oot. Got covered in woonds and a mingin' awful cough but ah got naethin' ta fix it." Orca whimpered a bit then, stirred from his sleep and clearly still very feverish and in pain. Clyde was too concerned to laugh, though any other time he might've joked that the kid was a great actor. Either way, the noise prompted the man from the docks to nod his head and gesture Clyde to follow.

"Dawnsong can help, she's at the settlement." The man claimed, then beginning to move. Clyde stepped carefully onto the docks, glancing back to his ship before hastily catching up.

"Blessin's laddie. But ah can offer ye somethin' for the help. Ah... got some good'un rope ye can use, kept it handy for me ship but she been sailin' joos fine. Got some good fats too, seal stuff, handy for some thin's. An' while Orca is restin', ah can help with whatever ye be needin'"

The offer seemed reasonable enough, at minimum Clyde just hoped it would pay for the chance for a healer to recommend what to do, but at most perhaps this Dawnsong could give Orca a better chance at fighting off his sickness.

With haste they made their way to the settlement, exchanging names and a few stories from Clyde, who couldn't keep his mouth shut whilst so overwhelmingly anxious about what awaited them.

Clyde had left Orca in the care of the Oglethorpe, putting his trust in the skilled hands of Miss Dawnsong whilst the old sailor went back to his ship to get what he'd offered them. Once he returned, the shy healer was mumbling to Orca, trying her best to comfort the boy as she felt along his chest and head for any other unseen wounds. The boy was awake but still not completely with it, whimpering quietly as he tolerated the check over.

Finn, the man who had guided him to the settlement, and the older Hurricane were just outside the cabin. Clyde could see some concern to their eyes, which seemed reasonable given the state of the poor child being tended to, though to Clyde it also spoke of their kindness. He approached with a small smile, not daring to look too much through the open door at what Dawnsong was doing in case it distracted her, instead passing off his goods to Finn's open hands.

"Thank ye again," Clyde began, "Ah didn't ken if ah'd find a place to help Orca... kept worrin' me'self awake all night thinkin' he might not make it." The boy still might not, but Clyde was holding onto hope now that the boy was in capable hands.

"Where'd you find 'im?" Hurricane asked curiously.

"Jist up north a wee bit." Clyde explained. "Laddie was caught in th' rocks, poor thin' covered in woonds, cannae even remember 'is nam." The old sailors assumption still remained that the pup had been tossed from the cliffs from someone who didn't want him anymore, and it wasn't like Orca could convince him otherwise, save for the little fish-shaped necklace the lad still had with him.

"Darn miracle he survived then." The older man commented, and Clyde nodded along.

"Aye, ah did cry a wee bit when ah got 'im oot." Clyde remarked with a chuckle, then sighing to himself. "Jus'... somethin' aboot 'im, never 'ad a bairn of me own but ah jus' feel thes need tae give 'im everythin'."

Hurricane nodded and gave Clyde a half-smile. "S'not a bad feelin'. I've had kids of my own."

It was a while later that Dawnsong asked for Clyde to come in, the man going immediately to Orca's side to gently stroke the boy's back. The woman smiled a little, though her eyes did avoid holding Clyde's for too long.

"Um, so I've given him something to help with the cough, though to help him recover you'll need to keep him as warm and dry as possible... his leg broken but um, it isn't an awful break, just needs covering for a while and time to heal." All managable things, Clyde was nodding along as she spoke. "He might need to be encouraged to use it though, pups, especially so young, might be too worried about pain to use their leg so just... make sure he does. Now um... the wounds on his head are healing but I think his skull was also damaged. Keep it wrapped for a while and put some of this on the wounds to keep them calm and healing." With that, Dawnsong gave Clyde a small pot, the inside smelling strongly of herbs.

"Thank ye lassie." He said quietly, offering a warm smile.

Dawnsong's lips twitched into a small smile, before dropping as she continued. "He's not... completely out of danger. The cough will take a while to leave and it might get worse. He needs to be as strong as possible to survive it, food and rest, but even then he'll be in danger."

Clyde understood that, even when he'd not had the hope granted by a healer, he'd known Orca was still in trouble. "Aye, ah willnae let the laddie doown. E'll be a spoilt wee man, ah promise ye."

Orca would, if Clyde had his way, want for nothing in his life. It was what the boy deserved after his fight to live, his trial by the Sea, and Clyde would make it his job to see that the boy got it.