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3rd June 2003
Luperci Ortus
Tayui has a creamy-white pelt, with a light tan stripe running from the tip of her nose, down her back, and ending at her tail. Tayui's right eye is red and her left is dark sky blue. The right is due to an injury she sustained during a fight, as both eyes were originally blue.

She has a number of scars, but the majority of them are hidden under her thick fur. She is missing pieces from her right ear, which is quite tattered.
Tayui is forceful, strong-willed, and determined. She tends to speak slowly and pick her words carefully.
Tayui was born in the lands east of Lake Sakami in Quebec. She left there when she was a year old and joined Jaded Shadows. She spent four years in Jaded Shadows until a fire consumed most of Bleeding Souls, forcing her and many others to move south beyond Halcyon Mountain. She founded Shadowed Sun shortly thereafter with her friend, Pilot Haddon. The pack disbanded after a few months after they lost some of their most beloved members. She became a loner for a short time and then joined AniWaya. She had four puppies: Claudius, Attila, Ocèane, and Noir; and remained in the tribe for two years, until the murder of her daughter, Noir. After this, she left the tribe and went to join Anathema and then Salsola. She had only intended to join Salsola to follow Eris Eternity, but soon found out that Eris partook in Noir's murder. She left Salsola and spent another year as a loner. She formed the Sequoia Alliance with a group of other like-minded canines, and together, they attacked Salsola. They were unsuccessful and Tayui was very badly injured. She recovered in Casa di Cavalieri, and considered joining the pack, until she met Anu. As old friends, they quickly discovered that they had feelings for one another. Together, they joined Vinátta, where they are now mates. With the assistance of a traveling wolfdog, they have four children: Andira, Carya, Auguste, and Valérian.
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