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http://i.imgur.com/sXAGu.png By Bria
http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc38...rthday.png Puppy Kohaku by Bria

Kohaku was named after his maternal grandfather. He has a fairly unique and complex color coating. He takes after his father more than his mother and his fur is a mixture of tan, grey, black, red, and white. Like his grandfather, his eyes are a brilliant green. He is the largest of all of Kiara's puppies and the most rambunctious of the group.

Although Kohaku might eventually become a large arctic wolf, he has no chance of ever reaching any substantial size. A thin, ruffled mane has grown along his neck, a token of his father's mexican blood. For the most part however, the pup has received his mother's sturdy arctic build with only a hint of the leaner mexican form.

Now that he is a year old, Kohaku has finally grown into his ears and paws. He has hit his adult height and weight in all three forms. In lupus, Kohaku stands 30 inches tall and weighs around 93 lbs. In secui, he is 38 inches tall and has a slighter thicker build making him tip the scales at 184 lbs. In optime, Kohaku is perhaps a little shorter than normal at 6ft 3 inches and weighs 213 lbs. If he stood at full height he would be closer to 6 ft 5 inches, but his verto nature and more feral body type keeps his center lower to the ground and thus he always appears to be crouching slightly. His overall body shape is lean, almost to the point of being scrawny. But constant training has left little fat on his body and his muscles are thin, but strong.

Because of his verto nature, Kohaku has a more feral optime form. When standing, the boy places most of his weight into his knees and thighs. He has no real "hairdo" so to speak, but his mane is more prevalent in the optime form.

Kohaku has a small brand on his right shoulder. Its a simple circle that he received as punishment for running off. Another scar runs across the length of his left forearm, starting close to the inside of the elbow and running down to outside of his arm, nearly to his wrist. Various, smaller scars litter his body, many concentrated around the back of his upper legs. An unfortunate incident left Kohaku with a missing testicle and a large scar where the appendage used to remain.

Kohaku by me with most recent scars: http://i.imgur.com/28Y4sPh.png

Kohaku's white outfit by Marie:

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by shannon
Kohaku has not retained any of his original innocent nature. Thanks to Amy's careful molding, he has become cruel and violent. He views others as weaker than himself and believes that he is naturally better than most others. Kohaku is used to getting what he wants and if he is refused, he will result to violence and even murder. That being said, Kohaku will never force himself sexually on another character. It is the one and only line he will not cross.

Gruff, violent, and cocky; Kohaku only listens to those who can defeat him in combat. However, his playful side can can erupt around those he is comfertable with. Kohaku is not picky with gender and has been known to chase after just about anyone he isn't trying to kill.
Kohakus Horse Incendium:
1, 2

Family (estranged)
Grandmother- Shunkaha Amarok
Grandfather- Chogan Amarok
Aunt-Reisha Amarok
Uncle-Crowl Amarok
Unlce-Vuk Amarok
Anna-Sister, Died of cardiac Canine Parvovirus
Altair-Step Brother
Leela-Step Sister
Marrok-Step Brother
River Amarok-Knight-Daughter (unknown to Kohaku)
Malcolm Knight-Son (unknown to Kohaku)
Kohaku Amarok was the first of three puppies born during Ichika no Ho-en's final days. The first two months of his life were spent as happily as any puppy could be. He would often play with his only other surviving sibling and single mother, along with the occasional stranger who was his mother's friend. Most of this time period has been forgotten and what little memory remains is indistinct.

At the tender age of two months, Kohaku was kidnapped by a golden dog named Amy. Once in her clutches, Amy fed the young male lies about his past, claiming that Koahku's mother gave him away. Without any knowledge or experience, Kohaku swallowed Amy's lies and was soon consumed by loyalty to her. While he learned to fear her wrath, Kohaku also began to covet her affection and looked to her as if she were his mother.

Kohaku spent many months with Amy, traveling and learning. Amy taught him how to become the perfect spy and a weapon against his mother. She even gifted him with her fighting techniques and the ability to shift. Amy was killed when he was 8 month's old and he then took on caring for her young daughter Lucias. They spent some time in the neutral territories around Salsola, but Kohaku eventually decided to move them both to Anathema. He has resided in Anathema since, learning how to fight and growing stronger in order to reach his goals of killing Zalen and his mother.

He has had a string of lovers that eventually lead to the birth of his first son, Lelouch, through Lucias. He also managed to have two children with Valerie, although he has yet to realize this unfortunate fact. When Lelouch was two month old, Lucias left the young child with his father, much to Kohaku's displeasure. He still continues to train, but is fighting with the difficulties of fatherhood.
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