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Full Version: Onto its mast my colours nailed
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OOC: Evening in Bathurst - Come enjoy some nice cooked salmon! - May be adding Orca to this as well
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Clyde hadn't been too sure when it came to coming down this strait; without knowing the lands too well he had no clue if the tides down here would be too rough or if it would go on for too long and make coming back out all the more of a hassle. But when he'd found out about the decent fish, the old man figured it was a good gamble, along with the fact that it wasn't actually too long a strait either. Orca had been enjoying himself too; swimming in the calmer waters by the shore and discovering some fun beaches to run around on. They'd met some folk too, briefly, keeping things fresh for the two sailors. 

Tonight would be good one though, Clyde was almost beaming as he brought some of their supplies across from the ship and to the port. This town seemed like a quiet one, though from what his nose could pick up some of it overlapped with claimed territory. From here, the pair were safe, but Clyde also wasn't too worried about drawing attention. He had a ship to go to for protection, but also some delicious fish ready to cook to perhaps summon some new friends. 

He'd kept the caught salmon in a barrel, heaving it onto dry land and then shuffling it along to a good spot close to the ship. The land here was a wondrous mix of old woodwork and stone and also grass and some young trees bursting through old earth. The dock was in barely working condition, but did enough of a job to keep the Wee Lass moored for now. 

Orca followed him closely behind, holding in his mouth a bag with the firestarting equipment, though looking around a bit nervously. The boy bounced back and forth in his confidence, but Clyde couldn't blame him with whatever unknown horrors brought him to the bottom of that cliff a few moons back. 

Eventually, as the sun was beginning to dip a bit, Clyde had the fire going and fish gutted, slicing some into chunks he then sqewered on sticks, whilst others were kept whole. All of them leaned into the flames, charring nicely and smelling amazing. Orca was eating one already, one barely cooked, since the lad apparently couldn't wait to eat. 
She was at the edge of their territory in Bathurst when she scented something interesting. Cooking fish she thought, salivating at the thought. It had been a very long time since she ate cooked fish because she was not very good at fishing. In order to eat it, you kind of had to catch it first as a loner. And since she had been in New Caledonia, there hadn't been any fishy feasts. Though perhaps she should recommend one. Perhaps first she should learn to fish better. Didn't seem fair to say "let's have a yummy fish feast!" without offering some fish of her own to cook. She wondered how many fish would fit in an oven...

Battalion had been in Lupus form, but paused to take the time to shift back. If there was someone out there that was cooking food, they obviously had hands. In case their intent was poor, she wanted to be prepared to defend herself. Plus, it seemed polite to take the fish with her hands if they were polite enough to offer. Her watering mouth really hoped they'd be kind enough to offer, because she really wanted to eat some. Given that they were outside New Caledonia lands, though, she would understand if they didn't offer. The rewards of one's efforts were harder to share when you were a loner. Without a cost, anyway. And Bat didn't even have her knife with her at the moment, since she hadn't started the evening in her Optime form.

She loped through Bathurst until she found the source of the smell: a fire, fish, and two canines. One looked very doggy to her, perhaps little to no wolf blood in him at all. The other looked very wolfy. He was smaller, but it was hard to place an age. Mostly because Battalion wasn't very familiar with children. Also, because children had such wildly different sizes at the same ages. Possibly it was the dog's son? If so, he didn't look at all like his father. Their scents were fairly obscured by the mouthwatering scent of cooking fish, but she assumed they were loners. She doubted another pack's members would linger this close to New Caledonia lands. Not that they were outside their rights to be there, just that it would be a strange place to cook if your home land was elsewhere.

"Hello!" she called out when she was near enough for it to be reasonable to greet them. She maintained a polite distance, in case they were leery of company. She knew she would've been if she was them. "That smells very good."
it wasn't intended as a soft way of asking for some, it just seemed polite to compliment the chef. Her tail waved in a friendly way, her body posture relaxed and her eyes maintaining a polite gaze around Clyde's shoulder. They were in neutral territories, so she didn't have any position over him, and old habits of deference died hard.
On go rivers - On goes the silent flow - Come, my love - Now it's calm enough to go

OOC: Evening in Bathurst
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"It gooes pink?" Orca mumbled, his mouth half full of his own supper, though his deep purple eyes looking towards the chunks of fish currently cooking nicely by the fire. Clyde glanced to the boy's meal, chuckling at how torn it looked, then to the fillets he was charring and nodded. 

"Aye, very pink. S'like me ol' 'ome be callin' 'em; Sea treasures. 'As cos they lookin' like bright pink o' red." Clyde explained, having to lick around his furred chops to avoid getting any drool on them, seeing his son eating happily made him almost want to give up on properly cooking his own meal to just dig in. Restrained for now, Clyde instead just twirled the sticks around, letting the salmon get an even heat and cook nicely. 

