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75% Canis lupus, 25% Canis latrans thamnos
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18th June 2010
As an adult Alder is large, out weighing and taller then the general standard. His size contradicts his unsure personality, but his clumsy movements as an adolescent match it perfectly. He has a rugged appearance in his lupus form, his coat a slightly shaggy and longer at the back of his thigh and hock.

His eyes are blue, a rich tore bay blue that resemble deep clean water. As his changes forms they lighten, but stay rich and vivid.

Black markings accent his face and paws. A wide band of dark fur covers his eyes, creating a mask that fades at each of his cheeks. Four paws are covered in the same black that moves up his ankles and then diffuses into the browns and grays of his pelt.
Alder tends to stand at the back of a crowd, he is timid and doesn't like to initiate conversation, though he has a strong desire to please and be well liked. He is sweet to those he is familiar with and either polite to strangers or tries to avoids them all together. 

As a puppy; Alder enjoys playing with his brothers as long as it isn't rough housing and likes to go out and find different critters likes bugs and birds and snails. 

As an adult; Alder finds the best company in those that speak Low-Speach. He was taught by Element the cat, and now has a fascination for learning every dialect. He is braver and more confident due to this skill and because of his experiences in the stables and among the Court of Cour des Miracles. He has a quite a few acquaintances but considers few to be his friend, but always works towards a closer relationship with everyone he meets.
HAWTHORN - Hawthorn was originally a wild horse, caught by the talented Nadie Tadita Liliana Utina from AniWaya. He was traded for a bay mare, and multiple skins.

Hawthorn is a large horse, and his bloodline no doubt has Shire horse thickly drawn in it's lines. His is mainly black, with white accents. A strong blaze runs down his face but his nose and mouth are black. He stands about 19 hands, and is strong enough to carry Alder for even long distant rides.

He is a kind horse, mimicking many of the same personality traits that Alder does. Though Hawthorn is a little more outgoing, curious about canines and interested in meeting them. He speaks Low-speach with anyone that wishes to speak to him and often carries on conversations with birds (though they are very one sided since his accent makes his words appear mumbled to any small birds)
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