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Luperci Ortus
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Cahan has been dealt an interesting set of cards during his life – his body is like a map, or a tapestry even where one can see the threads of his life and where they have taken him. The man is coated in a lustrous shade of coal-grey, dark enough in places that it is almost black before it lightens again upon his cheeks and around his elbows to a pretty shade of silver-- this same silver has begun to edge its way onto his muzzle and into the fur about his face as he ages. His eyes are edged in a soft shade of golden rod that smatters its way through the rest of his pelt. His eyes match his personality in that they are a pale shade of slate blue. Cahan always moves with a purpose, and is devilish with both his words and his smile. One of his ears is tattered, and his fur is always tousled in a way that makes him appear every ounce a rogue.

In his optime form the Luperci remains tall and lean. His dark silver-shot hair is cropped short though in time will grow into a luxurious wavy mane. He wears no jewellery at this time (though at one time he wore a ring) and wears simple clothing when available. His horse (named simply 'Horse' now named Wylder) carries most of his valuables, along with his sword that was bestowed upon him when he joined the ranks of the Maethor.

He is an expert at moving his facial features to portray whatever it is that he wants it to say – he was once good with his words, and at some point of his life was labelled a bard, though not any more. Where the thinnest fur covers his body there is a thin pink scar that marks him as a Maethor, though the wolves of this land do not recognize him as such. The man is large -- well-muscled in all forms, and unlike his siblings and is built more for warfare and the like -- as a Maethor he was taught more then just Lore Keeping. He also is a formidable strategist and fighter. His sharp eyes catch small things that other wolves may be inclined to ignore, but Cahan is always eager to grasp at what he can and file it away for later use.

The dark wolf has a long nose, one that is almost too long for his face, and crooked at the brow – giving him features befitting of a roman Caesar. Cahan can always be seen around, easily recognizable from the others of his ilk just because of the way he allows himself to be seen – at one moment commanding attention, and at the next simply fading away into the background. His time spent away from his fellow artisans has left him with a fresh set of scars, still pink about his muzzle -- and his eyes blaze differently then in the past.
His face is expressive, and it has been said he tells entire stories without using a single word. It is almost impossible to find the man under circumstances where he is not composed properly. Every movement and word has careful thought put behind it, and this is evident in the way that he speaks quickly and succinctly. There are never extra words, or flowery prose in the way that he speaks -- unless there is a story, or a beautiful muse that has coaxed them from his lips. Despite his straight forward demeanour, the man has a strong will to nurture, and will take almost any abandoned creature beneath his wing. During his time spent as a bard, or lore-keeper, as some would call him, he learned to play select instruments -- mainly the flute and drums. His voice has also been known to rise in song on occasion, though it is rough and nowhere near trained. Cahan is known to be cold in his first impression, though warms up once the label of stranger has faded away.

Wrong him, and this is another story entirely.

He is as loyal a creature as any wolf could ever be, and once trust is gained it will take a great act of dishonesty to turn him against you. Cahan Leath-Rana has been known to seek revenge in these moments, and some have found that he has an uncanny ability to make friends in strange places, ones that are able to help her on a moments notice and with few questions asked. A quiet demur man he may be, but he is also a strategist, and his survival comes first. As a travelling lone male, he learned that all to quickly. It has been years since he has been amongst others in a pack-like setting, and after the loss of his wife and children has finally decided that the time has come again.
Wife: Indrett Leath-Rana MIA
Wylder: Cahans Horse is one of Cahans most prized possessions -- he stole him from a deceased merchant during his travels, and has never gone anywhere without him since. He is a strong draft horse type breed, with steady footing -- he is not the fastest due to his large size, but he is not afraid of fighting, and will Cahan even while metal clashed on metal around him.
Cahan's story revolves around love that was found and lost faster than the blink of an eye.

He always knew that he would find her simply, with neither flash nor bang, and it was in this way that he met Indrett Leath at a young age.

Tradition said that males were to be sent away to be educated and trained in the ways of the Maethor, only to be brought back and assigned to a charge. They were to protect and serve this charge until they were no longer needed or before either being reassigned or simply taking up the life of a rogue. While Indrett was still a babe suckling at her mothers breast, Cahan was appointed her Maethor; to watch her grow and be sure that she was never snatched into neighbouring packs or hurt. As a Maethor he was granted the title of Rana, and also bestowed Indretts name. He was born again as a Leath-Rana.

This was the beginning of a three year relationship.

It began innocently enough, as a child she would stare up at him with her large honey eyes and wonder why he was there ruining her fun. He always made sure she stayed close by and found she wasn't able to climb all of the tall objects that she wanted to. The one time she was almost snatched away by an eagle he saved her at the last moment, protecting her with his whole being.

As they grew, so did their relationship. Cahan grew from being a yearling into a large robust creature of almost bear-like stature. Indrett grew along at a slower pace, being almost a year and a half his junior. She found herself growing up to be dainty like her mother, quiet and demure even in the boldest of moments. Her fur changed to a brilliant shade of auburn that hung about her shoulders, and it was all she could do to remain away from Cahan. His presence kept her hanging about even when she shouldn't have, long after the other had gone to sleep.

His dark side became her resting place, and then later, much more then that.

Their romance had bloomed slowly over many years, but it was Indrett, the quiet shy creature who finally explained to him her feelings, and asked him to run away with her.

So that's precisely what they did.

For a beautiful year the pair lived together in perfect harmony. Indrett became pregnant, and Cahan couldn't have been a happier father.

Slowly, things began to change.

The litter of pups were delivered early, all of them still born save for one, whom they christened Dredgeon.

Despite their best efforts, their sole surviving child lived only through the next day before passing away sometime during the night.

Cahan was rent with grief, though they tried again the following year. Disaster struck one more time, and it was with this time, that Indretts life was snuffed out -- or so Cahan thought.

In truth the love that he had thought was so strong between them had flickered and dimmed in the eyes of Indrett Leath who had taken the first litters loss harder then Cahan, and upon realising that the children she carried within her womb could be Cahan's... or someone elses she decided that it was best that she run away from him lest his anger and her shame over took her. She ran like a coward from him into the night, never to return.

When all was said and done, Cahan kept Indrett's name and took his role of Maethor on the road doing odd jobs and spinning stories until at last this vagabond ended up here.

Once among the Artisans -- a group of wolves that made his heart sing and taught him of a simpler way of life that left him wanting little else... she returned. Somehow across this vast expanse of land Indrett had sent wolves to fetch him and bring him to her --- dark wolves with flashing eyes -- and the soldier was kidnapped to be brought to her.
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