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Dog- Mixed breed
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5th May 2010
Dodge is a mutt with clear German Shepherd blood. He is medium-sized, but far lankier than his sister -- taking a bit more after their sighthound ancestry. However, he doesn't appear skinny -- just of average weight, with slightly longer legs and a longer neck. His ears are half-pointed, flopping at the ends, and his tail is long though with a slight upward curl. His fur is of medium length, a double-coat that sheds biannually.
He is mostly tan, but for black saddling and a black muzzle. There is faint black-grey on his forehead, as well as his ears and the stripe of his tail. His right paws are both dipped in white. He has tawny eyes.
In Optime form, Dodge retains his build -- average and well-toned through constant work. He is somewhat skinnier than his sibling, with longer legs and a more gawky build, but he remains muscular and masculine in most lights. His hair is black, thick, and curly, usually chopped short.
He has a few nicks on his hands and snout where his fur is thinnest, but otherwise has one prominent scar -- a cut on his left pectoral where a bull horn got him.
Dodge does not wear jewelry, though he carries around a chain necklace that he hopes to find some meaningful pendant for. He likes to wear ripped-off denim jeans and a leather vest.

[Image: Dodgereffinsm_zps0f59da48.png]

Dodge recently found a larger brown coat, which he wears to combat the cold: Brown coat
Dodge is a chaotic spirit, breaking rules and having fun, but instead of being purely selfish like his sister, he notably holds "doing the right thing" over anything else. He tends to steal only from those he feels deserves it, and will break any law if it means helping someone out. His belief in good morals tends to make him very friendly and helpful to those around him; he is charitable and kind. He is more submissive than his sister, but that doesn't mean that he's week -- he'd just rather talk something out before fighting. He has a great love for equines and country life.

Dodge is a lover of fun. He prefers the life of pleasure to the life of work. He loves to sing and dance, but doesn't consume much alcohol in his partying. He prefers the fine wine to the rusty and bitter beer.
Dodge is Bisexual, and has equal views on both men and women, falling mostly for the less balky, dominating male and the more fun-loving and relaxed female.
Father: John Dallas
Mother: Katie Hatfield
Sisters: Chevelle Dallas and Chevrolet Dallas, (Deceased)
Dodge was the only male from a litter of three. His family was a close one, and lived to enjoy the sweet country life. Dodge always had a close bond with his siblings, and when one sister, Chevrolet passed away, his bond with Chevelle only grew stronger. Dodge enjoyed working with horses, finding their nature much easier to get along with. But he wasn't the most moral child, and he and his sister soon found an interest in stealing. Although they didn't take what they knew the victim wouldn't live without.

When his sister proclaimed her need to leave home and venture up to the north, Dodge agreed to come with her. They enjoyed the journey, it was full of friendly banter and teasing, but nether the less it was a good life experience. Finally finding themselves in the colder north of Nova Scotia, Dodge fell ill enough to not partake in a certain horse stealing that got his sister caught in Casa di Cavalieri.
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