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Medusa consists primarily of an banana mania base coat. On her face is a mask of antique cream that covers her entire face and the backs of her ears. It continues to go down her belly and stops at her pelvis and leaves a loop on the inside of her right thigh, present in all forms. Her eye is a bright amber. In Optime form, Medusa's hair is long and tangled, falling to her mid back in a light blond.
On the right side of her face, Medusa has three brutal scars, blinding that eye. The longest is in the middle, cutting directly through her pupil. The other two flank it, cutting through their halves of the eyes, completely eviscerating that eye. The scars are all keloids, raised scars that are discernible by touch from her skin. Another scar graces her left hip, a scarification tattoo. It is a sword through an ourobouros, a snake eating its own tail. The snake is green and lime green, with its head lime green and the tail being green. There are six green stripes on the body of the snake. Its eye is the green as well. The sword has a gray-25% blade and a brown handle that narrows through the grip to widen at the base. The scarification is especially large, taking up most of her hip and thigh.
Medusa usually wears a tattered purple cloak and nothing else.
First and foremost, Medusa is schizophrenic. She exhibits undifferentiated schizophrenia, trending more towards disorganized and paranoid schizophrenia. The most common symptoms she shows are false beliefs others are trying to harm her or her loved ones, problems with thinking and expressing thoughts clearly, loose associations (unrelated thoughts), hallucinations, and the Narrator.
Medusa believes the Narrator is a giant snake-man, living inside her head and telling her things from his world. Medusa commonly hallucinates and thinks ordinary objects are either magical talismans to the Narrator or are snakes. For Medusa, most things come back to snakes. She adores them and deifies them.
Medusa has moments of peace, where she's grounded and not actively being talked to by the Narrator. When she is like this, she is rather kind and slightly shy. Medusa is extremely submissive, responding to most unfamiliar things with fear and in extreme cases, terror. She's not very likely to get into a fight, and tucks her tail between her legs at the slightest provocation.
Medusa has never had a pack. She was born to a nomadic society occupying most of the former Yugoslavia. Her family tribe, ad Kathari, was in the Serbian region. The way Medusa was raised, there were no set territories or packs. A pair were mated when they had a ceremony themselves and could continue to wander or they could settle down.
Gavrilo and Natalia were one such pair. Medusa was an only child, and upon reaching the age of a year old, was sent to a large cliff. All of the nomadic family tribes gathered together to make all of the yearlings trust one another. They did this by shoving them off of a cliff and having the other nomads catch them. This experience forcefully ingrained trust and also emotionally scarred Medusa.
After the trust ceremony, Medusa was given enough supplies to last her a while and told to go and make her own life. After wandering for a long while, she found the church of the Zmija Kraljica, the Snake Queen. She was accepted and lived as a disciple for a long while, among Luperci who claimed she, with her natural affinity for snakes, was the direct descendant of the Zmija and their savior. While Medusa accepted the adoration she was getting from her nest (a group of snakes), she didn't like the fact that she would have to mate the male temple leader. She had no interest in him, or in men at all.
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