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Full Version: borrow some truth to pay for the lies
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He had done his best to forget the last meeting with Gemma, had done his best to put the past behind him and focus only on his love, his willing slave. It was strange that the passive male enjoyed Sophia submitting to him, he wasn't sure how he felt about his reactions to her submission. It made him pleased that she was willing to kneel for him, not just in a sexual way, but if he was reading she would kneel and lay her head on his knee, and he would stroke her mane the same as he would Sheba.

Did this make him like his father? He wasn't a rapist, but he enjoyed having the control in the relationship. He enjoyed knowing if he told her to jump she would do it, and then ask him if he were pleased. He enjoyed making her delicious green eyes light up and smoulder when he called her a good girl. He stared out the window pondering this for a while, watching his packmates go about their business in Thornbury. As he saw his red headed beauty cross the street and heard her enter the house, he sighed. All this time thinking, and he knew what he needed to do. It was time to man up and take the advice Skye had given him when he had spoken to her. He needed to tell Sophia about Gemma and Nvda, and about the full relationship with her. He hoped she would believe it was over.

He went down the stairs to greet her. "Sophia...we should talk. There is something I've not been fully truthful about, and I need to get it off my chest."[/b]



She had been trying to master a new move, the one where she would be able to hit three times without needing to step back to take another swing. After all if she was the only Knight female in the pack, and for that matter the only Knight that was taught by the King of Knights, when she needed to be the best she could be for this pack. She needed to please her Lover boy, her Father, and the Alpha female of the D’Arte pack. She wanted to make sure that this trifecta was happy with the choices they had done by allowing her to leave Casa, which is the home of her father, to live in the D’Arte pack as a lover to Taliesin. She was also one of the protector of the pack. She felt that this was an honor, an honor that she ever worked so hard at keeping up with.

The sweating hot female huffed as she bent over hearing the call of her lover, she knew that if he called. She should answer. She gasps for breath, this personal mission to be the best that she could be was hard, she wanted to bring honor to the family name. However, Lover boy called, and so Sophia knew it was only right for her to submit to that call and rush to him. After all if it was not important he wouldn’t call for her. Walking over to the hose she smiled looking at her white lover in his dual colored eyes. She planted her staff into the ground as she trusted her hip out to the side as she gave a nod. Her free hand slowly slid up her hour glass figure. ”Aye? Well boy, best be tellin’ me. “ The female had no clue what he could be talking about. Weren’t things perfect for them? Or did he want her to further submit to him?

He could only stand her gaze for a moment before guilt had the mis-matched optics sliding away, his ears laying back, his tail laying still against the jeans he habitually wore. He found his hands were in his pockets, and he left them there, his mouth suddenly dry. "You should put down the staff and come sit with me, I think. There is something... well... it's a bit of a long story." He swallowed once, then swallowed again.

"Once... I was exploring a human hotel in Halifax. I bumped into an enchanting creature with snow white fur and sapphire blue eyes. There was an instant chemistry between us. Gemma... it was a one night thing, she was gone in the morning when I woke up. I didn't see her again for months, not until after Sky and I had become mates. She came to the border to visit someone, Jace I think it was... I answered the call. She spent more time visiting with me, then left. We found out..." He let out a breath, then continued quickly, as though saying it quicker would take the sting away from Sophia. "We shared more than that one night, we shared a rapist, the man who sired us both. Lucifer." But there was more, and he was determined to finish the story. "After Sky had left me, Gemma came visiting again, and we sat and talked for hours, she told me what he had done to her. I told her about Makea, about Kira, and about Sky... we didn't do anything that night, but a bond was formed that ran deeper than our shared rapist, our sire. She left the next morning, and Liam found her and raped her, scarred her and left her for dead. I fought to save her, realizing that I loved her far deeper than any brother should love a sister. She felt the same, but still returned to Aniwaya. We visited back and forth often... one of the last times I saw her.... she had gone into heat. I was on my way north to see if there had been word or sighting of my mother. Gemma was in heat, and...' He trailed off, his cheeks warm. The memory of that night was imbedded in his mind forever.

