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Arctic/Timber wolf mix
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23rd April 2014
Luperci Ortus
There's a reason she goes by Bear..quite a few actually..but most notable is her physical appearance. Her ears are more bear like than wolf, due to a horrific fire accident when she was just a few weeks old. She doesn't remember the pain, but her family certainly remembers it. This same accident took a good portion of her tail, leaving short, but the fur grew around it making it look natural.

She has heterochromia eyes, one being blood red and the other baby blue. They stick out quite a bit against her inherited white coat. There are small signs of her timber heritage in the almost pure white coat, notably at the hackles where they are flecked with black sable hairs, and then on the top of her tail. Her ear tips were black tipped but the fire took those away. The once fox looking pup now bearlike.

Her body overall is thick and built like a tank. Much like her father. She stands at 28 inches and weighs in about 75 lbs in lupus form, secui form she comes in at about 120 lbs and 40 inches at the shoulders.

As for her Optime form Bear isn't as tall as most, but she isn't the shortest, standing at 5 feet and 6 inches when standing tall and straight, but she tends to slouch when relaxed making her appear 2 inches shorter.

Body: White with black sable along hackles and top of her tail. Ears were black tipped, and some hair on her ears shows evidence of this.
Eyes: Left is blood red the right is baby blue
Ears and Tail: Round 'bear-like' ears, her tail is short, only 3.5 inches long, and a bit 'bear-like' as well.
lupus- 28 inches at the shoulder 75lbs
secui- 40 inches at the shoulder 120lbs
Optime- 5'6 150lbs

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chaotic good

Bear is quite a positive girl in front of others, and usually noted for her giggly nature. She is quite friendly and outgoing. She loves to make others laugh and smile, it makes her happy and to spread the cheer! When seeing someone who is in need she likes to be there to help, however, when she is by herself she is seen deep in thought. Thinking of something as elaborate as life and meaning, or something as simple as analyzing a drop of water on a leaf and letting her imagination get the best of her.

Bear is quite the clown, and not always on purpose. She can be found doing and saying the silliest of things, and it usually diffuses tension amongst her peers. She naturally keeps things light and happy and fun.

She isn't a fighter. She's a lover! Bear doesn't like conflict and avoids it at all costs. Where there is conflict she will try to diffuse it or just back away and leave. Usually this can be a problem when it comes to relationships, as she gets awkward with anything emotionally deep.

Note: Bear has adhd and possible aspergers
None within 'Souls
Bear was born with the name Alexis, however, she never goes by it, and in a way it is symbolic. She was born in what was once called Maine to her father Keeve and mother Julia along with an older brother named Bruno. When Bear was just a few weeks of age, her mother Keeve was outside flirting with a male named Nathanial, as they became more into their mutual desires, he flicked his lite cigarette into the barn where Julia left Bear (Alexis) while she had her fun. The hay went up in flames to Julia's horror. This incident changed Bear's life forever. She had horrific burns to her tail and ears leaving them permanently damaged.

Her family was never the same, and the affects of this rippled throughout. Her brother Bruno became overly protective of her to the point most of her peers feared him, and soon he had a bad wolf reputation that lead him to join a band of thieves, and she hadn't seen or heard from him since she was 7 months old. As for her father, he never speaks of the incident and is typically withdrawn and emotionally unattached to her, only making comments about her body, or mannerisms in a negative way, and telling her of duties she must do for the pack...nothing more. Her mother on the other hand is emotionally flooding to her. She is constantly asking for forgiveness and saying sorry to her, perhaps because she has physical reminders of the barn fire, and the guilt consumes her.

Due to all this she isn't all that close to her family. She loves them, and cares about their well being, but she isn't that close to them. When Bear was confident enough and able she left her family at just 13 months of age and began to travel on her own. It was slowly done. Week by week she explored further outside of the pack territory, and eventually she decided to not return. Now she travels on her own, with little possessions.

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Bear has many friends among souls. Due to her kind and forgiving nature she has stumbled upon a bit of trouble. In early August of 2015 after finally learning to shift she encountered a dark soul. The first for her. He was a mysterious male going by the name of Tak. This dark male grabbed her in a way she'd never experienced. It scared her, but he didn't stop there. His hands roamed over her. She felt helpless, but she tried to maintain control. It wasn't until two rescuers shown that she let go of herself. One of the rescuers was her good friend Lilith Fairbreeze. Bear screamed and wailed pulling at her own fur. This experience is stuck with Bear, making her fear changing into her Optime form. Fearing she will be touched and grabbed like that again.

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