Luperci The Woodsman
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75% Canis lupus, 25% Canis latrans thamnos
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18th June 2010
Luperci Ortus
Oak is muscular and sturdy, though long limbs and large paws let him move with swiftness and grace despite his large frame. Still, he is built more for brawn than speed.

His subtly shaggy, autumn agouti pattern fur is colored redwood blended with subtle nutmeg and a sparse ticking of black, his maw, chest and underside fading to soft alto. Creole and deep rebel rims his ears and darkens the very tip of his tail. He has the intense, tore bay eyes shared by his mother and brothers.

In his Optime form, he is of average height and very well muscled. His asphalt black mane is shaggy and falls right above his eyes, and other than cutting it, he does nothing to style it.

Oak has no tattoos, or piercings. He does not normally wear clothing, his thick coat keeping him warm in the winter months.
Brave, out going and proud. Oak is well natured and respectful with those that have authority. He is casual and down to earth with those of his own age or ranking and with his brother's he enjoys joking and playing, holding onto that puppy side of life.
Oak was born to Anu in Crimson Dreams on a warm summer day in Haven Manor. He grew up with his two brothers, and enjoyed a puphood willed with games, stories and childish adventures. Curious about where he came from, and who his father was (beyond just a name) Oak visited the coyote clan of Inferni in search of answers. He was met with hostility and holds a small grudge that makes him refuse to return to the clan's land. A pivotal moment in the young male's life was the conflict that arose between AniWaya and Crimson Dreams. After realizing his mother had been captured and despite his true nature Oak became oddly reclusive and unsure of where his place was among the pack.
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