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General: His base coat is a dark Mine Shaft grey, it looks almost black but is in fact a couple of shades lighter. His legs, muzzle, ears and tail are all dipped in Mettallic Bronze (darker brown) and Cape Palliser (tan.) His paws, tail tip and muzzle are tan which then fades up into a darker brown and then eventually grey, while the base of his ears are tan with the tips being darker.

His eyes are a Deep Cerulean and are very emotive. It is easy to read Niernan's emotions through his eyes as they are pretty much an open book.

He always wears his Frithr necklace and the wooden otter charm that Saul carved for him on leather cords around his neck. He also has a woven leather bracelet made of black and caramel coloured leather, on his left wrist. The colours represent him and his brother.

Lupus: A little bigger than an average male wolf, his lupus form more geared towards the Beta position in a traditional wolf pack. He is a tad smaller than his brother, also being less muscular. He gets his size from his MacKenzie valley and Eastern Timber heritage.

His fur is thick and somewhat fluffy, his arctic wolf heritage showing through, especially in the winter when his coat fleshes out. The mane around his throat is almost excessively thick and it can become itchy in hot weather.

In Lupus form he keeps his two necklaces but often takes off his bracelet as it would fall off anyway.

Secui: In this form he becomes a hulking monster, his body bulking out and his fur becoming thicker and coarser, almost too rough to touch instead of its normal fluffiness. His mane spikes along the back of his neck, almost as if his hackles are permanently up.

He uses this form for fighting and long distance travel. He becomes highly intimidating, his fangs and claws lengthening considerably.

He keeps all of his jewellery in this form.

Optime: He stands about 6'9", just a little shorter than his brother, something that Bran makes him aware of all the time. His body build is almost identical to that of his brother: He is wirily muscled rather than heavily muscled, but he does sport an impressive six pack. Unfortunately this is hidden under his impossibly fluffy fur, only in his summer coat is it somewhat visible. His muscles are more concentrated around his back, torso and legs, having been built up from his scouting duties.

His head fur is a messy mop of slightly darker grey fur that often flops into his face and across his eyes. The back is usually tousled from either bed or him running his fingers through it.

Niernan is a little more modest and humble than his brother and wears shorts rather than go naked. They tend to be light grey, black or khaki cargo shorts, sometimes trousers that have been ripped off.

Optime is his preferred form as he values the use of his hands.

He has recently acquired some scars from the Ironside conflict. His left eyebrow has been replaced by a thin, pink scar, he often rubs this. His shoulders are criss-crossed with claw gashes, the skin and scar tissue showing through his darker fur. He also has a notch taken out of his left ear, about halfway up.
Usually a jovial and friendly character, Niernan enjoys the company of others, especially those open to a joke or a lively conversation. Yet since the conclusion of the Ironside conflict he has developed a more stern and serious side.

He is a trusting fellow, but this extends only to family and pack, as he considers all those of Vinátta to be his family. Outsiders and loners he is wary of, he will display courtesy and polite friendliness, but is unsure of strangers.

He is drawn to all natural things, but mostly animals, he chooses to surround himself with animal companions and seems to favour cats as he now has three; Ciaran, Leo and Kari. He also has two tiger quolls, Pumpkin and Cabbage, and two horses; Nanna and Darcy. He cares deeply for all his animal friends, and those of the other Vikings, he believes those who harm animals are scum. One sure fire way to rile Niernan is to hurt or insult an animal before him.

Although Niernan is a very outdoorsy kind of guy, he also enjoys creative pursuits and academia; he enjoys a good book and only keeps his ex-lovers tomes around for the joy of reading them. He also enjoys drawing and can often be seen with his journal and charcoal sketching something.

