Territory Information


The center of Nova Scotia boasts moderate weather, though the landscape evinces glaciation thousands of years ago. Proud hills and rolling, low-slung mountains jut upward between two jagged coastlines. More Info.

Common Flora

Tamaracks, Black Ash, Atlantic White Cypress, Silver Maple, English Oak, Bog Laurel, American Cranberry, Labrador Tea

Common Fauna

Southern Flying Squirrels, Eastern Red Bats, Silver-Haired Bats, Elk, Whitetail, Moose

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Territory List

  • Prince Edward Island
    • The Dampwoods
      • Musquodoboit Valley
      • The Sugarwoods (CdC)
    • Quartz Shoreline
      • Moonstone Lakes
    • Halifax
    • Whisper Beach (CdC)
    • Overgrowth Sunrise (CdC)
      • Berwick & Wolfville (CdC)
      • Flander's Fields
    • Shattered Coast
    • Ethereal Eclipse
    • Shiloh Hills
      • Rabbit Lake
    • Broken Occident
      • Fundy Crossing
      • Clements Park
      • Wolf’s Peak
      • Mersey Cove
Seabreeze Brink
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