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Wolf-Dominant Hybrid
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1st December 2012
Luperci Ortus
A fairly large individual, Tyris stands at well over six feet and appears to possess some amount of bulk as well. He has a thin layer of fat over the tough muscle forged from the natural physical labor that comes when one lives the live of a Luperci. He's by no means overweight, but he isn't cut like a bodybuilder either. His body is almost entirely a rich creamy color save for his muzzle, ears, and all four paws which happen to be a reddish brown color similar to a rusty penny. His bright, shockingly green eyes stand out in strong relief from his mostly monotone pelt, and his heavy brow often gives him the look of being disgruntled when his face is in a relaxed state.

Just like his grandfather before him, his mane grows into a natural mohawk that matches in color with his darker points.

He's (of course) got various, superficial scars in various places of his body but as of yet he hasn't got any sort of notable injuries.

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Tyris is still young and trying to prove himself. He doesn't hold grudges very long. Occasionally he can be a bit moody and standoffish, but for the most part he does his best to be sociable and kind and very rarely will he ever pick a fight or participate in one. He is the opposite of his brother, who is meek and tends to let others do the decisions, Tyris takes the initiative and always has ideas on his plate.

He's one to mature slowly, and is just now beginning to grow out of his immature puppy ways. He has had only feelings of excitement in the "love" department. He is starting to question himself though since both his broth and mother had a litter close together.

Mother: Palaydrian Soul
Father: Jiva Takekuro
Littermate: Taro Kurosoul
Adopted Sibling: Leaf Darkfire
Half-sibling: Dagr Soul

-- December: Tyris was born alongside his brother Taro on December 1st, 2012.
-- Leaf Darkfire the fox is raised as his older brother.

--February: He receives his Frithr necklace and a Norse blessing from the leaders of VinĂ¡tta in a public ceremony called the Ausa Vatni.
--March: Jiva, his father, is accidentally swept out to sea and presumed dead. Palaydrian must raise the boys by herself, and struggles with a brief opium addiction.
--June: Palaydrian fights in the Ironside Conflict after Leaf is attacked; she falls ill from infection, and Tyris and Taro nurse her back to health.
--July: Tyris receives his adult rank in the pack!

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