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Western Forefront
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Territories: Saint Croix Highlands, The Borderlands, Branta Stretch
The hilly northwest includes the marshland of Canaan Bog and the Serpentine Mountains, while the western parts of New Brunswick are the most populous, including the coastal city of Saint John and the previously bustling trade port Freetown.
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Northern Tides
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Territories: Miramichi Wilderness, Wabanaki Coast, Frost Reaches, Cape Acadia
Eastern New Brunswick is divided from the west by St. John's River, which flows into many lakes, large and small. The area also features mountains, plains, and the peninsula arched over Prince Edward Island.
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Sticks and Stones
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Territories: D'Laniger Peninsula, Isthmus of Chignecto, Aelcrest Shore, Halcyon Mountains, Drifter Bay, The Waste, Primeval Memories, Concrete Jungle, The Blacklands
The foothills butt up against salt marshes and rocky beaches. Typically windy, these sprawling plains and treacherous mountains are sparsely populated both on the mainland and the northern peninsula. East of the mountains is a lush wilderness full of history and memories.
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Seabreeze Brink
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Territories: The Dampwoods, Quartz Shoreline, Halifax, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Shattered Coast, Ethereal Eclipse, Shiloh Hills, Broken Occident
The center of Nova Scotia boasts moderate weather, lush forests, and the ruins of the province's once-capitol. Proud hills and rolling, low-slung mountains jut upward between two jagged coastlines.
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