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Norwegian Elkhound x Tamaskan Dog x Broholmer x Tundra Wolf
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1st June 2009
Luperci Ortus
Name Pronunciation: sir'un RAHSK

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The large amount of mixing in Søren's background has caused quite a unique look compared to many outside of his family and community. His coat consists of warm brown and creamy tones blended seamlessly throughout, along with some warm greys intermittent as well. His ears aren't entirely upright, but they're also not completely folded, just bending in a few places due to his Broholmer genes, but still upright due to the rest of his blood. His muzzle is the darkest color found on his pelt, paired with equally dark eyebrow spots on his forehead. His tail curls ever so slightly, but it is noticeable. On his neck, just under his jaw, sits four slash marks on the left (facing him) side. His predominantly dog genes made his size a little smaller than the average wolf; his lupus form stands at two feet to the shoulder, where his optime form stands at five and a half feet at the top of the head. His speech is heavy with a Danish accent from a lack of practicing English. Around his neck, he wears a Valknut pendant. Although he doesn't usually cover his torso unless the winter is harsh, Søren is usually seen sporting dark green or blue leggings wrapped at the hips, knees, and hocks. If planning on getting into a fight, Søren will prepare by donning protective greaves, wrappings, and occasionally thin chain mail over his torso, with the added flair of dark red warpaint, smeared into varying designs across his face, neck, and shoulders.

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A slave to his work, Søren doesn't really think about anything beyond blacksmithing and adhering to his craft. His traveling and strict schedule has him locked into a lonely life, hardly ever seeing the same face twice. Despite being alone for extensive amounts of time, Søren adapted to the lifestyle surprisingly well and thrives on being completely focused on working. Whether it's crafting a new type of weapon or improving on an old style, he's a master — no doubt about it. Being so unattached from everything has resulted in a habit of being very secretive and cold towards most everyone he meets, a pessimistic outlook often plaguing his mind. He is ashamed of his past actions, giving him the drive to pursue perfection but with the downside of a black cloud over his head. Recognition for his mastery of a difficult craft is another motivation of his, seeking acceptance from others he sees as either important to him or notable enough to catch his attenton. Despite his lack of social skills, Søren still is professionally honest, although not personally honest.

What little sense of humor he has is always very cynical or negative. The only thing that doesn't have any sort of cynicism attached are his work and how he entertains himself. Any kind of gambling, metalwork, and fishing make him busy when he isn't working. Gambling is the only social interaction he doesn't push away oddly enough, although the lure of the act itself is obviously worth it to him. His habits include cracking his knuckles, singing (to himself), blade sharpening, and belching (since there was no one around to tell him that it's rude).

Since his cousins arrived onto the western land, Søren's demeanor has started to see a shift. Lærke has had much more of an influence than Njord, instilling a more traditional and orthodox mindset, reverting him back to his childhood strict views on outside cultures. His opinion on "purebred" species is drenched in negativity and contempt, holding onto his thoroughly mixed heritage tightly. The idea of the Gods and Norse Paganism have also trickled back into his daily life, thanks to both of his cousins.
Cousin: Njord Rask
Born in Denmark to a notable blacksmith, Søren was expected to follow in his father's footsteps from an early age. It wasn't surprising he did though, even when he was young, he had a natural interest in blacksmithing and the power of fire, both of which were simply nurtured by his father and the culture around them. English was a requirement if one was to be a successful blacksmith, especially in Europe. As he got older, Søren noticed that his father began to put his focus elsewhere beyond him, almost ignoring him to some extent. He was told that there was no longer any potential in him; the lack of social skills and tendency to be rather negative marring his overall impression as a businessman. With this, a young Søren decided to take his skills all over Europe, never settling down in a single place for too long but honing his craft obsessively to make up for what he lacked. After years of doing this, the temptation of taking his skills to the west and spending some time away from a large population had him taking a boat to Canada, bringing his portable forge with him.
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