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75% Wolf ------ 20% Wolfdog ------ 5% Dog
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10th May 2012
Luperci Verto
[Image: H7jLyzF.png]

Scent: Krokar, musky, alcohol, has a horse scent to him

Voice: Masculine, rough, low

Scars: (Right side) Burn across his eye down his muzzle some and slightly burnt ear tip, multiple bites around his throat and front legs, marring on his stifle area and rump. (Left side) Two slices across his muzzle, deep slashes across his shoulder and smaller ones on his rib cage, bites on his front leg and back leg, brand on his chest.
NEW: Recently sustained a terrible bite from the base of his neck and shoulder and tears down the left of his side. Also reinjured his burn patch over his eye and teeth marks rake from one side to the other.

Other: Avatar is an old reference see the two little pics above ^^^^^

Items: Old worn bag, old knife, newer blade from antler, rope and halter for horse, an old deer hide to sleep on

Companions: Stormy – a curly coated gray draft mare
Introvert, awkward, unpredictable
Definitely pessimistic, usually hates life, but trying to be more positive. He’s a survivor through and through.
Good Traits:
Generous (when he wants to be), humorous (if he’s in a good mood), dependable (to those who’ve earned his respect which hasn’t been many….)
Bad Traits:
Brash, temperamental, Distrustful
Imprisonment, abuse, untimely death, becoming a monster, heart break, falling in love
Contentment, Alcohol, Preserving innocence and justice
Hunting Small Prey: Master (lupus) Journeyman (optime)
Large Game: Journeyman (lupus) Novice (optime)
Fighting: Master (lupus) Novice (optime)
Fishing: Novice
Crafting: Novice
Farming: Novice
Horsemanship: Novice
Weaponry: Novice
Strictly heterosexual and only attracted to females. Has had multiple one night stands but has never had a committed relationship after his first heartbreak. Is adamant to not let himself go through that ever again.
Is a massive alcoholic and though he is trying to recover, has been doing so in vain. He’s improved some, but his body is still being poisoned from his occasional drunkenness.
Mother: Unnamed, doesn't matter she betrayed him
Father: Dead former Alpha male of the Pack of Justus
Sister: Paruvanni

For Pre-Souls History please see his Wiki.

Souls History:

Vidar joined New Dawn early October of 2013, recruited by Veyra Damaichu. Although the alpha Zalen had no problems accepting the young male, Vidar found the pack difficult to adjust to. He often found escape in traveling outside of the pack lands where he met many different kinds of canines. Some of them inspired him to wish to become a better wolf for his pack and to take some pride in New Dawn. Regardless, his personality and behavior caused him to clash with Altair and Kiara, causing him to be weary of them. Meanwhile Lucia and Athena were two young wolves that he eventually found himself enjoying their company. When he returned from a trip in late November, his rank was raised from Subordinate to Epsilon. He took his new rank seriously and begins to have goals of becoming a co-ranked warrior and or hunter, however if only that was easy. The brown wolf-dog had many distractions and events to keep his goals out of reach. So far the male has been a late bloomer and has took little interest in females until encountering his first female in heat. Though prior he had a growing crush on the young princess, Veyra, after that encounter, he started feeling a growing desire for female companionship and possible mateship. However any relationship with a female would be difficult for Vidar, since he doesn’t have any yearning for pups or for such a responsibility as raising a family, thus he’d likely be very conflicted. (Not that that couldn’t change in the future).

Over the past winter, his crush on Veyra grew to near obsession. Although the pair were never romantically together, he grew certain that the Princess was the she-wolf for him. His attitude towards New Dawn changed and he decided to do everything he could to make his mark in the pack and win Zalen’s favor as a fitting suitor for Veyra. Around this time a familiar she-wolf by the name of Nadia Ancientfire saved his life, but his feelings for Veyra clouded any possiblities there. Before he had a chance to become a suitor for Veyra himself, in late December/ early January, he was kidnapped and missing for about a month by the dark and insane, Desdemona. Vidar was tortured and physically and sexually abused by the evil wolfess. She burned half of his face with a flame, branded her mark on his chest, and tainted his blood so that he now carried the luperci virus.

Finally he was allowed to escape from his tormentor, and he returned to New Dawn, damaged and self-conscious. Once again he felt like an outcast in his pack, but worst of all Veyra had taken a liking to one particular suitor by the name of Callum Knight. The threat of losing the only dream that promised happiness caused Vidar to become violent and aggressive in confrontations with the Knight, but it wasn’t until Veyra’s heat that the two actually split eachother’s blood. The fight was brutal. Vidar had an unfair advantage of being an excellent fighter in lupus form as opposed to Callum who was inexperienced fighting on two legs. Vidar won the fight but ultimately lost any chance with Veyra and she chose Callum over him. His persistence was short lived, because shortly after the fight she burnt any bridge that there was left standing between him and her.

The ever watchful Desdemona, took this as an opportunity to capture Vidar yet again. This time Vidar lost any desire to escape, and in time the pair formed a mutual agreement. He needed alcohol to drowned out his sorrows, and she wanted him. So she gave him what he needed, if he gave her what she wanted. Eventually they traveled far south where his alcoholism grew. Only when Vidar discovered that Desdemona was pregnant, did he finally decide that he contemplate leaving her. When Desdemona lead him to believe that the whole litter died, Vidar finally left.

An old wise wolf by the name of Quito took the drunken Vidar under his wing for a couple of months, probably because he reminded him of his own son. As a fisherman and local moonshiner, Vidar had no problem accepting Quito’s help. Eventually Quito suggested Vidar return to Nova Scotia for closure so that he could move on in his life, and for some reason Vidar agreed.
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