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1st November 2010
Luperci Ortus
Ayasha is an Arctic wolf and looks like what is typical of her species. She is white with blue eyes. Ayasha in her lupus form is rather lean and but not as skinny as when she was younger. She no longer looks like she is starving but instead simply looks like a wolf on the small side. There isn't a whole lot of difference between her secui and lupus form except that her fur grow slightly thicker in her secui form. This is her usual form and her hair used to be about shoulder length and usually loose with slight waves to it. She occasionally put feathers or flowers in her hair or put it up in a braid, or a few, or in ponytail. In late October of 2012, her hair is short, choppy, and at times spiky. She has now grown it back out to be around her shoulders.

She is on the shorter side and rather lean. She is slightly muscular but her muscle mass isn’t very noticeable and is more lean than bulging. Her walk is confident and proud, but not in an arrogant way but rather confident in who she is. Her fur texture itself is a bit on the thick side, smooth with only a little bit of wave here or there. It is a bit short but uniform all over. It is also very soft.

She has two main markings: a scar over her left eye that is about 3 in. in length that she received from a Raven Guardian during the AniWayan Conflict. She also has a butterfly tattoo on her right bicep. She wears a plain leather belt often, especially when she is out of her home. She also has many necklaces that she wears at different times depending on her mood. Her mother gave her a necklace with five blue beads with the middle one being slightly bigger with an eye on it. Her mate gave her a necklace with a Claddagh on it on the night they became mates. She is rarely found without those two necklaces on. She has a leather bag from Shiloh Grant with supplies for carving as well as finished and in-progress carvings. On her belt hang two knives that she traded with Aeron Ganesa for during the Winter Festival. She has two other necklaces that she sometimes wears but not as often as the other two: another necklace from Liam that is a bird carved out of blue stone on a white leather cord and a piece of quartz that her father-in-law gave her during the Winter Festival.
Ayasha is generally a nice person but has very strong independence streak. She doesn’t really care for depending on people or them telling her what to do. Ayasha tends to treat everyone as equal and doesn’t judge people very often. Though if you are mean to her or those she cares about, it takes a long time and a lot of work for her to trust you again. She tends to be outgoing, very open, and social. In some ways, she needs others to thrive. She does tend to tilt her head to the side unconsciously when she is confused about something or is considering things.

For a newcomer at the borders that she doesn’t know, she is friendly and polite. She isn’t overly enthusiastic towards them but by no means is she cold. She likes people but is herself the most around those that she knows and likes. But most people can tell what she is like without getting to know her very well. To those with bad manners or generally unpleasant, she becomes a bit more closed off but she doesn’t get hostile with them. For those that need help, she is eager to offer it to them. Her sense of right and wrong are very strong and tend not to shift too much between different situations.

She likes pups, exploring, spending time with her family and friends, and meeting new people. There aren’t many things she dislikes but she doesn’t like cruelty or injustice. She fears what will happen to her mate from his schizophrenia and that their pups will have his issues.

Her time away from Souls has mellowed her even more and matured her a lot. While she still tries to see the good in everyone, she realizes that there are some people that just cannot change. She learned that the hard way and it broke her heart. She tends to be sadder now than she was as a pup, more aware of things not being all roses and she has lost a lot of her innocence. Yet she still has her love for adventure and learning. Most would become cynical of the world, yet she realizes that you need to live and let live.
Ayasha's early history started out rather rough for the pup. She was born somewhere in Newfoundland. A disease that left her mother sick but killed everyone else killed her birth pack. The two of them headed to Souls but her mother died on the way, protecting the young Ayasha from a bear. She stumbled around, ending up at the borders of AniWaya to be found by Dawali Amara, who took pity on the young Ayasha and took her in live. She stayed with Dawali for a few months but after the big snowstorm in February of 2011 left Dawali with an injured leg, Ralla and Kemo adopted her. Her childhood was a relatively happy time, with her getting into trouble and generally having and being a cute pup. She soon met her first crush Roran and then shifted, becoming a scout in AniWaya. But Roran eventually disappeared and she continued on with her life. But her innocent and happy world would soon come crashing down.

Maska Ahote came to the Tribe from the Great Tribe in July of 2011 and said that Dawali had no right to be Chief and that he was becoming leader in his stead. Her mother and other masters were demoted to Itse and Dawali was made Itawamba and forced to stay in four-legged form. Maska brought with him Raven Guardians and it soon became evident that he meant to make war on their neighbors and they did. They attacked both Cour des Miracles and Crimson Dreams, imprisoning people. Yet many AniWayans didn’t agree with Maska and some left but most fought to overthrow him, causing him to be imprisoned after a battle on October 17, 2011. Another person form the Great Tribe comes and is given limited leadership over AniWaya and no more warriors are allowed for a long time.

During this and shortly after, Ayasha meets a boy named Liam from Cercatori d'Arte and is immediately attracted to him. They fall in love but before Liam can join AniWaya to be with her, he murders his adoptive sister, claiming she was a shadow wolf, whom he believe to be evil and must be destroyed. He is kicked out of his pack and Ayasha leaves AniWaya, after a big fight with her mother, to become Liam's mate. They move to Anathema and eventually have their first litter. Liam then leaves for Michigan to face his demons and get better. She also takes Alaki's pups in and raises them for their first two months of life. Liam does eventually return to her but quickly spirals out of control. He captures his uncle and tortures him before harassing a member of AniWaya. They capture him and castrate him. He lets Noah go and then leaves her for good. When she finds out about his death, Ayasha decides to go and try and find some sort of peace, and maybe her adoptive family.

She spends the next year wandering, asking around about the Moon Tribe with only Ahuli and Albus for company. But she eventually settles for a time with a tribe not that dissimilar to AniWaya in Montana, where she is able to find some peace and generally heal from everything that has gone on with Liam. How she managed to find them was purely by accident since she tumbled into a river and washed up on the shore not far from their village. She hoped to make peace with those that were upset with her choice to love Liam and she headed to Souls for that purpose, and maybe find home again.

She left after a short time and then heads back to Montana, settling there for until early 2015, when she decides that it is finally time to return to her home: AniWaya. She however is not alone this time and has a traveling companion, beyond her horse and owl: a wolfdog named Avonaco, a hunter of the tribe that has become her protector and friend.
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