Territory Information


The sticks and stones of the northern lands are where mountain meets marsh and sands. The terrain is shaped by the extremities of the Appalachian Mountains. Rolling hills and beaten earth evince ancient glacial movements. Jagged coastline and rocky beaches surround Loch Fundy. More Info.

Common Flora

Indian Tobacco, Lowbush Blueberry, Swamp Rose, Switchgrass, Jack Pine, Ironwood, Tamarack, Black Ash

Common Fauna

Stoats, Whitetail, Moose, Elk, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Harrier, Red-Tailed Hawk

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Territory List

  • Prince Edward Island
    • Northern Wildwood
    • Cavendish Estates
    • Charlottetown
    • Kingsweald
    • Cabot Beach
  • Isthmus of Chignecto
    • North Shore
    • Fort Cumberland
    • Black River Reserve
    • Amherst
    • Millstone Village (SL)
  • Aelcrest Shore
    • Arisaig Shoal
    • Colchester Quarter
  • Halcyon Mountains
    • Phosphagos Foothills
    • Serene Sands
  • Drifter Bay
    • Sunflower Sunsets
  • The Waste
Sticks and Stones
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