Clyde wasn't a bad cook, in fact no Maraiche was bad when it came to serving up fish, but he was no Reilly. He was a Munroe, he'd cook fish to get them nice and good to eat, but he wouldn't make anything fancy with salts or herbs like a Reilly would. That was Archie's thing, what made Clyde chuckle whenever the man would go on a hour long rant on why a sprinkle of salt was as important as life or death when it came to a grilled fish. 

Whilst the fish cooked, Clyde leaned back on his elbows, looking up to the sky and admiring the different colours that painted it when the sun began to leave. Smoke from his fire obscured some, but Clyde could make out the blinking stars beginning to appear as well, no longer cloaked by sunlight. 

He saw Orca flinch a little from the corner of his vision, prompting him to look back down and around them, immediately spotting someone coming closer. Whilst his son was wary for reasons Clyde appreciated, the old man himself smiled and waved a hand. 

"Awrite! Me lassie! Ye come tae reek me cookin' aye?" Clyde announced, huffing as he shuffled around and onto his feet, brushing down his overalls. "Weel, dornt be shy! Ah been cookin' a plenty to share." He gestured her closer, then looked to Orca, relieved to see the boy was still lying down and distracting himself with his dinner rather than worry over the stranger. 

"Tasty salmon, tak' a stick fur yerself."

She caught the way the cub flinched and she frowned a bit. Was it her approaching that made him nervous or some other reason? It was only a little flicker, though, so maybe it was just reactive to something surprising happening. Maybe it had nothing to do with her at all. Bat felt a bit of unease in her stomach, though. What if the flinch was because he was scared of who he was with? She had been an abandoned cub taken in by a group that kept her alive but didn't treat her the best. She probably used to flinch like that sometimes. The blue-eyed wolf would watch for any signs the boy was in a similar situation to what she had been. Hopefully he wasn't.

The dog had a thick accent that she took a moment to decipher. Some of it still didn't feel clear to her, but it also didn't seem all that important to parse those details. There was enough information for her to know that he was offering some of the food to her. He had apparently been quite successful indeed in his fishing. She'd never seen so many fish being cooked at once by just one canine; Leon was impressed by it. Especially since she was lucky if she could ever catch even one fish.

She walked nearer at his invite and took a stick, smiling and wagging her tail a bit in appreciation. "My thanks, stranger." she said, taking a bite and savoring the hot salmon with great relish. "Tastes as good as it smells, possibly better." Bat complimented, taking another bite before saying: "I'm Battalion, by the way. Although I go by Leon, less of a mouthful." that nickname was really coming around to being her favorite. At least for now. Next week it might be a different one.
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OOC: Evening in Bathurst
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Big fish meals were something very common place back with the Maraiche. They'd have large bonfires going all over town with barrels of fish caught by the Reilly family, sharing tales and songs whilst feasting on the delicious meals. This was no bonfire, but even with one person as company, Clyde felt a bit more at home. The lady herself, Battalion, didn't smell like some random stranger either. The old man's strong dog nose picked up a scent on her very similar to that of whatever pack or claimed land was nearby. 

Clyde chuckled loudly, picking up his own stick to start eating, as Leon commented on his cook. "Ah ye see back 'ome me folk call me a bad cook!" He exclaimed, chuckling again around the flakes of salmon in his mouth, coughing a little as they went the wrong way. As he cleared his throat, Orca came shuffling over from behind him until the large child was lying down by Clyde's legs. The fisherman smiled, patting his son's head, then leaning forwards to get Orca one of the grilled fish to try. "Noo try a cooked one ay?" He offered the child. 

He looked back to Battalion with a smile. "Ah'm Clyde Munroe. Thes is mah son, Orca." He finished his stick, then using the piece of wood to point back towards their ship. "That's our ship, th' Wee Lass." Still tied up and secure, though Clyde doubted anyone would be able to sneak past him or Orca to steal it anyway. 

"Whaur dae ye hail? Ye smell like somewhere close." 

Tali was surprised to hear that they called him a bad cook back home. Although perhaps it was because he left the purity of the fish to its own devices. Instead of smothering it in other things and calling it gourmet. She tended to prefer plainer food. It was closer to nature. While she had dropped heaps of her childhood teachings, there was something about meat that was just what it was that she liked. Although she supposed technically even cooking it was slightly less than natural. Still, better than something covered in so many spices it could be any sort of meat and still almost taste the same.