"I left the next morning, heading north, then coming back down, where Bella spooked the horse I was riding, where we met.

When you came to check on me, on my wrist, it was like her memory had been erased. I forgot about her and the illicit love we shared...I had thought about you as often as I had thought about her. And then that night, our first time... I slipped out of bed because I was feeling restless and edgy, and didn't want to keep you up. You looked so peaceful, so sweet."
Not like she was looking now. There was nothing peaceful about the look on her face now.

He swallowed. "She was just outside the border, and in a painful labor. That night was so snowy... I brought her home and delivered a pup... Nvda. Gemma's daughter, sired by me. When I went to look for you, you were gone. As soon as she was able, Gemma left and took Nvda back to Aniwaya. I buried myself in work, in helping Skye with the pack as much as I am able to from the overseer's position. But then I had the same nagging, restless feeling, and it led me to you."

His gaze was on the ground. She probably thought it couldn't get worse, but it did. "After you came home with me... after my two weeks was up and you accepted my courtship... I went to see her. I wanted to tell her myself, so she wouldn't be hurt... she already knew. I came home and spoke to a friend about this all, and was told I should tell you right then and there about my former relationship with Gemma... but I was scared to. I was scared you would leave me too..." The last was said in a soft voice, near a whimper pup-like and forlorn. "please... forgive me for not being wholly truthful..."

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This was not him, he never hung his head down in shame, nor did he ever appear to be scared of her. Yea she knew that she could give him one good hit, and he would be on the ground. She did not want a relationship based on fear, one where her lover was scared of her beating them down. That to the fire kissed girl was not love, nor respect. She looked to the white made as she lowered her staff, and sat down beside the male. She gave a nod as she placed her hand upon his lap, she wanted him to know what ever had happened, they could work through it. If he had killed someone she would take the fall, she loved this white male and would help him up out fighting…what ever it was.

Sophia gave a nod listing to the white girl, blue eyes. Then that feeling in her gut came back, that one that told her in the first place to stay away from him. That same one that she didn’t want to listen to. Her hand pulled away from his lap placing it firmly upon her staff, her hands clutched the staff, the longer the story went on, the more she wanted to swing her staff and just knock his head off. So this was the reason why he up and left her? The reason why she carried the pup alone, without a word to her. This sister of his that he was in love with was the reason that she gave birth to the pup alone, and the reason why she buried the pup in his grave…again alone.

Then if that wasn’t enough for the Knight female, after he proclaimed his love for her, Sophia Knight. He ran back to his sister..again. Sophia’s shoulders dropped, her head dropped as she stood up. Her staff hung from her hands, she felt drained. She wanted to cry… she wanted to kill…She cleared her voice with a cough, as she gathered herself pushing her head up and holding her staff again like it was her scepter.”Oh…” What else was there to say? She knew if she said anything else that she would scream and kick, and even cry, and Sophia won’t cry in front of anyone other than Aro.
She felt dirty…dirty and used. How was it that he and he alone could make her feel so…so … filthy and she was still deeply in love with him. However, this time… this time she wanted to tell him that he had gone to far. Aro was right about him…

He risked a glance at her. She was stiff, unyielding. He knew if he wanted to win her back, he would have to work at it. He wanted to start now. Right this moment. He slid off the couch to kneel at her feet. "Say you'll forgive me, Sophia. I should have told you then, I should have told you before now. I was just so frightened you'd leave me, scared you'd take your heart back and walk away from me. Please love, speak to me. Yell at me, scream at me, hit me if you need to, but don't close yourself off from me. Please don't leave me."

