Laurel Amandi

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50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf 50% Arctic Wolf
Date of Birth:
20th April 2012
Luperci Ortus

Primary colour: Ghost White (#f8f8ff) - which covers most of her body.

Secondary colour: Davy Grey (#55555) - She has this as small spots on all of her legs.

Tertiary colour: Smokey Black (#100c08) - which only covers both her front paws.

Eye Colour:

Left Eye: Central Heterochromia, the inner ring of her eye is a bright Canary Yellow (#ffef00), while the outer part of the iris is Princeton Orange (#ff8f00).

Right Eye: Sectoral Heterochromia, one half is Guppie Green (#00ff7f), while the other half is Cerulean Blue (#2a52be).


In Lupus:
Her Lupus form is rather petite considering she is mixed with two large wolf species.
She has a slender figure; even her face is quite thin, adding to her innocent look, she has long legs that give her a rather graceful look as well.
Atop her head she has her father ears, being large.
She weights around 70 ponds (32kg), and is roughly around 3.5 ft in height.

In Secui:
Her Secui form is larger, but still having that slim figure, so she looks rather odd, her legs are longer and she looks much lankier, and her paws are four nasty claws.
She has two of her teeth on her upper jaw that jut out, making them look like fangs.
She weighs 90 pounds (40kg) and stands almost around 4.3 ft in height from paw to shoulder.

In Optime:

Height: 6ft (roughly 183cm)

Weight: 132Ib (roughly 60kg)

Her Optime form is the one she favors the most and is usually travelling in it all the time, seeing as she travels in clothes and has a bow and handmade arrows she's crafted.
Her hair grows out near midway of her back; it curls slightly, giving it bounce when she walks,
Her colouration doesn't change in this form, she stands upright and walks with as much grace as possible.

Voice: her voice is light and gentle, and highly feminine, when angered it remains the same, either getting higher or lower, depending on the type of negativity she's feeling.

Other bodily features: None


Clothing and Items:
  • 1 handcrafted longbow
  • 40 hand crafted arrows
  • Black shirt that hangs loosely at the cuffs and loose fitted around her chest.
  • Brown pants.
  • 2 fur Belts and a pair of Boots
  • 6 saddle blankets
  • Small deer pelt satchel.
  • sewing equipment, string, leather, and cotton.
  • A flora journal, given to by Fenrir Lupercus

Scent - flowers, rain, honey, and sweet syrup, Aniwaya

Animal Companion:

- Tempest (Light Grey, blue eyed, 5yo, 16.3hh, Andalusian mare)
She is ornery and stubborn and has only allowed Laurel to ride her, and has become protective of her, and Laurel is the only one she'll listen to.
She has never had a foal, and night in the future.
Regardless of her stunning appearance, her personality says otherwise.
She isn't the vain sort, in fact she deflects any sort of compliment directed at her looks.
She is mostly oblivious to any kind of compliment and would continue talking about other things rather than herself.

She has a major like in children, and she wishes to have a big family one day, with the right man, or woman, she isn't so sure in where her sexuality lies, seeing as her romantic life hasn't even taken off yet.

she has no interest in people who like to get drunk and swear there heads off all the time.
she carries high standards and morals and if anyone confronts her in any rude manor, she isn't afraid to speak her mind and walk off.

She has a major fascination for reading, talking to other animals, primarily to horses and birds, she can sew and if she puts her mind to it, make simple shirts and pants, usually from fur and leather, or other simple cloths, but she isn't fond of that skill.
She is far more intelligent than she lets on most of the time.
But her main love is archery, and horseback riding, most people will find her just riding around on Tempest, or shooting at trees and whatnot.

Even though she has those rainbow eyes, she rather not have anyone mention them.
She fears that all anyone can see is her looks, not her brains, and if it came to finding a mate one day she would wish that the individual would fall for her because of her sharp mind and not her perky bust line.

The good traits: Warm, Kind, Caring, Motherly, Protective, and Modest.

The bad traits: Quiet, Reclusive, Nosy, and Stubborn.

The ugly traits: Emotional, Highly Impatient, and Prone to Self Harming Herself.

  • Archery
  • Quietness
  • Horses
  • Birds
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Children
  • Neatness

  • Crowds
  • Excessive amounts of noise.
  • Arrogant people
  • Alcohol
  • Any type of drugs (the bad kind)
  • Unhygienic people.


Bi-curious (Kinsey 2, Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual)
  • Hasn't experimented with women, doesn't plan to, but does appreciate the female figure.
  • Will probably only be attracted to females similar to her personality, size and shape, or shares the same interests.
  • is romantically involved with Fenrir.

Substances: Doesn't drink, smoke or take drugs, has met others who partake in such things and happily refuse to partake in those things herself.

Beliefs: Is an atheist, but is open to learn other religions and beliefs.

  • Death
  • Being hated
  • Predators larger than herself (bears mostly)
  • Spiders

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Tempest
  • Fenrir


Religion - She's open to learn about other religions and things, but refuses to learn about any dark practices.

Gender - Equally social and respectful of both genders, just depends on the individual.

Sexuality - Being attracted to both genders (men more than women) she has no care in the world if she sees/finds out about homosexual or heterosexual relationships, though finds pansexuality a little pointless, thinks it can think to various other sexualities, also has no respect for those interest in just sex or interested in polygamous relationships.

Non-Luperci - Doesn't quite understand why they choose to stay in the one form, but respects there choices.

Age - Loves children, and has high respects for elders, though she carries slight sympathy for them, as they are older and less capable of doing a lot.

  • Archery
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Sewing
  • Good with children
  • Good with horses

Alignment- Lawful Good
Intermediate Family:
Xander Amandi - Father (Mackenzie Valley Wolf)
Rose Amandi - Mother (Arftic Wolf)

Fenrir Lupercus

Rylan Lupercus
She was raised by two loving parents who thought they couldn't have children in the first place, so when Laurel was born, they went into full parent mode, they showered her with praise and protection, always keeping an eye on her.
her father taught her many fighting skills, but she favoured using a boy and arrow, while her mother taught her a lot of low speech.
making her able to communicate mostly with horses and birds.

And With horses, her father managed to get his daughter a horse, from a man who had a troubled white mare, the mare was one with a lot of attitude and she refused to be ridden, so Laurel suited her with the name Tempest.

Laurel was able to tame her mare over the time they spent together they had formed a close bond, neither not being able to live without the other.

her small family were simple travellers, moving around, never really staying in the one spot, which is the way Laurel liked, she wasn't the sort to stay put all the time.
Though she may be showered with love and put under the upmost protection form her parents, she had always wanted to know what it would be like to live out somewhere else.
From the age thirteen months she told her parents what she wanted to do, and without much else to say, her and Tempest set out to make out an Adventure on there own.
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