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Luperci Mate to Mars
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24th March 2009
Luperci Ortus
Orin prefers Optime to her other two forms. Reading and writing are much easier with hands!

In all of her forms, she a small and petite. Her natural fur is pure white from head to toe, though may appear cream depending on how much adventuring she has been up to. She dyes the fur of her mane and tail pink, which can appear in various shades and intensities due to using different dye ingredients or how long it has been since her last dye application (dye fades!). What she lacks in size and strength she makes up for in speed and dexterity. She can be agile and graceful… when she’s paying attention, that is. She has the natural makings of a stealthy spy or insurgent… too bad she can’t be quiet long enough.

She is a very expressive creature and usually wears her emotions on her countenance for everyone to see. She is not reserved or afraid to express herself, and doesn’t always seem to have the same concept of personal space as everyone else.

She is short and small in stature even in her Optime form, being closer to the size of a human woman rather than the typical purebred werewolf that she is. When in Optime, she wears her long mane in tightly knotted dreadlocks that she keeps dyed pink. She is shapely and has a very feminine figure.

Being of a very mischievous sort, she frequently gives in to her wolfish playfulness when in her Lupus form. Since she is fast she is known for picking [playful] fights and then dashing off because being caught so far has been a rarity for her. She has been growing more fond of this form lately, though it will never take her favor over Optime.

To her, the Secui form feels the least natural of her forms, and while she does not hate it she does not see the need to utilize it very often.
While she is intelligent beyond her seasons, Orin's cleverness ends at booksmarts. Young, naive, and usually lost in daydreams budding from her love of books and research, the girl is apt to waltz right into trouble without the slightest clue of what she has just done. With few life experiences to learn from, Orin frequently relates instances to stories she has read and often confuses the relation between fiction and nonfiction, giving her unrealistic expectations much of the time (especially when it comes to etiquette or relationships). She seems to believe everyone she is friends with is a hero and will prevail, and that everything that is evil will eventually fall.

Although she loves books and research and has been showing a knack for histories, science, and medicine, it is usually her studies that take her on her adventures. She has been known to become smitten with a particular character and try to recreate their life in her own, or to grow obsessed with a piece of history and try to track down people and places that were involved.

Her recklessness is only counteracted by her brother's dependability - something the girl often takes for granted. Being the only family she has, Orin often drags loyal Niro on her adventures with her, and he follows with little resistance, knowing he must protect his absentminded sister.
Mate: Mars Russo
Had Sexytimes Once: Shawchert Menue
Father: Caleb Takekuro (NPC, believed deceased)
Mother: Tasha Takekuro (NPC, believed deceased)
Brother: Niro Takekuro
Children with Shawchert: Demetrius, Titania and Juliet
Children with Mars: Vladmir, Misha and Svetlana
Born in the United States, Orin spent her first few months living with a small family group that consisted (as far as she can remember) of her parents Tasha and Caleb Takekuro, her brother Niro, and her aunt Regan. They lived a nomadic life and traveled the southern states. When she and Niro were about six months old, the family had the misfortune of ending up in Florida, a place rife with gangs and crime. One day the family was attacked by a group of vile Luperci and Orin and her brother were separated from their family. Later, when they could not find their parents despite returning to the places they frequented, they assumed their family was dead and had to move on to remain one step ahead of the criminals.

Much to Orin's luck, Niro had the wit and the will to survive, whilst his naive sister buried her nose in books and never really seemed to notice the extent of their plight. Orin did act appropriately when necessary, helping Niro keep a look out while they survived the streets of Florida, and tried to stay out of sight and out of trouble, but she would often daydream and never quite acted like their situation was as dire as it was. Niro was her protector, finding them food and shelter every night, and even managed to find her the books that she so dearly cherished.

One day a book came into Orin's possession that would change their lives. It was a sailor's journal, and it spoke of the adventures of the great captain Jacquez Trouillefou. Orin immediately mutated the story into a legend and the man into a hero, and she became obsessed with sailing northward just as he had. Eventually she got her wish, and the two bartered passage onto a ship that took them to Nova Scotia.

In a strange twist of fate, when they finally landed after months of traveling, the siblings came to the shores of Cour des Miracles; the very pack lands that Jacquez himself had founded and still resided. Later Jac left the pack, disappearing off of the face of the earth, and left Orin heartbroken that her hero would just up and leave. Part of her still waits for the day that he will return, for she had convoluted the story so much that she never quite wanted to face the reality that he could just leave them all behind.


Orin later met Shawchert and helped found Cercatori d'Arte, the art centric pack that later transformed into the trading pack it is known as today. One night the friends got a little frisky and two months later Orin gave birth to three puppies; Demetrius, Titania, and Juliet. Only days after their birth, in a jealous rage, Argul Rakezael broke into the book store where she lived, attacked Orin and stole away with her son Demetrius. She pursued him but she could not stop him, and was forced to watch her son's murder. Argul threatened the life of her surviving daughters, so Orin fled d'Arte, changed her appearance, and created the alter ego Desdemona Moonsong.

While she wandered the wilderness just days after her son's murder she encountered a fiend by the name of Lucifer who had taste for taking any woman he chose; particularly fair colored women. Terrified that the man would do something to her pups, Orin did not fight him while he had his way with her.

Fleeing through the wilderness she did not find solace again until she and her daughters were nearly dead – that was when she met Tala Djose of Phoenix Valley, and joined the pack under her fake identity. She lived in the Valley for a few months before the support from her friend Tala and the love of her daughters began to bring her back from the brink. Finally feeling guilty that she was robbing her girls of a good childhood, she stopped dying the brown splotches in her fur and left Phoenix Valley, heading once again back to Cour des Miracles to tell her brother that she was still alive, and ultimately she returned to Cercatori d'Arte and rejoined her pack.

Shawchert courted her for a time, and they tried to create a good life for their surviving children. Shawchert asked her to be his mate but Orin wanted a wedding. While the ceremony was being planned, both Titania and Juliet found love interests and moved away. Orin began to realize that, although she loved Shawcehert, she was not in love with him, and ended their relationship.

In March 2012 Orin stopped by the Court after a trip to New Dawn. She found her long time friend Mars Russo, but nature worked against her that day and what was supposed to be an afternoon of catching up on old times quickly turned into a hot and heavy hump fest, thanks to Orin's heat cycle. After learning that she was pregnant with his children, Mars insisted that Orin move back to Cour des Miracles so he could take care of her and the children, and Orin happily agreed. She rejoined Cour des Miracles, and on March 22, the litter of three was born; Vladmir, Misha, and Svetlana.
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