Valencia Catori

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3rd April 2013
Luperci Ortus
Simply from looking at her, it would be impossible to tell that Valencia has any dog blood in her at all. She has a classic wolf face: broad triangular ears cupped inward a bit, a narrow muzzle, bright expressive blue eyes, and a broad pitch black nose. Even at her young age, she is tall and thin. Except when she was extremely young, she has never really had much puppy chubbiness. Her legs are long and her paws suggest she will grow to be quite tall in height but will not get particularly broad. She is clearly built more for agility and speed than strength.

The texture of her fur is soft and silky, though whether this is due to her youth or just her fur type remains to be seen. Valencia stands proud and tall, taught proper posture by her mother. She is very expressive with her body language, though, and tends to use this as a way to show her opinion of others even when she is polite otherwise. Val also always wears a gris-gris around her neck, a gift from her mother to protect her.
Valencia is a bright-eyed, curious young wolf. She is constantly getting into everything (including trouble) all of the time. Most of the time it is so that she can learn something new. This means that she is often learning the "hard way", but it is the best way for her to absorb new information. Not all of her learning is mischievous, though, as she is also fascinated with reading and writing. She wants most of all to learn horseback riding and sword fighting, though she has to wait until she can shift. Currently she is also interested in voodoo, based upon Rio's teachings about that religion.

Val is a smart, social wolf who has been taught impeccable manners. Even when caught at her most mischievous, she will naturally revert to politeness toward adults in particular. Sometimes this lapses in favor of mischief or playfulness. She believes in chivalry and has strong feelings about males treating females with respect. Val has an innate awareness of body language and is quick to speak up if she feels she is being mistreated even at this young age. This is the one area where her politeness occasionally wanes: there are times that she speaks too bluntly about how she feels regarding someone else's behavior. In general, she does not speak with a child's lisp or fall into improper grammar. Rather, she speaks with a lot of maturity already and seems perhaps more serious than other children for this reason. Though her mischievous behavior generally shows that she is still very young and perhaps not as mature as she acts at time.

All in all, she is a perfect balance between her parents. A polite, well-mannered lady raised with manners but with a sharper edge than her mother.
Parents: Rio Marino & Liam Catori
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