Oddly enough he is terrified of slimy things. This stems from an unpleasant childhood memory in which his brother and a pond of duckweed were involved. This fear extends to slimy creatures as well, including frogs, snails and slugs. Especially slugs.
Mother: Aracelle Akara
Father: Brandr Stormbringer
Siblings: Bran Stormbringer, Elessari Stormbringer
Mate: Colibri Haki
Children (by Grace D'Angelo): Lochlan Stormbringer, Teagan Stormbringer
Children (by Colibri Haki): Russano Stormbringer, Ninian Stormbringer, Fionna vin Haki
Cousins: Saul Stormbringer, Shiloh Dawnbringer, Ascher Stormbringer, Gideon Stormbringer, Gunnarr Stormbringer, Eclipse Soulstorm, Lilin Soulstorm
Nieces/Nephews: Rúni Stormbringer, Lund Stormbringer, Sólieri Stormbringer, Abigail Sadira, Alessan Stormbringer,
Adopted Niece: Dreyma Moineau
Nier's mum, Aracelle Akara, and his uncle Emeris came over from Ireland to live a new life in America, although it wasn't long before they were settling down in the Solbjorg as Aracelle had found the love of her life. Brandr met the Irish pair by chance and had fallen for the white furred wolf instantly. They became a mated pair despite being so young and soon had pups.

Nier was first born, followed by Bran and then Elessari. The three pups grew up together in the Solbjorg, living a sheltered and happy life where they were valued and cared for. Elessari grew to be a good little girl, much loved by all as she was friendly and helpful, while the boys became little devils. They were renowned for getting into trouble and playing pranks of other members of the pack. They were often punished for their pranks, but it never stopped them.

Bran and Nier spent all of their time together and developed a very close bond, they were nigh on inseparable. As they got older their interests developed and they spent a little time apart, Bran learning the art of bare knuckle boxing from Uncle Emeris, while Brandr taught Niernan to fight the Stormbringer way. Emeris did teach Niernan to fight with traditional Irish daggers, called skains.

Emeris turned out to be a highly influential wolf in their life, and is pegged to be the reason the way they are. He taught them all manner of bawdry songs and behaviour. Bran picked up more of the attitude than Niernan.

The boys outgrew the Solbjorg and left to travel, heading towards Nova Scotia. The journey was long and it was only the boys for a long while, cementing their bond even more so, despite Nier becoming slightly annoyed by his brother at times. Along the way Niernan picked up a kitten, a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat hybrid who seemed to have lost his way. He called the kitten Ciaran and he became very attached to it. Bran developed a jealousy of the kitten as it came between the brothers, this jealousy developed into a hatred and the younger Stormbringer tends to try and kick the cat as often as possible, this usually gains Bran a glare from Nier, sometimes a smack.

In Nova Scotia they found a cousin, Saul and his young son Temeraire. Nier really felt a connection with the grey man and the brothers eagerly joined Saul when he called, living in the small community with Lilin, Ezra, Teme and eventually Colibri. They then moved up the country and formed the pack Vinatta, where they live now.

Not long after forming the pack Niernan went out on a gathering trip and ran into a golden furred Anatheman, named Grace D'Angelo. The pair hit it off, despite the drama filled circumstance under which they met. Grace eventually left Anathema and joined Vinatta. Nier and Grace enjoyed a short courting period before they became mated.

Nier became a father on the 23rd of October 2012 to 2 puppies, Lochlan and Teagan Stormbringer. As the twins turned 2 months old Grace slipped away from the family home in the middle of the night, leaving Niernan to be a single father.

He spends months getting over his lost love, finding comfort in his children, his brother and his friends. Among those friends is Colibri Haki, the Sannindi of the pack. The two have a mead and emotion induced one night stand which sparks their mutual underlying feelings for each other. Niernan finds himself falling for the older female more and more over the months.

Trouble comes to Vinátta in the form of the Ironside wolves. Niernan is forced to defend his family and home from the marauders and in the final battle against the strangers he takes his first life, killing Stein and saving his pack mate Sky. After the battle Sky patches up Niernan's wounds and a new friendship is formed.

Colibri visits Niernan a few nights after the battle and they confess their feelings for each other, becoming mates. After a romantic tryst in the Tangles the couple conceive their first litter.
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