"I'll have to respectfully disagree with your folks back home, then." she replied with a slight wag of her tail. Her periwinkle gaze switched to the younger canine when he moved forward. Again she noted - with a knot of anxiety in her gut - that he was not as exuberant and playful as she felt cubs usually were. Perhaps it was not uncommon for them to behave as the boy was? Leon's instincts said he was acting odd. That didn't mean that they told her why. Certainly he seemed plenty comfortable with his dad. Probably it was just that he was uncomfortable with her. Which was fair. She was a stranger. Though a small, unarmed one, that didn't mean she wasn't a potential threat.

She licked her fingers after finishing off the meat that had been on her stick, making sure she got every bit of the fishy taste into her mouth. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." she said to dog and cub, nodding to each in turn, though she didn't linger her gaze too long on Orca. Since he seemed shy or anxious, she didn't want him to feel that on her account anymore than he already was.

Bat looked appreciatively at the Wee Lass; though she was no sailor, she knew it looked like a well-kept and well-made ship. As to his last question, "I'm from New Caledonia. We're fairly close to here, you probably scented our borders before you started cooking. Now it might be harder with the fish cooking." she said with an amused smile. "We're right over there, though." she pointed in the direction of the border, in case he hadn't smelled it before. "Are you and Orca looking for a place to stay, or do you prefer just the two of you on your boat?"
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OOC: Evening in Bathurst
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Old teeth flashed behind his whiskers and fluffy beard as Clyde chuckled, a high-pitched little laugh of his as he then tipped his hat towards Battalion. "Och, ah'm in loove." He replied, pressing a hand to his heart before chuckling again. "Yoo've got a fine taste lass. Ah thank ye." Despite never being too bothered about how others viewed his cooking, the kind of validation that came with someone confirming that it wasn't half-bad still brought a good feeling to the old man's chest. 

Orca was tucking into the softer fish quiet happily, frequently licking his lips around the flakes of pink salmon as it almost fell apart with each nibble the pup tried on it. With his side leaning against Clyde, the boy seemed a bit more relaxed, though his deep purple eyes still seemed to activily avoid looking at the lady in their presence. It didn't bother Clyde so much that his son was in a shy mood today, though he hoped it didn't make Leon feel too out of place. 

She seemed happy to talk to him at least, so the old man held onto that. 

"New Caledonia." Clyde repeated back, trying to pronouce it more with the common accent around here rather than butcher it with his own one. He scratched his beard a bit in thought as he glanced for a moment down to Orca and then back to Battalion. "Ye got a port there, aye?" He checked, his tone of voice very thoughtful. "Ah'm moor at haem in a boat. But havin' a place to port is important ye ken." It was very important, a sailor had to know where they could come to roost, especially when times were hard. Right now, Clyde was sailing blind, a risky choice he might've made when he was younger and sailing alone, but not one he could make with Orca to look after. 

"Is ye... pack open tae new folk?"

Battalion felt comfortable with Clyde. There had been a few canines she had felt that way with since coming into the Souls area. It was nice to just... feel at ease. To feel okay with just talking. Though there was still a part of her brain that whispered you should do something else, something productive, it was much quieter than it had been. This could probably even be productive. Getting to know loners was a positive thing for New Caledonia. Plus, she'd gotten fish. A full belly was definitely productive.

Her comfortable feeling about Clyde made her think that Orca was just shy or perhaps anxious as she often was. That was good. It was nice that she didn't have to worry he was being harmed by the fisher. Although there were those who were good at putting on a pretty face in front of strangers, then harming their offspring behind closed doors. Usually there were signs for those looking, though. She saw none. Maybe she was missing it, but if she was then Clyde was a very good actor.

She was impressed with his pronunciation of New Caledonia, especially since she had noted his thick accent before. It was an impressive skill, being able to slow the tongue and pronounce things well when it was needed. Perhaps with his natural accent, it was something Clyde had needed to learn. "A port?" she thought about it. Did they have an actual spot for boats to stop? She wasn't sure. Battalion wasn't even slightly familiar with sea travel. "We have a coastline in our territory, but I'm not sure how we are for docks. I'll admit I haven't been over there as much as the forests. No offense meant to the Wee Lass, but I'm not much of a seawolf myself." part of it was that she had never had the opportunity and part of it was that she was terrified of drowning.

Bat could easily answer the other question, though. "Oh, yes! We are open to newcomers. I am actually fairly to the pack. I found it the best option for my needs. There are three other large groups local to the area: Salsola, Casa di Cavalieri, and Del Cenere Gang. Salsola is apparently prickly and not very open to visitors or joiners. Del Cenere is coyote-based and has a bias against wolves, which I guess wouldn't be a problem for you, but your boy..." she glanced at Orca, who looked very wolf, even if he did have a dog-dominant father. "And then Casa di Cavalieri is... warrior based from what I understand." she was certainly not an expert, but thought that her basic knowledge might be useful to Clyde. She wasn't sure what the status of other groups was on ports, either.