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Extraverted and generally quite civil, Quetzal is a woman that exudes warmth — and while she doesn't particularly enjoy speaking about herself, she does appreciate frank conversations on a multitude of subjects. Being truly unbiased to her very core, she believes only in what she refers to as the law, which is to say she accepts that the only fact in life is that the strong survive and the weak do not. Keeping this in mind, she will never go out of her way to exact force over another being without reason, due in part to the assumption that eventually someone else will come along and bloody their hands where she would not.

A devoted disciple to the diverse religious beliefs that surrounded her upbringing, she believes in an assortment of Incan and Mayan gods, spiritual medicine, and some aspects of the occult. If one were to take a closer look at her stripped-down belief system you find that, rather than believe what she cannot see, hear, grasp, or feel, Que tends focus on the corporeal facet, such as the stars, weather, and other natural phenomena. Despite these feelings, she has very little interest in converting others, and would only do so at their insistance (and begrudgingly, even then).
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