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25th June 2013
A stereotypically built child given her parentage, few inclinations of any waif like delicacy will be present in her figure. Her legs will be long, tapering to smaller paws attributed to her dog heavy heritage, with black claws tipping every digit and webbing in between. Though standing at a petite 5'0, she is similarly shapely and robust as her dam - narrow but deep of chest, with a proportionally muscular broadness of her hips that rounds out over her rump, still prolifically feminine in the narrowing cinch of her waist. Her skull and muzzle are doggishly broad as well, with lips soft and lacking any wolfish tautness, and fangs not protruding from the layer skin. With thick feathering running down her throat to the bottom of her breast, upon her rump, and elbows as well, the sleek waves of her fur will be minutely defined by the occasional ringlet. Her ears will be long and heavily furred, reminiscent of a full blooded spaniel. In optime her hair is long and sports big, sweeping curls, and a vibrant shade of strawberry blonde on the deeper end of the spectrum, but still several shades lighter than her father's. Vivienne's eyes are innocently large and expressive, and she can take on the persona of a teary eyed damsel at a whim.
Vivienne will be a true representative of her name; vivacious and lively, the girl will seem to have an endless supply of energy and grandiose ambitions. Though retaining a surface level ability for her mother's poise and grace, a hotheaded mindset and cavalier tendencies will develop in stride with those gentler traits, and as an adult, her tongue will have a wicked edge with claws and fangs just as easily brandished. She will grow to be a passionate canine, seemingly an embodiment of her mothers every restrained feeling and moment of curbed tongue. She craves attention almost obsessively, and views other's that interfere with her receiving it as obstacles to be removed or forced into submission. A creature of extremes, Vivienne will possess almost no middle ground in the expression of emotion
As a youth, her history is still short; aside from being one of the two survivor's within her mother's tragic second litter, Vivienne, along with her sister, has lived a life of mild luxury. She views her many siblings with an impishness akin to affection, but always, as competition for the ultimate goal of receiving the most attention from each individual member.
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