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Roleplay Information
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This forum provides game information and player assistance; players can also find the joining forum here. Before attempting to join, please read the Plot, Rules, and Joining information.
865 6,042 Let's try this again
Today, 11:15 AM, Kiri
Roleplay Aids
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This forum contains information regarding game components like account types, icons, and symbols, as well as fun stuff, pack news, and maintenance.
100 486 [SL] October Newspost
27 October 2020, 07:37 PM, Mel
Lair of Shenanigans
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General out of character discussions, introductions, and other shenanigans. Sometimes there is cake! Please wash your hands first though.
64 2,376 La Estrella Roja Grand Op...
6 hours ago, San
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Show off your talents! Anything related to art, code, graphics and non-roleplay writing goes here!
510 5,703 Gen Draws
Yesterday, 04:58 PM, Mandi

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The sprawling claim of Salsola's kingdom stretches out from the castle ruins at its heart. Its northernmost reach is the abandoned town and docks of Amherst. Generations of expansion have encompassed the peninsula's cliffs and lakefront, from the choppy grey depths of Loch Fundy to the treacherous boglands of Tantramar. Pictou River's frigid water designates the eastern border, with dense swaths of pine and deciduous forestry hiding other unsettling relics from view.
47 235 Golden Tones And Golden L...
17 minutes ago, Kaimkillen
Casa di Cavalieri
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Casa di Cavalieri lays claim to the northeastern half of Whisper Beach where all members reside an old fort, named Kingsbury, which protects a small village from intruders. Inside Kingsbury nature has remained undisturbed giving the village a very peaceful and secluded feeling. The territory has a few rich forests as well as fields full of various wildlife and flowers, as well as claim to part of the Bay of Fundy.
111 458 every mile mattered
51 minutes ago, Crowell Proudfoot
Del Cenere Gang
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Wrapped about the northernmost point of Moosehead Lake, Del Cenere's range sweeps from the hills of the Burnt Church Mountains to the floodplains of the Canaan Bog. The claim hosts a number of bones of past civilization, now wild and untamed. At its busy heart, far on its sleeve, thrums the trade post of Charmingtown, where members gather for the latest trade, or the finest drink Luperci can produce.
89 486 Belated Promise Ring
2 hours ago, Hosea Courtright
New Caledonia
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The realm of New Caledonia begins at its City Square; an ancient fort that has managed to survive humanity’s decline. Though the city lays in disrepair, Caledonians are offered a sprawling territory to explore outside of the city's limits and are surrounded by thick forests, mountain ranges, and a lush green river valley. Cape Acadia sees their border running along Sugar Loaf Resort and ending with the precarious Sword Coast.
76 430 m- spiritual hangover tha...
10 minutes ago, Arran Fir-Chlis

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Western Forefront
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Territories: Saint Croix Highlands, The Borderlands, Branta Stretch
The hilly northwest includes the marshland of Canaan Bog and the Serpentine Mountains, while the western parts of New Brunswick are the most populous, including the coastal city of Saint John and the previously bustling trade port Freetown.
6 20 [M] The self is not so we...
7 hours ago, Daniel
Northern Tides
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Territories: Miramichi Wilderness, Wabanaki Coast, Frost Reaches, Cape Acadia
Eastern New Brunswick is divided from the west by St. John's River, which flows into many lakes, large and small. The area also features mountains, plains, and the peninsula arched over Prince Edward Island.
56 276 The Passing of a Year
11 hours ago, Woodsmoke
Sticks and Stones
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Territories: D'Laniger Peninsula, Isthmus of Chignecto, Aelcrest Shore, Halcyon Mountains, Drifter Bay, The Waste, Primeval Memories, Concrete Jungle, The Blacklands
The foothills butt up against salt marshes and rocky beaches. Typically windy, these sprawling plains and treacherous mountains are sparsely populated both on the mainland and the northern peninsula. East of the mountains is a lush wilderness full of history and memories.
53 286 Home
6 hours ago, Azade Feriqi
Seabreeze Brink
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Territories: The Dampwoods, Quartz Shoreline, Halifax, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Shattered Coast, Ethereal Eclipse, Shiloh Hills, Broken Occident
The center of Nova Scotia boasts moderate weather, lush forests, and the ruins of the province's once-capitol. Proud hills and rolling, low-slung mountains jut upward between two jagged coastlines.
2 13 Simply Scavenging
21 October 2020, 06:40 AM, Nazar

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Play your characters in strange and unlikely situations! Within this forum almost anything goes -- please read the guidelines prior to posting.
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25 October 2020, 02:26 PM, Crowell Proudfoot

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Dead Topics
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Yesterday, 10:18 AM, 'Souls Assemblage

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