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Terra is in lupine form unless otherwise stated. She has a small scar on her right shoulder from fighting with a cougar. Two thin lines cross over that. Left hind leg has a large jagged scar on the bottom half. Three thin lines run down her left side horizontally.

In lupine form Terra stands at 20 inches and weighs 37 pounds. She appears lean with slight muscles over top. Her fur is a soft tawny red, with a darker streak running down her back. Terra's ears are fairly large for her size, and look like someone splashed black paint onto them, creating a streak pattern. Her legs and paws follow the same pattern, looking like slashes of black. Terra's face reveals her coyote heritage. Her eyes are green with gold flecks.

In secui form Terra stands at 26 inches and weighs 96 pounds. Her form is built more like a well muscled wolf than a monster, with her coat appearing thicker. The darker red is widespread in her mane. She looks more wolf like in this form and has a tail that's slightly longer than a wolf's. The starved look disappears, replaced by a fighting build. Her canines are longer and her claws are thicker and sharper.

In optime form Terra stands at 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 110 pounds. Her build leans more towards a traditional werewolf, giving her legs a bit of a crouch to it. Her mane is completely dark red, though unstyled and messy. The black on her legs has a more defined slash to it while her arms appear to be wearing Cinderella style gloves. Her form is lean and lithe. The very tips of her hair are black from dye.
Terra is extremely curious, unafraid of new things. She tends to push boundaries, and loves to play tricks. Terra is unfamiliar with others outside of her family, and as such tends to be extremely awkward. To make up for it she covers it by acting extremely dominant. She is especially adept at reading body language and picking up on the various signals, almost to the point where it looks like mind reading. She's extremely stealthy but isn't fantastic at hunting, so can go hungry for days. She has no specific moral compass beyond respecting those that are more powerful, though that falls out of perspective if she finds herself faster or stealthier. She is loyal to the point of death, never turning against those that she cares for. When pushed to the edge Terra's darker nature is revealed, showing the flip side of the light hearted trickster.

Terra is extremely suspicious of New Dawn members. She dislikes bows, and grows nervous around them. She is a wanderer by nature, and hates having to stay in one place for any length of time, though she loves having a place to call home. Her life is strongly ruled by her instincts, making her extremely feral. When pushed she will react strongly to them.
Terra came from a small family pack in the west. It was a temporary mating, leaving her to be raised by a coyote pack when her father left to where other Luperci live. None of her coyote pack knew what luperci were. She lived near a city that the coyotes often entered to wreck havoc, leading to a love for trouble. When Terra experienced her first shift she realized she was different from the coyotes in her pack who didn't have that ability. She traveled east to find others like her, surviving by stealing food and tricking other canines that would harm her. She was taught how to read and write by a dying dog on her way to Souls.

When she finally arrived Terra was originally scared off by the fearsome appearances of the borders before coming to be accepted by Cour des Miracles. She befriended a high ranking member who taught her less dangerous ways of using her tricks. Several of her friends left to join a pack that hates coyotes, leaving her confused and feeling betrayed. A short time afterwards Terra was mauled by a cougar, and had her life saved by the very members of the pack that had resulted in her friends' betrayals. She has forgiven the pack, but still distrusts those she once counted as friends.

Terra returned to her pack immediately after the attack, aided by her adopted brother. Unused to having to stay still Terra continued to travel, leading to her meeting Kit, a coywolf like her. The concept of love was explained to her after a male proposed taking her as a mate, and she is trying to grasp this concept and combine it with her old idea of a mate, relaxing her guard and allowing Kit to act more and more like her mate. With Skoll growing older Terra found her dominance challenged. This was quickly reestablished when she took Skoll on a trip outside the pack lands, teaching him what she knew about the area, exposing him to stealing, stealth, tracking, and how to fight predators. Shortly after this she wandered north again, befriending a member of New Dawn. Returning south she entered her second heat cycle, resulting in the coyote becoming pregnant with Kit's pups.

The pregnancy lead to extreme fear, Terra moving out of the hotel to where the alpha's family dwelt. At the end of her pregnancy she dug herself a den in the woods far from the others, and gave birth to Loki and Ananse. She has been raising them on her own, the pack providing food and care for her.
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