Territory Information


The spine of the Appalachians runs through these cold northern territories, as with Nova Scotia. With vast northern wildernesses and rugged coast, New Brunswick is prime Luperci territory. More Info.

Common Flora

White Walnut, American Linden, White Spruce, Alpine Bilberry, Mountain Cranberry, Moosewood, American Wintergreen

Common Fauna

Long Tailed and Gaspé Shrews, Big Brown Bat, Rock Vole, Northern and Southern Bog Lemming

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Territory List

  • Miramichi Wilderness
    • Miramichi Watershed
    • Miramichi Valley
    • River of Fire
    • Camp Gagetown
  • Wabanaki Coast
    • Fundy National Park
    • Commune of the Salmon
    • Grand Lake
  • Frost Reaches
    • Mount Oromocto
    • Bathurst
    • Gaspesia
    • Burnt Church Mountains
  • Cape Acadia
    • Sugarloaf Resort (NC)
    • Timber Cove
    • The Bluffs
    • Grindstone Island
Northern Tides
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