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Kiara, like most arctic wolves, is snow white in color and has a medium sized build for her sepcies. Her neck is thick, her legs somewhat short, and her entire frame is stout. Kiara's eyes are a deep and clear sapphire color. She stands at 27 inches tall and 52 inches long, which places her just over an average size and tipping the scales at 80 lbs. Her fur is soft and thick when not broken by scars and she does her best to remain clean. Because she sleeps outside or in a den, there are occasional spots of mud and dirt that might mar her otherwise clean coat. Due to her traditional upbringing, she finds most modifications such as pairings or hair styles to be strange and unnecessary. After several unfortunate encounters with Amy Sunders, her body is covered with scars. A thin scar on her upper right shoulder due to a hunting accident when she was younger. The scar is not normally visible from a distance, especially during the winter when her coat is thicker. There is a large spiral on her belly, a long horizontal gash stretching across her neck that almost reaches both shoulders, and a smaller scar on her left shoulder (caused by a stab wound). A Nordic rune (that looks somewhat like an H) was carved into her shoulder as well. During the winter, many of these scars are covered up by her fur and are not easily visible. The thinnest of her scars even appear to disappear. However, during the summer all of her scars are readily visible and easy to spot from a distance. shoulder.

Her rune:
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Kiara has an open and playful personality, if a bit more reserved in her older age. Like most wolves she enjoys being in a pack or surrounded by familiar settings and will often accept the subservient role. Her naive nature occasionally dips into the realm of stupidity. Mother-hood has mellowed her out slightly and she has grown somewhat wise thanks to her combined experiences. Yet, she has never lost her playful and caring side. Although she often attempts to speak slowly and in a quite manner, she has a bad tendency to speak fast and loud when she grows excited. Kiara's native language is English and she speaks with a northern Canadian accent.

Kiara's favorite places to be are either in the woods or in the water. These places help remind her of the home she left and misses. When she is not hunting or roaming around Kiara will try to challenge other pack members to friendly brawls or games. Though if she loses, she'll keep returning to the same competitor till she wins in some way, shape, or form. Kiara isn't the best fighter, but she never lets her small size get to her in a wrestling match.

Although Kiara can get along with just about any species, the animals that hate her most would be birds. Kiara get immense satisfaction out of chasing birds, especially crows, and has a very bad reputation among the fowls. When threatened by canines Kiara will act very subservient, and often her first instinct when meeting new canines is to be submissive. However, if her life or family is threatened she can turn violent. Although she tends to have a mostly cheerful disposition, heat makes her grouchy and more prone to outbreaks of insubordination.

For the most part, Kiara takes pride in her inability to shift and views herself as equal to luperci. Yet, she is prone to feeling left behind when the biggest differences become obvious. Additionally, Kiara is wary of human tools and has an extreme phobia of knives.
Mother- Shunkaha Amarok
Father- Chogan Amarok
Sister-Reisha Amarok, Litter mate
Brother-Crowl Amarok, Litter mate
Brother-Vuk Amarok, Litter mate
Kohaku-Son (estranged)
Anna-Daughter, Died of cardiac Canine Parvovirus
Ash Amarok - Son
Sage Síondaite - Son
River Amarok-Knight-Granddaughter (unknown to Kiara)
Malcolm Knight-Granddaughter (unknown to Kiara)
Rain Amarok - great granddaughter (unknown to Kiara)
Kiara was born in a small valley nestled neatly between two mountains in the heart of Wood Buffalo National Park. The wide river and deep lake provided plenty of fishing and hunting opportunities for Kiara and her pack. Kiara's birth pack was a small but well organized group made up solely of Kiara's parents and her litter mates; which include her two brothers and single sister. The young pups spent most of their time within the safe confines of the rich forests that surrounded the lake or further up stream to practice their fishing. As she grew older Kiara began to spend more time hunting with her parents to take down the bison and other large mammals that roamed into the valley. During one of her first hunting trips, Kiara idiotically went after a healthy bull elk. Though she made it out of the fight alive, the elk left a scar on her shoulder.
Though her life in the valley was great, Kiara began to long for a new scenery and adventure. Finally, at the ripe age of 16 months, she left her quite home and traveled for two months before reaching Nova Scotia. She arrived at the north end of Nova Scotia and started her search for a place to call home.

Kiara originally settled in a pack known as Ichika no Ho-en where she learned about the luperci. She sired her first litter before Ichika disbanded. Kiara chose to stay as a loner until her son, Kohaku, was taken from her by a dog named Amy. Kiara took her remaining pup and joined New Dawn. Kiara lived in New Dawn for quite a while where she had two more litters and adopted a puppy. After the tragic death of the Alphas, Kiara stepped up and took on the role of Alpha until the pack was broken apart in a sudden attack by Anathema.

Since New Dawn's disbandment, Kiara has lived with her family as loners (Lucia, Sol, Soris, Sage, and Lucia's daughters)

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