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Luperci Ortus
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Optime Reference By Westy
Optime Lineart By Ann
Lupus:Nadia is on the smaller end in terms of size. She's lean, but toned from trekking along. She stands at about 27"/68.58 cm at the shoulder and weighs about 73lbs/33.12kg. She doesn't use this form often, preferring it only when having to travel for an extended period of time. The fur between her shoulders is a little scruffy, tending to stick up a bit in a messy fashion.

Secui:Although larger in this for, compared to her lupus form, Nadia remains on the smaller side, just barely over her species' average. At the shoulder, she's approximately 34"/86.36cm and weighs about 120lbs/54.43kg. Likely her bulkiest form. Her messy scruff of fur is much more predominate in this form. She prefers this form when hunting, though will sometimes use it in a fight.

Optime:Her preferred form, Nadia still remains shorter and lean. However, she isn't really curvy, but has an athletic build. She stands at about 5'6"/167.64cm and weighs about 145lbs/65.77kg. Her mane is often tied back or braided into a single braid that reches down to the middle of her back, preferring to keep it out of the way without cutting it.

Her base fur coat is Jambalaya [#5B3013] , with Dune [#221E1C] cheeks, a stripe on her nose that runs up her forehead, down her neck and along her back. it also colors her forelegs and half of her hind-legs, and on the tip of her tail, as well as her mane in optime form. Her underbelly, inside of her ears, and along her neck is Driftwood[#AF8751] . Her eyes are bright, Golden Grass[#DAA520] . Her paw pads and nose are Cod Gray [#0B0B0B].
Scars: She has three claw-mark scars going down her chest and on her left flank, the result of an encounter with a cougar during her travels. Fresher scars are colored Dust Storm [#E5CCC9] while older scars (1+ yrs.) fade to Cold Turkey[#CEBABA].
Update: As of January 3, 2014, Nadia has four claw marks going from her back curving down her right flank and claw marks on her lower left foreleg as the result of a fight with Taiga.

Update 2: As of August 2, 2014, Nadia has bite scars along the middle and sides of her muzzle as the result of a scuffle with trespassers on CDC borders.

In her Optime form, Nadia wears a short, leather loincloth and a Dove Gray [#6D6C6C] laced up halter top. She enjoys using dyes, making simple, various designs from time to time on various parts of her body.

UPDATE:As of July 29,2013, Nadia has a Jaguar [#080110] tattoo on her right side.

Update 2: On November 2, 2014 Nadia got a Rock Blue[#9EB1CD] tattoo done on her lower left forearm, over her scars.

*Pixels by Despi and Nat, colored by me!*
Lack of socialization outside the family has made Nadia taciturn and even awkward in social settings. She says little most of the time, simply because she has little to say. She is a better listener in these situations, content to let the other talk. She can be hesitant in speaking her mind as a result, though when she does speaks, she's honest. She is more likely to be open to those she knows, and keeps a large part of her personal life and history to herself. When she's alone and exploring an unknown territory, she tends to be on the more cautious side.

Nadia can be patient and slow to anger, but can also be intimidating if push comes to shove. She can be very hard working and serious, dedicated to tasks set before her. Sometimes, she may come off as a workaholic, given to how much she is willing to do to keep busy. When working, she puts up with little distraction, and dislikes those who slack off or goof off. She saves play for the times when there isn't work to be done, and allows herself to relax during these times. She has a pretty clear set of moral values, though isn't very quick to judge people for their actions, unless they are quite severe.

Skills: Nadia was trained as a child self defense and a few medicinal herbs. She has experience and training in fighting in her Secui form, and has dabbled in actual weapons in her optime form, but lacks training.
Mother: Lydia Ancientfire
Brothers: Alik, Dimitri
Father: unknown


Mate: Lycaon Nonakris
Nadia had a rather simple life as a child. She was born to her mother, Lydia, and had two brothers, Alik and Dimitri near what was once the Algonquin National Park. She never knew her father, who had left well before she and her brothers were born. Her mother was a bit of a vagabond, and never really liked settling for a long period of time. As soon as they were old enough, her mother had them on the move. Thus, for a majority of her life, Nadia never belonged to a pack. At a young age, her mother stressed the importance of self defense, given their wandering lifestyle and lack of others for protection, save each other.

By the time she was one, Nadia and her family took separate paths to wander off or start their own lives. She continued to wander along her own accord, passing into Maine. It was there were she had ran into Clodoveo. The two, while different, wound up traveling together, and bonded over the course of several months before wandering into Souls. Her wanderlust fading and loneliness beginning to seep in, Nadia looks forward to settling down into pack. What that would mean for her friendship and closeness with Clodoveo remains to be unknown...
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