He was looking up at her, pleading with his mis-matched eyes, as Myrddin walked down the stairs and into the living room where the scene was taking place. Twin orbs to his fathers scanned Sophia's face, and then Tal's. Acute intuition correctly surmised the situation, and the younger male opened his mouth and spoke. "Why beg, Poppa? She was never as good to you as Gemma. You never did anything to have to earn her trust, her love, she loved you for as long as I can remember. She was a better mother to me, too. She never ignored me when she was around. We should have moved to Aniwaya."

The younger healer started to move away, and then he paused. "Oh, did you tell her about the time you slept with Sky after she left? Or how yo had a crush on our leader?" He threw a smirk at Sophia, the expression revealing his opinion on her being around far more than his words. Myrddin did not like Sophia at all, and it showed. The boy took his father's shocked silence as a way to exit before things got heated.


Sophia knew that there was something that had kept him away from her. She knew in her heart that there was something holding him back from fully devoting himself to her, just as she was able to freely give her heart and soul to him. She left her father’s pack lands, left her family all behind for him, and she thought that she was being very fair about that since he was so in love with his pack lands. She didn’t move her head down, but her eyes looked down to the white males upon his knees. She wanted to shake him off, but by doing that would be showing pity for him, and there was no pity for her to find for him. ”Get up.” There she said something to him, maybe it wasn’t the words that he was hoping to hear, but it was something.

Her green eyes, that mirrored that of glass. They lacked any emotions. They shifted to look to Myrddin, Sophia’s feelings where…odd for him. She knew he was younger and so she should mother him. However, Sophia wasn’t ready to be a mother. The red lady also knew that the boy was far old enough to strike out on his own and start his own life, away from his father’s house. Sophia narrowed her eyes at the boy. Her feelings for the white male had always been that of pure love, she would have willingly submitted to him at his order. She respected him for the love he said he had for her. ”Aye, what happened before I mat him, tis nuffin’ I can be mad about. Gemma thing….she be our downfall, you best be figurin’ out who you be wanting to live your life with. Ye hear me boy?” She looked down to Taliesin. She hurt….she hurt so bad that she wanted to cry. ”When yer actions tell me that you be in love with me, and me alone. Then you can be talkin’ to me. Till then..” The girl snapped her fingers as her pet fox quickly came from the bedroom that the Knight lady had been sharing with Taliesin. She felt dirty and used and she needed to show her-self…or so try that she wasn’t dirty and useless….or was she that way.

The lady bent down to pick up Bella with her big ears, Sophia tucked her up under her arm as she looked to the white male. Closing her eyes as she sighed and locked up her feeling again, as she walked out of the house. She knew that the stables would have some hay for her sleep upon and she would be able to make Bella a nest there also. This was a joke…thinking that someone could love her. She was just not able to find that love.

She told him to get up, and for a brief moment, he felt hope. But when he looked up her eyes were hard and empty. He was climbing to his feet when Myrddin spoke to them, stopping to stare in stunned silence as Myrddin, his beloved son, spoke hard cruel words. He could only blink as Sophia spoke to Myrddin. Again, he felt hope begin to well up, until she spoke. "Gemma thing….she be our downfall, you best be figurin’ out who you be wanting to live your life with." And then she snapped, and Bella came running. He opened his mouth as she scooped up the fox in her arms. Her next words and actions hit him like a ton of bricks.

She left him. He was left alone, in an empty house, his heart shattering. His hands trembled, his heart thudding against his ribs painfully, the pain so great he thought it would tear right out of his chest. Her words echoed in his ears. Wasn't telling her enough to prove he loved her and he had chosen her?

She left him. Just the same as Sky had. She had taken her love away from him, taken her heart from him, and left his heart a bloody oozing mess on the ground. He made to follow her, but found himself on his knees whining pitifully, his tail tight against his body, his ears crushed against his skull. He was shaking all over as though it were the dead of winter.

The bereft healer shook his head, trying to deny it. Was he so unlovable? Or was he in fact just like his parents, his ever wandering mother and his faithless father? He whined her name, his shoulders hitching in a sob. Why was he so unlovable? Why did they always leave him?

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