Game Statistics

Pack Sex Age Joining? Totals
M F Adults Pups
Casa di Cavalieri1417310Open31
Mistfell Vale119191Open20
Del Cenere Gang1110201Open21
New Caledonia66120Open12
Notes: Board-wide, characters under 7 months of age count as puppies. Individual packs may have different cultural guidelines regarding "puppyhood." NPCs do not count towards any game totals and are not displayed here. See individual pack ranks for NPC listings. At a pack leader's discretion, Creatures may appear on pack ranks, but they do not count towards official pack totals.

Loner & Creature Listing

Loners Creatures
Abaddon Lykoi (M)
Adina Inferni (F)
Aenan Pyr (M)
Alena (F)
Beatrix Poitier (F)
Calan Brecours (M)
Elias Einar (M)
Galilee Haskel (F)
Hibiki (M)
Jethro Lykoi (M)
Johanna Greyfire (F)
Kalypso Savoy (F)
Kavota (F)
Lucia Amarok (F)
Lukos Greyfire (M)
Lynx (F)
Malik Amaranthe (M)
Myrkr Villieldr (F)
Nyx Greyfire (F)
O'Brien (M)
Pascal Sadira (M)
Penelope Forrest (F)
Reblin (M)
Renaryn Covington (F)
River Grim (F)
Sawyer Cook (M)
Shaamah (M)
Shale (F)
Shamus Lochlan (M)
Sophie Silverstein (F)
Thyri Dawnbringer (F)
Toraber? Tanaka (M)
Wally Sherman (M)
Woodsmoke (F)
Zetsubou (M)