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21st May 2011
Luperci Ortus
She has bright honey-golden eyes. Her coat reflects her parents appearances as an almost equal blend: she inherits her mothers' streaks of citrine and a dark yellow buff near her throat, but also has a reddish, tawny hue down her neck and her shoulders, similar to her father. Her fur darkens increasingly around the nape of her neck and shoulders, where it is a bistre colour. At the bottom of her muzzle and the very underbelly, she has light beige fur, which darkens into a streak of bistre extending partway up her muzzle from her nose.
Wraith is curious, determined, and compulsive. She has a strong desire to do well and has a very strong work ethic. She is very determined and dedicated to her work, especially as a scout. Although she would like to have been a warrior like her father, she does not think she is good enough. Although she does take pride in her work as a scout, she has some self-image problems when it comes to her fighting ability.
Wraith was born in Inferni to Hybrid Holocaust and Aeron Ganesa alongside her sister, Lucilla Key, and her brother, Nathaniel King. She has an older half-sister, Valkyrie de le Poer, and a younger sister, Pride Tormenta.

Up until her departure in 2016, Wraith had spent her entire life in Inferni. As of when she left, she was previously ranked as a Spy, held co-rank as a Hunter, and held a third-level Immunes title. After three years, she returned to 'Souls, in 2019.
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