Studios and Shops - Rules


For Requesters...

  • DO make sure a studio is open prior to requesting.
  • DO make relevant requests. If you're seeking art and the studio provides signatures, find a different shop.
  • DO remember your thank yous and offer credit!
  • DO be courteous. Shopkeepers fulfill by request -- DON'T make extremely complicated requests or complain about free gifts.

For Shopkeepers...

  • REMEMBER! Only current members (i.e. have at least one currently active character at 'Souls) may advertise paid commissions in the Talents forum.
  • DO complete your requests. No one expects you to plan for crisis, but if you're vacationing for a month, wait until you return to open a studio.
  • DO update your shop -- closings, openings, completed requests, etc.
  • DO provide clear shop rules. Shop rules are at your discretion and enforcement. Remember: be polite!
  • DO NOT bump your shop thread more than once per 48 hours of no response.

Other Info

Thread Tags

  • OPEN: Accepting requests
  • CLOSED: Not accepting requests
  • FREE: Free
  • PAID: Commissioned
  • SIG: Signatures
  • AVA: Avatars
  • PIX: Pixels and icons
  • ART: Art

Studio Maintenance

  • Note your CLOSED/OPEN status in the topic title or subtitle. Use the tags (Free, Ava, Art, etc.) above to help keep the forum organized, if you'd like!
  • Studios are closed after thirty days of inactivity. For reopening or other studio maintenance, post in the the Maintenance Thread.
Studios and Shops
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28 October 2020, 01:04 PM
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