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Wolf x Coyote.
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20th November 2012

Luna is of mixed species. She is largely wolf, though the quarter coyote blood in her thins out her otherwise thick pelt and leans out her figure. While she does have some muscle, she is on the thin side and light of bone. Her body is quick and light, and she is fond of the fighting styles that promote in and out striking. While she may never use her weight to simply throw someone down, she uses her light frame to her advantage and has pick up ways to trip, stun and blindside her opponents.

Her fur also speaks of her mixed heritage, for she has several different colors in her pelt and they bleed together well. She has a dark underbelly and a lighter coat, with different white markings splashed across her body and muzzle. Her paws as touched with a chocolate brown and her eyes match her coat with the same warm hue. Her hair is white and wavy with the ends fading into a slate blue/grey sort of combination.

The young Luperci does not wear much clothing, though she does own a belt that has various strips of pretty fabric tied around it, feathers on leather strings with beads and small animal skulls adorning the sides. One of side she has a compartment where she keeps an especially wicked looking hunting knife, and this is the only weapon she owns currently.
Her primary motivator is to play, while she is quiet and doesn’t speak much Luna enjoys playing with various animal life she comes across in her travels. While seemingly in direct contrast to her motivator, Luna is incredibly pessimistic and is full of pent up rage and teenage angst due to her family being driven out of their home and her and her brothers past. If she were to hurt one person over and over again, it would be her mother. She has a distrust of females, and gravitates toward the male species - having never had a male role model in her life thus far. However angry and pessimistic she may be, Luna is still a conscientious wolf, she is honest and has no desire to laze about and be a burden.

Sometimes she can be impulsive and act without thinking, some might even call her reckless in her actions in regards to herself. When it comes to her animal friends however, she understands how the smaller species are more frail and therefore acts more thoughtful and thinks out things before she does them. Luna is not particularly open-minded at this time, thought she won’t openly oppose someone with their thoughts. She views her religion ( she has ties to the moon, her namesake ) as the only true religion, but knows better to then voice controversial material. Luna is fluent in low speech, knowing squrriel, horse and song bird dialect and as such is an expert at reading body language. More often than not, she can tell when someone is being untrustworthy and will distance herself if she feels they are lying to her. Luperci contact is not worth the hassle, in her opinion. Along with that, she feels more comfortable around non-luperci, and views them as more pure and nicer individuals.

Luna is mostly reserved, keeping secretive. When questioned about her past locations or anything to do with her history, she will evade the question and move onto something else, if she responds at all. She is a free-thinking exotic wolf, and some might view her as strange and ‘ alternate ‘. She prefers being by herself to being in a pack, although she might consider joining one if it lay close to her ideals. Preferably, she will hunker down in the deep forest somewhere with her animals. Being alone for so long has scewed her perception of others, and she finds it hard to empathize and become attached, though if someone were to break down her walls she might find herself clingy.

Luna is bisexual, finding women more sexually attractive than men even though she distrusts them. She is young however, and still a virgin, and therefore modest. Her style, when pressed would probably either be seductive or romantic, and she would be open to most things when comfortable. At first, she would likely only have one partner at any given time, but she might grow to enjoy multiple partners when she is more open to Luperci interaction.
Luna was born into a wolf pack that was failing. She came first in a litter with only two pups, the second being her twin brother. Her mother was a low ranking female within the pack, and due to the more ' traditional ' values this pack upheld the three were driven out of their home. The Alpha pair did not want unnecessary mouths to feed when prey was migrating and the mating had not been run by them. The litter was the result of a one night stand with a dark-hued coyote hybrid that their mother had never seen again and had no wish to see again. She viewed the children as a burden and secretly hated them for getting her kicked out of the only pack that could offer safety in the area.

This much as evident as they grew up - their mother was distant and mean, frequently ' testing ' Luna and her brothers fighting skills when it was really thinly veiled abuse as she tried to drive them away from her. Upon Luna's first shift she stole away in the night and stole the lone weapon she now owns from her mother, as well as the belt it was kept in. In her travels to Souls' she acquired the animal skulls and fabrics. Before she left she told her brother where she was going and to wait until the time was right to follow her.
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